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How To Visit Bora Bora on a Budget

Bora Bora is a stunning island destination in French Polynesia. It’s a dream vacation spot for those looking for a luxurious, romantic escape. With white beaches and stunning overwater bungalows, you may not think it’s possible to travel here on a budget. That said, if you plan strategically, it’s actually possible to keep costs a lot lower than you may initially imagine.

bora bora overwater bungalows

So whether you’re looking for the overwater bungalow, the stunning beach, and gorgeous views on vacation without breaking the bank, read on and discover how to travel to Bora Bora on a budget.

Defining Your Budget

When it comes to defining exactly what your budget is, it’s important to note that this guide is still aimed at those looking for a special vacation. Be it a honeymoon, mini-moon, or even an anniversary, it’s important to note that you can still have a picture-perfect getaway without spending a fortune!

If you’re looking to travel to Bora Bora on a shoestring budget, there are still ways of doing that, but that could involve staying at hostels and guest houses, which probably isn’t your ideal honeymoon!

Instead, in this article, we will explore budget travel in Bora Bora without foregoing luxury.

Flights to Bora Bora on a Budget

One of the most expensive parts of your trip, alongside accommodation, will be your transport to Bora Bora.

The best way of getting there is by flight to Tahiti, to the Faa’a International Airport (PPT).

There are a few ways of keeping flight costs low, including subscribing to flight deals, such as Dollar Flight Club, or Secret Flying. This might not be the best way of keeping costs low if you already have a date to travel in mind, but if you’re waiting for a good deal to come up, it’s good to keep your eye on these for a while.

You can also get price alerts on Sky Scanner. This is a better way of getting a  good price if you already have a date in mind, and you get alerted whenever prices go up or down.

It can also be cheaper to get flights with layovers, late-night arrivals, arriving on a weekday and at certain times of the year.

Traveling From Tahiti to Bora Bora

Once you’ve arrived at the international airport on the main island of Tahiti, you’ll need to find a cost-effective way of getting over to Bora Bora.

As air travel routes are all one under one company (Air Tahiti), the options are limited and the fares are rather consistent. For this reason, if you’re traveling to Bora Bora via a flight, you’ll want to ensure you book this one in advance, to ensure a seamless transfer to Bora Bora without a long layover.

If you’re planning to go Island hopping whilst in the area, one great way of saving money on this from the get-go is with a multi-island pass. The most common passes include Bora Bora, and these passes can help you not only get to Bora Bora from the main Island of Tahiti but can help you travel around and discover new islands during your trip.

Accommodation in Bora Bora on a Budget

Finding ways to stay at a beautiful dreamy resort in Bora Bora for cheap can be difficult, but not impossible!

Aside from your transport to Bora Bora, accommodation is going to be one of the most expensive parts of the trip, especially if you’re looking for an outstanding resort, or want to stay in an overwater bungalow.

The best way to snag a great deal on accommodation is through redeeming points. If you’re an avid traveler, you can redeem points for discounts at a huge selection of hotel chains, including Marriott, IHG, Hilton, and Accor Live Limitless.

It’s also a good idea to look at booking for stays during weekdays if you’re not traveling for more than a week, as rates are typically lower when not traveling on a weekend.

Traveling out of peak season is another way of keeping accommodation costs low. Sure, the weather might not be perfect, but if you’re more interested in sitting inside bars and restaurants and admiring the view, rather than spending all day at the beach, this could be a good choice for you!

Food Expenses in Bora Bora on a Budget

After flights and accommodation, your next biggest expense will be the spending you do once you actually get to Bora Bora.

A lot of these expenses will be a little out of your control however, as mostly, you’ll be dining at the resort, buying drinks there, and enjoying activities all at the resort. The on-site restaurants can be expensive, so it’s good to keep in mind these tips to help keep costs low:

  • Try to book a resort that includes a free breakfast, this way you can enjoy a large late breakfast/brunch, so there’s no need for an extra lunchtime meal. Instead, you can just relax, and if you get hungry, have a light snack before dinner.
  • Don’t book full-board or half-board. If you do this, you’re already paying for two or three huge meals a day. This generally isn’t worth it in the hot weather, unless you’re a huge foodie!
  • Bar restaurants often have better prices than the main restaurants, and the food is just as good. Save dining at the main restaurants for special meals, and on other evenings when you’re looking for a more relaxed night out, grab some food in the bar.
  • Bring snacks with you – this can help keep costs low as snacks can be expensive to purchase once you’re there. Putting a few packs of chips or cookies in your suitcase is more than worth it.
  • Be sure to check on arrival (or even before you book) if your resort has happy hours or any complimentary afternoon tea. This way you can get great deals by taking advantage of these.

Activity Expenses in Bora Bora on a Budget

Similar to the restaurants, activities offered at the resort can be overpriced. That said, you don’t need to book your excursions or activities this way, as many tour operators can pick you up from your resort. 

Booking on a tour platform such as Viator or Get Your Guide before you travel allows you to compare prices and budget for these before you travel. So whether you want to go on a tour of the island, try snorkeling with the marine life, or go on a cruise at sunset, there’s plenty to do no matter what kind of a budget you’re traveling on.

Looking for a budget-friendly getaway in Bora Bora? We hope this guide was helpful, but if you need any more assistance planning your trip or the perfect getaway, head on over to our travel planning page, where you can get in touch with one of our trusted travel advisors.