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Victoria Falls – A Destination for Adventurous Couples

Africa is probably the most difficult continent to travel, apart from Antarctica, obviously… However, it’s also very rewarding, offering incredible adventures, unique experiences and romantic getaways. Victoria Falls is one of the most famous attractions in Africa and one that offers everything you would expect in an African travel destination.

Victoria Falls are located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia in the Zambezi river. You can visit the falls both from the Zimbabwe side and the Zambian side, however, from the Zimbabwe side you have a better look at it. Either way, Victoria Falls is a renown adventure travel destination, offering a variety of activities that can keep occupied even the most restless travelers. From adrenaline infused activities like white water rafting and bungee jumping to more romantic ones like seeking the moonbow and doing a river safari.

An adventurous couple will love the activities offered in Victoria falls and combine romance, adventure, culture, and adrenaline. Here we will explore a few of them…

Enjoy the view to the falls

Well, the reason why this is a tourist destination in the first place is due to the falls! And they are unforgettable. They are 1700 meters long and 108 high is the highest drop! Victoria falls is on the UNESCO heritage list and were considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world! Take your time, enjoy and have fun in one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world.

Explore the Victoria Falls bridge

Victoria falls bridge is probably the most important landmark in the region and an incredible engineering achievement at its time. It was built in 1904/05 and only took 14 months to complete. Constructed from steel, it is 198 meters long, with a main arch spanning 156.50 meters at a height of 128 meters above the lower watermark of the river in the gorge below. It carries a road, railway, and footway.
There are tours to the bridge, but honestly, I don’t think you’ll need it. You can simply walk there and enjoy it by yourself.

Whitewater rafting in the Zambezi

Whitewater rafting is extremely fun! Going down the river rapids, getting soaked, feel the rush and maybe getting thrown to the water… If you are a couple that loves outdoor activities and sports you need to do this! The Zambezi river is one of the best in the world to try rafting, with some big rapids that will make want more! We have done this and truly recommend you to try it too.
Begin your adrenalin run in the boiling pot directly below the Victoria Falls and hammer your way through the infamous rapids, many of which are graded 5, the best whitewater rapids in the world. The rapids that you’ll be able to do will vary according to the height of the river flow.

Bungee jumping

If whitewater isn’t enough of adrenaline for you, then you may want to jump from a bridge… literally. One of the favorite activities for adrenaline junkies in victoria falls is bungee jumping or one of its variants: the swing and the slide. On top of all the adrenaline, one thing is for sure this is one of the most scenic bungee jumps you can do! It’s only 4 seconds, but it’s 4 seconds that you won’t easily forget! Note: you’ll need to take your passport with you because the bridge is the border between both countries.

Dive into Devil’s pool

The devil’s pool is a natural pool where you can swim right on the edge of the waterfall just before the water thunders more than 103 meters. It’s quite unique and really scary only to look at… If you are brave enough to do this you’ll get a great story to tell and an adventure that few people have done.
The only way to get to Devil’s pool is through Zambia, so you’ll need your passport for this one. Devil’s pool is located in Livingstone island where only 80 guests per day are allowed, so book this early or you might get a big disappointment. You should also note that the access to devil’s pool depends entirely on the water level of the Zambezi River. Usually, it’s possible to swim during low tide, between August and December.

Enjoy a Sunset River Cruise

A sunset river cruise is a much lighter activity than most of the others on this list. It’s a great way of finishing a day full of adventure and adrenaline. Even the most adventurous couples need their relaxing and romantic times and a river cruise will offer you an opportunity to enjoy the glow of the famous African Sunset.

Helicopter ride over the falls and the Gorge

The best way to really see Victoria Falls is from the sky. This way you’ll see the views upstream the river, the vast curtain of water, the gorge and everything else. It’s the only way to really understand how big and the impact the river has on its surroundings. It really puts things in perspective. If you have never been in a Helicopter, Victoria Falls is the place to start! We can’t imagine a better location, with better aerial views than this! You can choose between the 12/13 minutes and the 22/25 minutes ride.

Doing a Safari in Chobe (or one of the other parks)

Only an hour’s drive from Victoria Falls, the Chobe National Park is home to one of the largest game concentrations in Africa. Bordered by the banks of the breath-taking Chobe River, it is famous for its rich elephant and lion population. There are few things more exhilarating than having a lion looking straight at you…

Chobe is in Botswana, so you’ll need to take your passport and go through the immigration procedures. There are other safari parks close to Victoria Falls and where you won’t need to go to Botswana but Chobe is the best in the region and this way you get to know another country!

Jorge & Claudia are travel bloggers from Portugal that love to travel the world. They have lived in Angola for 3 years and currently are traveling the world. Their mission is to keep on discovering new countries and sharing their tips on smart and budget traveling. Find out more about their trips on travel drafts!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.