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Why Are Disney Cruises So Expensive?

There is no doubt that Disney cruises offer the vacation of a lifetime, but why are Disney cruises so expensive? If you compare a Disney cruise with other cruise lines, the prices are significantly higher.

We have researched why this is the case and have come up with a few reasons. Read on to learn more about why Disney cruises cost more so you can decide whether or not a Disney cruise is worth it to you.

Why Are Disney Cruises So Much More?

If you look at other ocean cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival, and Norwegian, you’ll find that those lines offer some comparable onboard entertainment and activities for both children and adults. So, does Disney do something special to justify the additional cost?

Let’s take a look at 9 reasons why Disney cruises are so expensive.

Iconic Disney Characters

It’s no secret that Disney has some of the most iconic characters any franchise has ever seen. When going on a Disney cruise, you’ll be able to experience many of these characters in person.

Whether it’s the legendary Micky or Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, or any of the other beloved characters, children will be able to meet them face-to-face, take photos with them, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

In addition, Disney has several subsidiaries, such as Pixar and Marvel. This means characters from movies like Toy Story and superheroes like Ironman, Thor, and Captain America will be part of the Disney cruise experience.

There is a price tag that comes along with your kids being able to interact and take pictures with their favorite characters and idols. Not only does this put you in the running for the “Parent of the Year Award,” but it is something your children will never forget.

They Are Children Focused

Unlike other cruises, Disney cruises are not geared toward adults who are looking to relax. Instead, Disney cruises center on children and creating a family-fun experience.

Since there are so many kids of different ages running around a very large cruise ship, extra safety measures have been implemented. This means a lot of money goes into childproofing the ships. Peace of mind that your family will be as safe as possible on board is pretty priceless.

In addition, Disney cruises include many activities and events specifically designed for kids. Whereas other cruise ships can have a few activities for children, Disney cruises have a wide variety for children of all ages. Not to mention, they also have to have activities for adults, so that is added expense as well.

Disney’s Private Island

Disney takes pride in offering only the best experiences for their guests. On Bahamian and Caribbean itineraries, families can go to Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. While there are other cruise lines that offer private islands, Disney’s is aimed at making children feel as though they are in their own magical land.

Castaway Cay has activities like a splash zone, beach sports, hiking trails, kids and teen clubs, island entertainment, a waterpark, and more. Not to mention, your visit there includes a barbecue lunch, all-you-can-eat ice cream, family and adult-only beaches, and more.

Obviously, maintaining an entire island and all its amenities costs a lot, which also drives up the Disney cruise cost. This will be worth it to you if you prefer a private island experience with your family.

No Casinos Onboard

You will find that many cruise ships have full casinos with live poker, slot machines, and blackjack tables. The ships that have casinos are able to earn extra revenue from passengers during the cruise.

Since Disney cruises do not have casinos, they make up their revenue by including a wide range of activities within the cruise package. As a result, this raises the cruise cost higher than other cruises.

Larger Staterooms

Since Disney cruises are geared toward families, you will find that their staterooms are larger than the usual cruise cabins. Of course, the size of the stateroom will depend on what you choose, but in general, Disney offers larger staterooms so everyone can be together.

For example, most staterooms have split bathrooms and privacy curtains so everyone can get ready at the same time. In addition, the rooms have extra storage, including a spot under the bed to put everyone’s luggage.

Disney Broadway Shows and New Disney Movies

Disney doesn’t shy away from investing tons of money into their live entertainment. When aboard a Disney cruise, families can expect the same level of entertainment that Disney theme parks offer.

For example, Broadway-style musicals feature actors performing songs from well-known Disney films like “Frozen” and “Moana.” Not to mention, if there is a new movie coming out during the time of your cruise, you can get first access to it.

Staging these extravagant shows does not come cheap. Materials and labor, including hiring world-class performers, all factor into the cruise costs.

Parents can rest assured there are nighttime activities for them as well. On Disney cruises, there are adult-only nightclubs and lounges for couples who want to go out once the kids are in bed.

Variety of Dining Options

Disney cruise packages include several dining options at no extra cost. These include upscale restaurants, casual dining, quick poolside snacks, late-night bar and lounge snacks, and 24-hour room service.

Each cruise will have three themed main dining restaurants that are assigned to each guest upon arrival. You will be given a dining schedule and a rotation of the three restaurants. Not only is the food exceptional, but you will be assigned the same wait staff every night of the cruise, so they can get to know your preferences.

Last, but not least, guests will receive complimentary soda, tea, and coffee on the deck and in the dining rooms. After dinner, you can enjoy all the ice cream you want.

It is important to note that alcohol and some specialty restaurants are not included in your cruise package. If you choose to purchase these items, expect additional costs.

Award-Winning Cruise Line

Disney does an incredible job of ensuring their guests have an unforgettable experience. As such, they have received multiple awards naming them the best cruise line for families and the best cruise line in the Caribbean. Since the entertainment, activities, dining, and customer service is top-tier, guests can expect to pay more.

Disney Brand Name

No matter if it’s Nike, Apple, or Disney, it is the brand name that sets them apart from other competitors. With such a world-renowned name, Disney can charge premium prices for their cruise lines.

Not only is it because they know people will pay the cruise prices, but it’s because they can back it up with a superior product that exceeds the expectations of their guests.

Are Disney Cruise Ships Worth It?

The answer to this question depends on what type of cruise vacation you want to have. However, for families that are looking for that once-in-a-lifetime experience that their kids will be talking about for years, Disney Cruise Lines is worth every penny.

Kids will be able to meet their idols in person, go to Disney Broadway musicals, and play at a private Disney island. Not to mention the high-quality food, adult activities, and unprecedented customer service. It all sounds like a dream come true to many families.

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