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How To Spend a Honeymoon In Argentina

 Argentina is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, with a subtropical climate in the north and an icy polar region at the southern end in Patagonia, often referred to as ‘the end of the world’. Snow-capped mountains, vibrant cities and towns, and rolling vineyards are just a few of the multitude of landscapes that the huge country has to offer, each with a different array of experiences and sights that are perfect for exploring during a honeymoon in Argentina.

Argentina is famed for its decadent cuisine and fine wines as well as being the home of the tango, and also happens to be a perfect destination for a honeymoon. Whether you are looking for secluded beaches or a journey through glaciers, Argentina has it all. Argentina, while often overlooked, can provide the honeymoon you’ve dreamed of, and is an ideal place from which to celebrate tying the knot.

Where To Go During A Honeymoon in Argentina

Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls separate Brazil and Argentina, with the falls found where the Iguazu River crashes over the ridge of the Paraná Plateau. Around 275 individual waterfalls create this magnificent spectacle that crashes through the luscious forest of the region, forming the largest waterfall in the world.

Seeing the biggest waterfall worldwide is definitely honeymoon worthy. Although the river runs predominantly through Brazil, 80% of the falls themselves are on the Argentinean side, making for a phenomenal sight. Watching the sun fall slowly behind the crashing white waters of the falls, hand in hand with your loved one, is a magical moment, and experiencing the magnitude of the famous falls up close is an experience well shared between newlyweds.

Where to Stay in Iguazu Falls

Awasi Iguazu

On the banks of the Iguazu River, merely 20 minutes away from the Iguazu Falls, is Awasi Iguazu. The luxurious and contemporarily-styled lodge is nestled within the Atlantic Forest and is comprised of 14 private and secluded stilted villas.

As each villa comes with a private guide and vehicle, you will feel completely alone together in the heart of Argentina’s wildlife-rich forest with the individual villas sitting far enough apart for an intimate experience. A private pool is a welcome refresher after a day of taking in the glorious scenery at the falls and in the surroundings. Decadent meals are served in the restaurant, guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds.

Falls Iguazu Hotel & Spa

Another great option for getting the most out of time spent in the National Park is Falls Iguazu Hotel & Spa, found in the heart of the Iryapu Jungle. Each of the 95 beautiful rooms is kitted out with all the amenities needed for a wonderful stay, including a jetted bathtub; notable stand-out spaces are the senior, master, and suite, featuring living areas and a jacuzzi.

Head to the rejuvenating spa for a soothing treatment in a pair in a bespoke couple’s massage. Plenty of other treatments are also available, as well as a sauna and steam room. The two restaurants on-site offer a variety of delicious Argentinean delicacies to perfect your table for two. The round-the-clock room service means that for a completely private meal, you may eat in your own space. The blend of luxury and nature is seamless, providing a serene echo around the hotel.

Buenos Aires

Live the life of a portenos, the colloquial name for a local, in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, which is known to be the cultural capital of South America. The architecture – predominantly of Spanish influence, the fine cuisine and wine, and of course the tango, which is often thought to be the most passionate dance there is are all products of the lively city. Charming flea markets can be found, as can impressive opera houses and buzzing tango bars – try taking a dance class together and learn the most seductive dance that can be found. Indulge in the cultural hotspot, and no day will be the same.

The electricity that runs through the city streets is infectious, but this is a bug you want to catch. The cultural melting pot that is Buenos Aires, and its upbeat atmosphere, will provide you with a plethora of fond memories to share and treasure together.

Buenos Aires Honeymoon Accommodations

Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires is the perfect home-away-from-home for a stay in Buenos Aires. The hotel is comprised of 165 contemporary rooms, 23 of which are luxurious suites and palaces in an architectural wonder. A private collection of beautiful Ibero-American artworks line the walls of the upmarket hotel. You will also have a personal butler service to ensure you don’t have to lift a finger as you enjoy your luxury time together.

The spa is known to be one of the best in the region, so enjoying some soothing downtime with your spouse is a must. Skilled chefs consistently produce fresh, mouth-watering meals in the restaurant, and the hotel’s prime location in the heart of the neighborhood of Recoleta means there are also plenty of other options for sampling the local cuisine.

Palladio Hotel Buenos Aires – MGallery

Also in Recoleta is the Palladio Hotel Buenos Aires – MGallery, a luxurious hotel with 113 suites, some of which also feature a private balcony. The hotel has a heated pool and sauna and is the proud home to a revitalizing spa where you can enjoy the treatment for two. For the health bunnies, there is a fitness center with top-of-the-range equipment, and you’ll also find a trendy bar and a wonderful restaurant that produces delicious local dishes.

The modern-styled hotel is close to all of the main action of the neighborhood, where you can be sure to find an array of fascinating and exciting tourist attractions. There is also the opportunity to go on a boat excursion for a different perspective of the spectacular surroundings.


Salta, frequently thought of as the hidden gem and wine capital of Argentina, lies at the foot of the Andes ranges and maintains the old colonialism in the history of the city. From being run by a Spanish Chilean administration to being a hub for the fight for independence, Salta’s acknowledgment and celebration of its history are charming.

The city holds buildings that date back to the 18th century, a myriad of museums and galleries, as well as the Inca-focused Museum of High Mountain Archaeology. Indulging in some of the world’s most decadent wines as you sit in the midst of the vineyards that produced them is an impressive affair. Tasting different fine wines together with a perfect view of the mountains and the rolling forest ahead is a lovely way to bond as a new married couple. It’s so easy to fall in love with Salta that you’ll fall in love with each other all over again too.

