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Upcoming Group Trips

Sicily Food and Wine Adventure April 2024

Spring in Sicily is a time when the fusion of wine and cuisine creates an unforgettable gastronomic experience, all within the backdrop of stunning Mediterranean vistas and warm, welcoming hospitality. in the spring is a paradise for both wine enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs.

Sicily Culinary & Wine Adventure with Chef Jason Wilson

This idyllic Italian island, with its lush landscapes and temperate climate, offers a tantalizing array of experiences for the senses. The season marks the awakening of Sicily’s vineyards, where the terroir’s rich volcanic soil imparts distinct character to the wines. Accompanying these wines is a culinary tapestry that is equally vibrant. Savor delectable dishes like pasta with pistachio pesto, freshly caught swordfish, and the famous arancini – savory rice balls. 58 Stars has crafted an over-the-top luxury trip, where we’ll sip, savor and explore together. We can’t wait to experience it with you! 

Soon To Be Announced

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