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Honeymoons vs Minimoons: Which one is best for you?

Honeymooning is often the best part of the wedding. Undisturbed time with the person you just married is a dream for most. These days, however, the trend is shifting a bit. Not everyone is jetting off to a villa in Tahiti after their weddings. Instead, many are opting for a smaller more local trip to celebrate their union, also called a minimoon. As with everything related to wedding planning, what to choose for your first celebration as a married couple is very personal. There are benefits and compromises in both scenarios.

Honeymoon versus Minimoon: Which one is right for you?


A minimoon is generally considered to be a shortened version of a honeymoon. Often lasting less than a week, or even just a night or two, the minimoon is exactly what it sounds like a smaller version of a traditional honeymoon.

Pros to taking a Minimoon

  1. Less Stress

    Planning a wedding is a HUGE amount of work. The time, the money, and the emotional energy spent on it is exhausting (and the money, did we mention the money?!). When it comes to the honeymoon, arguably the most important part, many couples are burnt out. Planning a minimoon is fun and easy. There is to less to think about, less time to schedule, and just less stress.
  2. It’s Cheaper

    Again with the money. A minimoon is shorter and often closer to home. By default, this usually makes for a cheaper trip.
  3. It Can Act as a Stand in For a Later Honeymoon

    Can’t choose? Have both! Plan a minimoon for right after the wedding and then save the long honeymoon for a year or two down the road when you both have more time and energy to enjoy it.
  4. It can be a part of a “Manymoon”. 

    A new trend for millennials is taking several short vacations in the year following a marriage instead of one big one.

Cons of taking a Minimoon

  1. Options are More Limited

    With less time there are fewer choices. Traveling for just a few days greatly narrows down the options for where to go. This might be a pro for some people who are suffering from wedding decision-fatigue and need an easier selection.
  2. It Might Feel Less Special

    For those dreaming of a beach in Bali, taking a trip to a local mountain resort might not provide that special honeymoon feel. Yet another example of why this choice is so personal, this does not apply to everyone. Some people might be perfectly happy taking their minimoon in their own living room, while others need that jetsetting aspect.


For this post, we are considering a honeymoon to be a vacation of a week or longer taken to celebrate a recent marriage.

Pros of taking a honeymoon

  1. More Time Together

    A minimoon might be less time spent planning behind a computer, but it also means less time together for the “moon”. A proper honeymoon allows for more time to spend together on your first vacation as a married couple.
  2. It Can Feel More Special

    Traveling further away for a longer time period will give the trip a weightier feel. There is more time to reflect and bond over the recent union and more space to really decompress. There are more opportunities to have romantic dinners, nighttime walks, or whatever feels special to you. In short, more of everything means more chances to make the trip special.
  3. Privacy

    While a minimoon can be well-intentioned, it takes work to keep people from invading that time if you are at home or even nearby. It is very easy to slip back into the trap of checking e-mails and answering a knock on the door when you are used to that routine. The physical separation that comes with a honeymoon allows for a more intimate experience.

Cons of taking a honeymoon

  1. One More Thing to Plan

    You just got through planning your wedding and now you have to plan something else? Especially a downfall for those who feel overwhelmed by travel or trip planning, or those who may not leave home frequently, this can be just one more thing on that very long wedding planning to do list.
  2. Added Stress

    Whether it’s the added money spent, the time needed to plan, or just overall anxieties that come with leaving home for any trip, planning a honeymoon is an added stress onto an already stressful time.

There are obvious benefits and downsides to both options, but regardless of which is the better fit for your marriage there is only one thing that makes a perfect honeymoon or Minimoon and that’s each other. Try not to get too caught up in the details and remember that this trip is more than just a vacation, it is a time to celebrate the start of your marriage. No matter what it looks like, enjoy it!

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Monday 22nd of October 2018

Mini moon sounds interesting. As i am going to marry next year such blogs motivates me. Living in India and as a working professional Mini moon is best for people like us. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog.