Where Are the Maldives Located?

The Maldives is a popular exotic destination for honeymoons and romantic trips, especially for couples who like to snorkel, scuba dive, or surf. (Or who want the incredible experience of a luxury resort on a remote private island with waterfront or overwater bungalows.)

You’ve probably seen the jaw-dropping images of lush green islands surrounded by pristine white beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and crystal clear turquoise water, but you may wonder, where are the Maldives located in the world? If so, you aren’t alone.

Many people wonder, where exactly is Maldives located? In this article we’ll pinpoint the location of the Maldives Islands and answer other questions like what country is Maldives closest to and what country owns the Maldives Islands?

Where are the Maldives located on a map?

Maldives is an archipelago, or group of islands, located in Asia. Where are the Maldives located in Asia? Maldives Islands is in southern Asia, in the Indian Ocean. It’s in the north central part of the Indian Ocean, in an area that is about 510 miles long and 80 miles wide, southwest of the coast of India.

Maldives is north of the equator and in both the eastern and northern hemispheres. Due to this location, the weather is warm year-round.

What country is Maldives close to?

The Maldives is located closest to the country of India; the island, or “atoll,” that is the furthest north lies roughly 370 miles off the tip of the Indian coast, to the southwest. Maldives is also close to Sri Lanka; Male, its capital island, lies about 400 miles off the coast of Sri Lanka to the southwest.

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What country owns the Maldives Islands?

Maldives Islands is actually an independent nation known as the Republic of Maldives, so no other country owns them. They gained independence in 1965; prior to that they had been overseen by a variety of countries including Great Britain, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

The republic was established in 1968, and in 1982 Maldives became a member of the Commonwealth (formerly known as the British Commonwealth of Nations), an association of former dependencies of the U.K. that are now sovereign nations.

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