When To Visit The Maldives

The Maldives is truly the definition of paradise on earth. Nestled in the Indian Ocean with 1190 coral islands arranged in 26 atolls, the Maldives stretch over 466 miles from North to South – over half the length of the California coast. The Maldives is home to more than 132 resorts and the competition helps to set a very high bar for luxury. The level of service is unmatched, the culinary scene is exceptional and the clear waters with overwater bungalows truly differentiate the Maldives from most honeymoon destinations.

There are pros and cons to visiting the Maldives during different times of the year. From the weather to nightly resort prices, this article can help you decide when to visit the Maldives.

Busy and Slow Seasons

If you are like many couples in the Northern Hemisphere, getting married during the summer months, it means you are likely planning a honeymoon between June and August. Surprisingly, this time aligns with the slow season in the Maldives.

  • Busy Season: December through March
  • Slow Season: April through November

The busy season brings hundreds of thousands of travelers to the Maldives looking to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, Chinese New Year, and Spring Break on pristine white sand beaches. The busy season is during the islands’ best weather months. Although there are benefits to visiting the Maldives during the busy season, there are many reasons to consider planning your dream honeymoon during the slow season.

Resort Prices

The nightly prices on these blissful island resorts are drastically different between the busy and slow seasons. For honeymooners, booking during the slow season means you can either save money overall, or you can stay for longer to extend your days in paradise.

For example, doing a quick search for a week-long stay at Hurawalhi Island Resort in January, in an all-inclusive Ocean Pool Villa, totals to $1641/night before taxes and fees. In July, this same luxurious overwater bungalow will cost you $950/night. That’s more than 40% in savings! Read more about our review of Hurawalhi Island Resort.

This means that in July, it can be cheaper to visit the Maldives instead of other 5-star luxury resorts in other honeymoon destinations like Bora Bora. This can sway honeymooners towards the Maldives as a destination itself for a month like July, given the lodging is all together cheaper than Bora Bora, which is in busy season at that time.   


Although the average high temperatures stay relatively consistent year-round in the Maldives, 80º-84º F (27º-29º C), the month-to-month rainfall varies greatly on these tropical islands. The months with the lowest average rainfall, January through March, align with the busy season as travelers aim to maximize their time in the sun. 

Rainfall Data Source: https://www.weather-atlas.com/en/maldives/male-climate

The Maldives has a relatively short dry season. For honeymooners, it can be especially daunting to book an expensive trip to the Maldives between April and November, when many other honeymoon destinations, like Bora Bora, are in their prime weather seasons. The last thing you want is rain during your dream honeymoon!

However, July is a great time to consider a once in a lifetime honeymoon to the Maldives, as it’s the fifth driest month and the resort prices are significantly less expensive than the busy season. Read more about why we recommend visiting the Maldives in the rainy season.

Flight Options & Price

The Maldives is difficult to get to. In fact, most resorts require a seaplane or speedboat for the last leg of the journey to reach the secluded islands. This remote paradise has relatively limited direct flight options into its main international airport, Malé International Airport (MLE).

There are no direct flight options to the Maldives from North America. During the busy season, there are direct flight options to Malé from many European, Middle Eastern, and Asian cities. However, as the number of visitors declines during the slow season, the number of direct flights from Europe drops to only a handful of routes. Keep this in mind, as traveling to the Maldives during the slow season may result in extra layovers for what is already a long journey.

Although flight prices can be affected by many factors, the international flight options to Malé International Airport (MLE) tend to be cheaper during the slow season compared to the high season. Cheaper flight options and lower nightly resort prices can be a great way to save money by planning a honeymoon during the slow season.

Underwater Life

The Maldivian waters are full of aquatic life. It’s truly magical to jump off of your overwater bungalow to swim with fish, sharks, sea turtles and rays with colorful coral backdrops. These waters are home to some of the worlds’ best scuba diving and snorkeling and many resorts offer exclusive excursions to see things that can only be found in the Maldives. 

Many travelers come to the Maldives to experience swimming with manta rays and whale sharks. These unique, gentle giants migrate to different areas of the Maldives throughout the year as they search for food. It’s advisable to check with your resort about the best months to swim with manta rays and whale sharks near their particular islands if this is at the top of your bucket list.

When To Visit The Maldives In Conclusion

These beautiful atolls are home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. By traveling to the Maldives during the slow season, the reduced nightly resort prices could allow you to stay longer and spread out the risk of rain. July is a great time to visit as it’s one of the least rainy slow season months, and you can take advantage of the lower prices. If you’re not budget-constrained and want to reduce your chances of rain at all costs, then January through March would be the perfect time for you. No matter what time of year, you can’t go wrong with a honeymoon in the Maldives. Now go, relax, and enjoy the slowed-down Maldivian life!



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