Salta Honeymoon Accommodations

Kkala Boutique Hotel Salta

At Kkala Boutique Hotel Salta, there are only ten rooms, each of which are decorated in a bespoke manner for an exclusive experience of Salta. The rooms take their names from the most beautiful places in Salta, giving you little hints on the different areas you might want to visit. Some of the larger suites feature hot tubs for cozy nights spent together cuddled up under the stars. There is a heated pool, with a deck for lounging around in the sun.

Kkala is also minutes away from the Old Town and downtown Salta, so you can adventure through the neighborhood as a couple with ease. After a delicious breakfast in the dining room to kickstart the day, head into the city center and explore all it has to offer, experiencing the magic of the city together.

House of Jasmines hotel

House of Jasmines hotel is so luxurious that it has been granted membership in the elite collection of Relais & Chateaux. Opt for the room with a terrace if you’re planning to soak up some sun while having a quick siesta, and regardless of which suite you’re in, you will have beautiful views over the mountains; there is nothing more romantic than a glorious sunset behind the magnificent backdrop, followed by a bright blanket of stars.

A couples’ massage room is designed to brush any stress away, or soothe your feet after a day of exploring! Inspired by northern-Argentinian dishes, the head chef prides himself on presenting an updated take on pre-Columbian Andean recipes, using many ingredients grown in the property’s gardens.

San Antonio de Areco

Even nearby residents visit this town, which dates back to the 18th century, to take in the calm that encompasses San Antonio de Areco. Many traditions have been maintained over the years, giving a truly authentic experience of the Pampas region of Argentina. The intimate town center is easy to navigate, and there are many historic buildings to explore.

Take a couple of saddles, and embark on a horseback expedition through the fields. Find a comfortable spot on the bank of the Areco River and share a picnic in the picturesque town. For a quiet getaway where a magical landscape and beautiful town blend to form a sense of serenity to share as a pair, San Antonio de Areco is a fantastic destination. The sense of solitude brings a romantic flair to the atmosphere of the remote town.

Where to Stay in San Antonio De Areco

Santa Ana Hostel Boutique

Santa Ana Hostel Boutique has been recommended as a great choice for accommodation for two and offers four shared rooms as well as a shared kitchen and common area. The guest house features family rooms. A sizeable and fresh continental breakfast gives you the energy for a day of adventure. The hotel has an air of tranquillity, perhaps due to boasting a beautiful garden, perfect for catching the afternoon sun. Here, you will be trouble-free, without even having to arrange complicated transport to explore the city. There are also tour and ticket assistants to help you tailor your experiences to your liking so that you have the perfect honeymoon stay in San Antonio de Areco.


The highly regarded vineyards of Mendoza form a stunning vista, and provide a wonderful experience of the fine wines they produce! The wines that are made in Mendoza are so delicious that they have earned Mendoza a place in the nine Great Wine Capitals. Spending some special time with your loved one is easily done in this city that sits at the foot of the Andes.

There are lots of different experiences to be shared together, from a class with a gourmet chef to wine tasting, and end the day with a spa visit before enjoying a decadent meal for two. Take a trip back in time on a horseback trek led by the gauchos – the local ranch owners. Work together and cheer each other on as you hike the Aconcagua Mountain, the second-highest of the Seven Summits, which is easily accessed from Mendoza. While wine is the most renowned aspect of Mendoza, the electricity of the city’s nightlife is packed with tango shows, concerts, markets – round off your day of exploring with a lively night on the town!

Where To Stay In Mendoza

Casa Glebinias

Casa Glebinias is comprised of only seven units, and to add to that secluded serenity, the hotel lies near the Andes, providing picture-perfect views around the clock. A particularly special way to take in the landscape is on a private balcony or terrace at sundown, with beautifully manicured gardens below. It would be a crime not to celebrate the local wines, so the delicious dinner served is accompanied by different wine pairings, and there is also an option to take classes in both cooking and wine tasting. The assistance with organizing trips and adventures means your special time can be exactly to your taste – literally. Impeccable attention and assistance make sure your time together is free from any difficulty.


After kayaking through a maze of glaciers and enjoying a romantic picnic together in a remote setting, an evening of stargazing is a lovely way to end the day with the unpolluted skies forming a romantic backdrop for a night as newlyweds. There are magnificent hiking trails through the nearby National Park, but the mixed landscape of Patagonia means adventures are not limited to land.

The vast ocean provides opportunities for fly fishing, boat trips, and kayaking – to name a few. If choosing the perfect place for the honeymoon was difficult, Patagonia offers a getaway that ticks many boxes on the bucket list in one setting alone. The breath-taking landscapes are ‘see it to believe its sights, so if you’re looking for a relaxed, leisurely time, simply sit back and relax as you take in the view of your barren surroundings.

When to Honeymoon in Argentina

Depending on your desired itinerary, there are different seasons that affect the time to go to Argentina. For icy adventures, Patagonia is an excellent choice, and that is best enjoyed between December and March – this is when further inland locations such as Buenos Aires are particularly hot, so for those wanting city escapes, July and August is a cooler option. These are both peak seasons, so if you’re wanting a more gentle experience, explore the country off-season. While there are seasonal changes, Argentina is known to be a great place to visit year-round, but if there are specific activities you’re looking for, it’s best to plan your timing accordingly.

Is Argentina Safe?

Argentina is a very safe option; it is thought to be one of the safest Latin American countries for tourists. The majority of crimes committed in Argentina are in the form of pickpocketing and petty theft, particularly in tourist-populated areas, so keeping an eye on your belongings is something to be careful with, but apart from that, it is certainly safe in Argentina.