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Plan Your Perfect Denmark Honeymoon 

Looking for an out-of-the-box honeymoon destination? Experience the raw, untamed beauty of Scandinavia in Denmark, a beautiful country that’s teeming with history, culture, and romantic castles. 

Most people imagine Northern Europe as cold and snow-covered, and while the winters can be harsh, Denmark’s summers are pleasant and mild, hovering around 72 degrees. If you like being active but find tropical weather too hot, Denmark’s climate might be perfect for you. 

Denmark is also a major hub for culture, art, and music, boasting numerous museums and galleries and a dynamic music scene. There is also great food, from mouthwatering savory dishes to sweet, thick pastries.

Denmark is a stunning and safe destination with friendly locals and lots to do. If it sounds like paradise to you, keep reading to find out more about what Denmark has to offer and start planning your perfect Denmark honeymoon with Honeymoon Always. 

Where to Honeymoon in Denmark

Denmark’s coastline stretches over 5000 miles, and in fact, no area in Denmark is more than 32 miles from the shoreline. Apart from charming maritime towns and villages, Denmark is home to stylish and sophisticated cities, beaches that mimic those found on tropical islands, and gently rolling slopes of green grass. 


The island of Funen, Denmark’s 3rd largest, lies on the southern coast of Scandinavia. Home to the legendary Danish author Hans Christiansen Anderson, this breathtaking region redefines an island getaway by trading palm trees for fields of green grass, white sand for smooth pebbles, and warm tropical breezes for mild seaside drafts. There are ancient castles and breathtaking mansions spread around the islands and separated by a winding road that’s perfect for a scenic country drive or bike ride.


Consistently named one of the happiest cities on Earth to live in, Denmark’s capital city is bursting with unique cultural and historical attractions like Rosenborg Castle and Kastellet Citadel, one of the most well-preserved ancient fortresses in all of Northern Europe.

Moreover, you’ll be delighted to know that Copenhagen boasts an exceptional food scene. It’s the birthplace of New Nordic Cuisine, which focuses on sustainability and utilizes fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create exceptional, modern takes on traditional Nordic dishes. Kong Hans Kaelder, a Michelin 5-star fine-dining establishment that’s been around since 1976, is an absolute must-try. More economical options can be found in Nyhavn, a district along the waterfront that’s home to dozens of trendy bars, restaurants and cafes. 


Svendborg is a beautiful place to spend a few days or just one night before taking to the seas to explore the rest of the Funen Islands via ferry.

This picturesque coastal town stands alongside Kirkeby Fjord, a jaw-dropping waterway that offers excellent fishing, kayaking and even swimming if you’re brave enough to withstand the cold water. Svendborg has a long maritime history, reflected in the colorful but weathered waterfront houses. The beautiful beaches and stunning castles create a romantic photo-op that you just can’t get in the Caribbean.  


Foodies flock to Aarhus, where you can find some of Denmark’s best restaurants and cafes. However, the best place to eat is at the Aarhus Street Food Market, a permanent open-air food festival that serves up Danish favorites like stegt flaesk, a fried pork cutlet served over boiled potatoes and covered in parsley sauce; Smorrebrod, an open-faced sandwich consisting of meat, cheese and garnishes like pickles; risalamande, a sweet almond and rice pudding; and frikadeller, pork meatballs. 


Roskilde is Denmark’s music capital and scene of the Roskilde Festival, one of Europe’s biggest rock festivals and the biggest musical event in all the Nordic countries. The festival is 8 days long and has been a yearly event since 1971, taking place during the final days of June and extending into the first week of July.

The festival features Scandinavia’s most popular and up-and-coming musicians and artists. If an 8-day festival sounds like a lot, you can check out the local music museum, RagnaRock, instead, with exhibits that pay homage to Danish music throughout the years. 

South Zealand

Finally, South Zealand and Mon are a haven for nature lovers that also has enough unique getaways, shops and cultural experiences to keep things exciting. South Zealand and Mon are known for their beautiful natural scenery, which features mountains, lakes, and nature parks.

This corner of Denmark is a popular vacation destination for outdoorsy couples who like to hike, kayak and go camping. For a truly magical night, hire a guide to take you on a Dark Sky experience in Mons Klint, a place with no light pollution where you can see millions of stars against an almost pure black night sky. You’ll feel like you’re floating in space with the stars above and reflected in the icy waters below.

