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Best Time to Visit New Zealand

New Zealand, located in the South Pacific Ocean, is a stunning destination that is frequently overlooked as a dreamy honeymoon destination. That said, a trip to New Zealand can make for an outstanding romantic getaway, due to its indigenous Maori culture, stunning landscapes, and gorgeous towns and cities.

Planning a special vacation or honeymoon in New Zealand? You may be wondering when the best time to travel here is. In short, the best time for a trip depends on what kind of weather you prefer, and what you’re looking to get up to. So if you prefer spending your time in pretty restaurants and gorgeous museums during the colder months, or if you’re looking to sun yourself on one of New Zealand’s gorgeous beaches, read on to find out the best time to visit New Zealand for you.

When is Summer in New Zealand?

It may be interesting to note that due to its geographical position, New Zealand experiences the same seasons as Australia.

This means that the summertime falls from December to February, and the winter months are from June through to August.

So if you’re looking to escape somewhere nice and warm during the winter months of the USA, New Zealand is a great destination to keep in mind.

When is Peak Season in New Zealand?

Peak travel season in New Zealand is, unsurprisingly, during the summer months (December to February). This means that more touristy areas can be very busy, and it may be more expensive to find accommodation.

That said, traveling to New Zealand during these months is a great way of escaping the American winter, and soaking up some rays of sunshine whilst it’s snowing back at home! The average temperature during these months sits at around 20 – 25˚C (68 – 77˚F).

When is the Shoulder Season in New Zealand?

There are two distinct shoulder seasons in New Zealand, falling during the autumn and spring times (March through May, and September through November). Temperatures average around 17 – 21˚C (62 – 70˚F), and 16 – 19˚C (61 – 66˚F) respectfully.

When visiting during the Shoulder season, the weather is a little cooler than during the peak of summer, but still nice and warm, meaning that it’s a good time to get out and about without working up a sweat.

Since it’s no longer peak season, there’s often a good selection of discounts and deals to be found when it comes to traveling here. Hotel prices are a little lower, and as such, the combination of nice temperatures and affordability makes spring and autumn great times to visit.

When is the Low Season in New Zealand?

The low season for tourism in New Zealand falls during the winter months of June to August, with average temperatures falling at around 12 – 16˚C (53 – 61˚F).

Whilst it’s not extremely cold at this time of year, it’s a much better time to visit if you enjoy spending your vacations inside, exploring museums, art galleries, cozy cafes, delicious restaurants, or even just doing a spot of shopping.

As there is low tourism at this time of year, hotels and accommodation can be found for quite cheap. So if you’re just looking to visit the country on a budget, and don’t mind the weather you’ll encounter, visiting during the low season may be best for you.

Is There a Rainy Season in New Zealand?

Similar to the UK (which is notorious for this type of weather), New Zealand experiences quite a high amount of rainfall all year round.

Through the northern and central areas, there is higher rainfall during winter than in summer, whereas in the southern areas of New Zealand, winter is the time of year with the least rainfall.

When is the Best Time to Visit New Zealand for a Beach Vacation?

Whilst it’s not a destination quite like Bora Bora, Fiji, or the Maldives, New Zealand shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re looking for a spot with gorgeous beaches!

There are stunning sands across all coasts of the country, but some of the best beaches can be found in the northern areas, such as Northland and along the coast of Auckland, one of the country’s largest cities.

If you’re planning on visiting for a beach vacation, it’s a good idea to stick to those in the northern areas of the country and visit during the summer or shoulder seasons.

When is the Best Time to Visit New Zealand for a City Break?

New Zealand is a great destination if you’re looking for a city break. From the city of Christchurch, brimming with English heritage, to the gorgeous metropolitan city of Auckland, there’s something for everyone looking for an escape to a new city.

There’s really no best time to visit the wonderful cities of New Zealand, but if you don’t mind the weather, it may be a better choice to visit during the winter and shoulder seasons, this way you can enjoy low prices on hotels, as well as less crowds of tourists.

When is the Best Time to Visit New Zealand for Sightseeing?

If you’re planning on a sightseeing trip around New Zealand, the best times to go would be the shoulder seasons. This is because costs are a little lower than the peak of summer, and temperatures are mild enough to enjoy walking around and discovering all this amazing country has to offer.

From the Waitomo Glowworm Caves to the gorgeous town of Queensland, there’s plenty to see and do in this amazing country.

So if you’re still thinking of visiting New Zealand, when would you like to visit? Let us know in the comments. If you would like any extra advice or help planning your trip, head on over to our travel planning page to get in touch with one of our trusted travel advisors.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.