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6 Tips to Enjoy Your Long Road Trip Together More

Everyone thinks of honeymoons as being exotic tropical vacations, international escapes, and white sand beaches. But one of the most underrated vacations that is perfect for couples to bond is a road trip. A long road trip will bring you closer together (literally) and is a great way to see the country in a fun and affordable way. Long road trips are all about the journey as well as the destination, so if you’re planning a road trip, make it an enjoyable one.

Whether you are roaming around in an RV or speeding through the countryside in a Porsche, you need to make sure your car is finely tuned. By preparing ahead of time, and spending time at stops along the way, you can enjoy your long road trip together more and build lifelong memories of your amazing honeymoon. Let’s look at how to tackle this adventure together.

Get the Car Ready

The first thing to do before heading out on your long road trip is to make sure the car is taken care of. There’s nothing worse than heading out on your honeymoon road trip, only to be met with a break down in the middle of nowhere. Having to deal with car maintenance doesn’t exactly scream “romance,” so make sure everything is working before you hit the road. The following are areas you or your mechanic are going to want to check out:

  • Tire Tread and Alignment – Your tires are the foundation of how your car will drive, so make sure that they have a proper tread and that they are aligned. Your tire tread should be at least 2/32″. An effective way to measure this is to put a penny face down in your tread. If you can see all of Abraham Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace your tires! Alignment is also easy to check. Simply drive your car slowly, let go of the steering wheel for a few seconds, and if your car drives straight, your alignment is good to go!
  • Oil and Fluids – Another significant aspect of driving a safe car is making sure you change your oil regularly and that all the fluids, including windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, transmission fluid, and many others are full and fresh. And in the summer, pay extra attention to the fluid used for the A/C! A cool car will make your trip much more enjoyable, so keep your interior cool by checking on these fixes.
  • Get Your Car Inspected – Have a comprehensive review of your car and make sure everything is functioning and complete a tune-up if needed. Walk around the car to make sure nothing looks amiss, try all of your lights (brake lights, headlights, high beams, running lights, and turn signals), and listen for any strange noises when you drive. If you hear something, chances are your car might not be ready to take a long road trip. Trust your gut and get the car checked before hitting the road.

Prepare Early

One of the coolest things about long road trips is that they can be spontaneous because you can just head out on the open road and see where it takes you. But, the best and most enjoyable road trips happen when everyone is prepared. While domestic trips might take less planning than international travel, planning the perfect road trip still takes an important level of care, which includes planning out the playlist, where you will sleep, and what you will eat!

Build the Perfect Road Trip Playlist

What’s a road trip without a few dance parties and karaoke sessions? Prepare the ultimate road trip playlist by including some classics, a few sing-alongs, and plenty of new and hot hits. The best playlists build the energy up, take it down a notch, then build it up again. You’ll want to have plenty of choices for your long road trip for different moods and settings. You and your loved one are sure to enjoy your long road trip more with some awesome tunes.

Don’t forget to download your playlist offline for listening on the road! You never know when service might drop out so if you’re using a streaming service, such as Spotify or Apple Music, download the playlist ahead of time. You can also store the songs right on your phone.

Get the Snacks Ready

A long road trip is much more enjoyable with some snacks at hand! You can stick with the classic picks like chips, pretzels, and cookies, or think outside of the box and make some unique and healthy road trip snacks. Some favorites include beef jerky, nuts, protein bars, and even fresh fruits and veggies. Packing a cooler is easy, so feel free to bring along juices, sandwiches, and more.

Hit the Hay

One of the best ways to prepare for your road trip and make sure you both have a great time is to know where you’re going to rest along the way. We aren’t ourselves when we’re sleepy, so make sure to book a few hotels along the way to avoid having to sleep at a rest stop or a less-than-desired spot. One of the most fun things about road trips is that you get to experience so many new things, so check out boutique hotels at your destination for a more authentic adventure.

Don’t be Afraid to Take the Scenic Route

Road trips are all about the stops, so don’t be afraid to take the scenic route! Whether you want to stop and check out a local brewery or winery, take a short hike, or do a little shopping, there’s sure to be something to see along the way. A rushed road trip is never as fun as when you take your time, so enjoy the journey just as much as the destination!

Road trips are a great way for couples to bond and share unforgettable memories. Make sure your car is all tuned up, pack some snacks, create an awesome playlist, and don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses on your next long road trip.

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Monday 10th of September 2018

Great article! I also agree that for a newly-married couple a joint car journey will be a hundred times better than a passive holiday!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.