Where to Stay

Complete your romantic Denmark honeymoon with the perfect accommodations that reflect the hospitable nature and stunning architectural design that defines Denmark. Here are a few of Copenhagen’s top-rated romantic hotels. 

Hotel Kong Arthur

Denmark’s #1 rated romantic hotel is The Hotel Kong Arthur, a charming high-end establishment tucked in a corner of Copenhagen at the end of a cobblestone street. Just a few blocks away from the old lakes of Copenhagen, there are a few walking paths that lead from the hotel around the lakes. 

The building is dated to 1882. Its exterior maintains an old-world charm, but the inside is modern and chick, with a distinctly Scandinavian decor in the lobby and crisp white rooms with modern art adorning the walls. Couples can take in a spa day when they aren’t exploring Copenhagen. In the evenings, the hotel prides itself in hosting some of the world’s most talented jazz musicians in its lounge. 

71 Nyhavn Hotel

If you want to be close to the action, Nyhavn is the place to be. This eclectic district of Copenhagen is lively and full of entertainment, drawing tourists and locals together for music and a cold beer at the end of a long day. The 71 Nyhavn Hotel is a brick building that sits on the corner of the pier, steps away from Stroget, a popular walking street filled with eateries, galleries, shops, and museums. Inside, thick wooden beams, warm tones, and soft lighting create a peaceful ambiance that’s surely welcomed after a day in Nyhavn. 

Their location is great, but the breakfast buffet is one of the biggest crowd-pleasers. Served in a cozy former warehouse cellar, breakfast consists of Danish pastries, savory sausages, homemade jams, spreads, meats and cheeses, and more, washed down with a wide variety of fresh fruit juice. 

Manon Les Suites

Explore Denmark during the day and retreat to a beautiful Balinese-inspired getaway at night at Manon Les Suites. This adult-only oasis offers peaceful accommodations in the heart of busy Copenhagen, perfect for couples who can’t decide between a European honeymoon and an island escape. 

The Junglefish Pool, central to the hotel, is surrounded by lush tropical shrubs and flowers. Bali beds and sun loungers can be found on the side, and there’s a bar serving delicious fruit smoothies, hot cups of coffee, and signature cocktails. There is also a rooftop lounge for relaxing during sunny days, complete with an outdoor shower and sauna.

Things To Do On A Denmark Honeymoon

Visit the LEGO House

If you have a love for LEGO, make sure to visit Billund in central Denmark, where the idea for colorful plastic bricks for kids originated. The LEGO House is a 12,000-square-foot building made from materials designed to mimic LEGO bricks. Inside, giant sculptures of everything from dinosaurs to waterfalls are on display, putting over 25 million pieces of LEGO to good use. The Tree of Creativity, a massive tree that stands almost 50 feet tall, is made with over 6 million pieces of LEGO and is the House’s most popular attraction. 

Sail A Viking Ship

Denmark’s Viking history is prominent throughout the country but is perhaps most obvious by the sight of Viking ships out at sea and the dozens of Viking ship museums that you can find in most Danish towns. Viking longboats were revolutionary for their time, and many of the components of their designs are still being used in ship-making today. 

At the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, you can learn all about them, then climb aboard for a trip around the Roskilde Fjord in a real Viking longship.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is part botanical garden, part theme park. The walkways are lined with breathtaking flowers and plant life, and couples can enjoy a romantic peddle-boat ride around the man-made lagoon.

After a relaxing afternoon stroll, check out some of the rides offered at the world’s second-oldest amusement park, which first opened its doors in 1843. The most popular attraction, by far, is Rutschebanen (sometimes called Bjergbanen), one of the world’s oldest wooden rollercoasters, in operation since 1914. 

Visit Castles

Denmark boasts over 400 castles that serve as a romantic backdrop for an iconic honeymoon photo. Only 37 castles are open to the public, some of the most famous ones being Kronborg Castle, Rosenborg Castle, Frederiksborg Castle, and Christiansborg Palace, the former Royal Palace that now serves as the Danish Parliament Building. 

When To Plan Your Denmark Honeymoon

Unless you envision a winter wonderland for your honeymoon, make sure to plan your honeymoon in Denmark for the summer months when the weather is at its best. June, July, and August are the most popular times to visit Denmark. Days are warm but not hot, and nights can be cool. Some light rain can be expected, but summers are dry for the most part. 

Have we convinced you to spend your honeymoon in Denmark? If you’re planning a honeymoon in Denmark, get in touch with our travel experts and let us help you plan an unforgettable experience. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.