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What You Should Know Before Visiting Dakar

Photo By Jeff Attaway

Are you planning to visit Dakar and wondering what the living conditions you will see during your next vacation? If the answer is yes, then keep reading this! Dakar is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa, known as the Paris of Africa. It is the largest city in Senegal and the capital of it. What is so special about this city is its spectacular museums and its harbor, as it is considered the best harbor in Western Africa.

The African Renaissance Monument

What is not to miss in Dakar is the African Renaissance Monument. It is the highest monument in Africa, around 160 feet tall. It is also built on a top of a hill which makes it very unique and picturesque. So, if you want to get some fantastic pictures and cold breezes, don’t miss climbing this amazing hill.

Shopping and Food (It’s Not Cheap in Dakar)

The products in Dakar are a bit more expensive compared to the US and Europe. So, it is not a place for shopping. But you will find many amazing restaurants that serve delicious food where you will get to try their local special food.

The city is also known for producing high quality of oils like the vegetable oil and the peanut oil. The peanut oil is special in there as the city is considered the center of peanuts trade in Senegal. The markets in Dakar are very interesting and you will find everything you need in the same place whether it is fruits, vegetable, fish or meat, and the best thing is that the sellers of these markets are very friendly and helpful to their customers.

Animals Roam The Streets In Dakar

Image Source: Darreenvt [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Another interesting thing about Dakar is that animals roam on their streets. Although it is a developed country, it kept some features of its nature. You may be lucky to spot a group of goats wandering on the busy streets or even a house cart on one of its main roads!

Dakar Residents Love Football (or Soccer For Us Americans)

Photo By Jeff Attaway

The people in Dakar are known to be very interested in sports, especially football. You will find most men slim and muscular. They are also known to have many cheerleaders with paints all over their bodies during football matches. They also have a great event which is the Dakar rally and is held every year.

Millions of people love to go watch this event as it is one of the most popular and difficult rallies in Africa. If you want to participate in it you will have to complete 9.3 kms! So, whether you are interested in sports or not, you will definitely enjoy their spirit! The city is also known for its special style in music and songs that you can listen in bars and clubs. You will also find many locals listening to music under canvas canopies in the city!

People in Dakar Stay Active

If you go to Dakar, you are guaranteed to notice lots of healthy looking people and people going for a run.  Residents are known to get out and go for a run, keeping fit and healthy.

Best time to visit Dakar

The best time to visit Dakar is between February until July. Try to avoid being there between August and January as it will be the rainy season and there may be many mosquitos.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.