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How to Plan a Perfect Wedding in Fiji 

With undersea wonders, exquisite beaches, lush interiors, a spectacular culture, and the amazing privacy of the island and coastal resorts, Fiji is the perfect place for romance seekers. And, with its natural beauty and upscale hotels and venues, there is no wonder Fiji became such a famous wedding destination. 

If you are dreaming of a sunny wedding on a soft sand beach, continue reading this article. You will find out why Fiji is a great place for your wedding, catch a glimpse of some of its best resorts, and get a few tips on making your marriage legal and on wedding travel. 

Why A Wedding In Fiji?

In addition to its incontestable natural beauty, Fiji also welcomes couples with a type of hospitality hard to find in other places. This is not a job, but part of the inspiring Fijian culture

Also, the fascinating vegetation and serene beaches are not the only attractive aspects of this piece of heaven. Heritage and tradition are part of daily life, making your experience not just a wedding, but a memorable journey with your loved one. 

And, when you add great weather all year round, you have the perfect place to say “I do”. Sure, Fiji has a wet weather season, between November and April. But it only brings brief, heavy, and localized showers. And, even if the best time to visit the archipelago is from late March until early December when it’s a warm tropical climate, you will enjoy saying your vows in Fiji during the whole year.

Fiji Wedding Resorts & Venue Ideas 

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, especially if you want to get married overseas. After deciding to celebrate your love in Fiji, you have to check your options and choose the best venue to suit your needs and desires. In case you feel a bit overwhelmed, you can always search for assistance from a travel agent or, even better, a professional wedding planner. 

Whatever your choice is, you still have to decide on the venue, and breathtaking Fiji offers a great number of options. 

Musket Cove

Located in the Mamanuca Islands off Fiji’s west coast, Musket Cove is a high-end beach resort, with a spacious, open-plan design, reflecting the rustic style and relaxed vibe of the archipelago. 

The resort awaits couples ready to say their vows in a secluded island hideaway, with mesmerizing views, superb gardens, lagoon or beachfront villas, and a relaxing spa. Besides a memorable wedding party and a special time with your guests, this upscale resort offers a rich sense of privacy and tranquility. 

Tropica Island Resort 

Set in a tropical grove, Tropica Island is a beachfront adult-only resort that welcomes couples in an oasis of romance. Your wedding at Tropica Island Resort is tailor-made, giving you the chance to invite up to 60 people. 

During your stay, you can enhance your wedding experience and indulge in the flavorsome dishes served at the open-air restaurant, enjoy the stunning infinity pool, or boost your adrenaline with one of the water activities available. 

Fiji Marriot Momi Bay

Set on a lovely man-made lagoon of the secluded Momi Bay, Fiji Marriot Mom Bay is a new 5-star resort with a beautiful design embracing Fiji’s tropical beauty, comfortable rooms, exquisite food, and fantastic wedding packages. 

Marriott Momi Bay Resort and Spa, Fiji Islands
Marriott Momi Bay Resort and Spa Fiji

Whether you want to celebrate your love most privately, just by yourselves in a unique location, you want your friends and family with you, or you are interested in a big wedding, you can have your dream celebration Fiji Marriot Momi Bay. 

Nanuku, Auberge Resorts Collection

Nanuku, Auberge Resorts Collection offers stunning oceanfront settings, and unparalleled water views, a relaxed vibe, and amazing facilities, for an unforgettable intimate wedding. 

It welcomes brides and grooms, with a sophisticated design, refined culinary experiences, and the amazing chance to say “I do” on two acres of pristine beach, surrounded by clear, blue waters. With the wedding packages completely customizable, Nanuku is an amazing option for couples who want a unique setting and flawless ceremony and party organization.

Malamala Beach Club

If you want to celebrate the best day of your life in the world’s first beach club, located on its very own island, only 25 minutes from Port Denarau, Malamala Beach Club is waiting for you and your group of friends and family. Expect a breathtaking wedding location, surrounded by the azure blue waters of the Pacific, luxurious facilities, and exciting things to do for both adults and children. 

If you plan a big wedding and money permits, you can live the dream of getting married on your private island and book Malamala Beach Club exclusively for up to 400 guests. 

How to Make Your Romantic Fiji Wedding Legal 

Since getting married in Fiji is recognized worldwide, making it legal is a great idea. To get legally married and receive the official marriage certificate, you need to apply for a marriage license. 

You must provide certified copies of your documents to a Births, Deaths & Marriage office in Fiji with at least two months in advance to make sure you get your license in time. Then, upon arriving in Fiji, both you and your future spouse should go to the office in person, with the original documents, and get your marriage license. 

A Few Useful Wedding Travel Tips

With its amazing weather, going to the beach in Fiji can be very tempting, and you might want to enjoy a few sunbathing sessions before your big day. While having a healthy, tanned appearance is a fabulous idea for your wedding day and photos, take good care of your skin while in the sun. Using as much sunscreen as possible and hiding under umbrellas are great ways to avoid a painful lobster look during the ceremony and party. 

Brides should consider the weather in Fiji when choosing their wedding dress. The heat of the tropics requires a simple dress, made of natural material that keeps the bride beautiful, but also comfortable. Also, avoiding high heels might be the best choice, since the whole idea of celebrating your love in Fiji is to enjoy the beach, especially during your wedding day.

Another aspect couples should think of when planning their wedding is the size of the group. If, for instance, you want to celebrate your love with all your friends and family, consider booking everything through a travel agent. Not only does this option give you the worry-free experience you’re looking for, but travel agents also have access to special offers. 

Taking travel and health insurance is also a must when traveling to the Pacific Islands. This way, you are covered for unexpected happenings, and you can have a relaxing trip and a memorable wedding celebration.