Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Cabins and Suites

When taking a Virgin Voyages cruise, you will probably be too busy having fun to spend much time in your room. However, at some point, you will need to rest and recharge. If you are planning a cruise on Virgin Voyages’ second ship, then you will have plenty of cabins and suites on the Valiant Lady to choose from.

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady cabins range in price and come with a variety of amenities. Stylishly designed, they offer comfort and style. Some are smaller and simple, which are perfect for solo travelers, while others have private balconies with hand-woven hammocks.

Keep reading as we do a comprehensive review of the cabins on Virgin Voyages’ Valiant Lady. We will also touch on Virgin Voyages Rockstar and Mega Rockstar suites if you want something a bit more luxurious.

Scarlet Lady

Valiant Lady Cabins Overview

Recently, we broke down the differences between Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady vs. Valiant Lady. To our surprise, we found that there weren’t many differences between the two besides where they sail to. However, if you know you will be sailing on the Valiant Lady, it’s good to know what type of accommodations you can expect.

In total, the Valiant Lady has 1,330 cabins in three different categories: the Sea Terrace, Sea View, and Insider. While each cabin varies in size and amenities, each one has a Seabed. The Seabed is a convertible king-size bed that can change into an L-shaped sofa with the click of a button.

Valiant Lady

The Seabed is the first of its kind in the cruise industry. It is a pretty cool idea and gives you a place to hang out during the day if you need a break from the party.

In addition, each cabin has a 43-inch smart TV, WiFi, mini-bar, desk, reading lamps, hairdryer, mood lighting, and USB-charging ports. The cabins also have sensors that detect when someone enters or exits the room. When you enter, the blinds open, the mood lights come on, and the air conditioner adjusts. Then, when you leave, the blinds close, the lights turn off, and the air conditioning goes to eco-mode to conserve energy.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the Valiant Lady cabins to help you decide which is best for your cruise.

Valiant Lady Cabins: Insider

The Insider cabins were built with the solo traveler and minimalist couples in mind. Even though the rooms are 130 to 175 square feet, they are designed to make the most out of the space. These are simple rooms that don’t have a window or a balcony.

However, they still have the amenities that you need to be comfortable during your stay. The rooms have a 43-inch smart TV with movies on demand, ship info, and real-time outside camera views. Plus, you will have a mini-bar that you can stock, mood lighting, charging ports, and the same king-size bed.

There are Social Insider cabins that have a king-size bed with one or two bunk beds. This is great for friend groups as they accommodate 3-4 people depending on the cabin. If you are cruising solo, then there is also a small single-person cabin option.

Valiant Lady Cabins: Sea View

There aren’t many differences between the Insider cabins and the Sea View cabins except for a window that you can look out of. The windows are large and allow a ton of natural light to come into the room. This gives it an airier feel than your standard cabin on other ships.

There is also a window seat if you want to relax and take in the view during your cruise. The rest of the amenities are the same as the Insider cabins.

The Sea Terrace Cabin

Valiant Lady Cabins: Sea Terrace

With the Valiant Lady Sea Terrace cabins, you get all of the amenities mentioned earlier. However, passengers can also enjoy a private balcony with a red Virgin Voyages hammock and a coffee table with chairs.

The Sea Terrace cabins are 185 square feet, and the private balcony is 40 square feet. This is a perfect cabin for couples who like privacy and want to take in the views. There are three versions of the 185-square-foot Sea Terrace cabins.

If you get the Limited View Sea Terrace, you will have an obscured view of the ocean. The Central Sea Terrace cabins are located in the middle of the ship and offer the smoothest sailing, in close proximity to the ship’s amenities, restaurants, and entertainment.

Lastly, you can upgrade to the XL Sea Terrace cabin. These cabins are bigger, totaling 225 square feet, and have the same private balcony. If you want more room, this is the cabin to get.

Fab Suite terrace

Virgin Voyages Rockstar and Mega Rockstar Suites

If you want to live like a rockstar during your cruise truly, then Virgin Voyages has two suite options, the Rockstar or the Mega Rockstar. The rooms vary widely in space depending on which one you choose.

The smallest Rockstar suite is around 416 square feet with a 180- square-foot terrace. The biggest Mega Rockstar suite is a whopping 850 square feet with three bedrooms and a 1,315-square-foot balcony.

When you book a Rockstar or Mega Rockstar suite, not only will you get all the amenities of the regular cabins, but you will also get special perks. For starters, you get early access to entertainment and restaurants, as well as priority boarding and disembarkation. Plus, you will get a 24-hour concierge that will help you unpack and pack, dry your swimsuits, and more.

The Peek-A-Boo shower window over the Euro King bed is a feature in our Gorgeous and Brilliant suites.

In the Rockstar suites, you will be greeted with a stocked mini-bar. The Mega Rockstar suites also have this, but they can be restocked as many times as you’d like.

Both suites give you exclusive access to Richard’s Rooftop. This is a members-only club that is located at the top of the ship. Here, you can enjoy a private bar, music, and the best views on the ship.

The Mega Rockstar suites also come with a daily bar tab, daily spa access, premium WiFi, and a dedicated Rockstar agent.

Valiant Lady Cabins: Final Thoughts

Recently, Virgin Voyages won the Cruise Critic Best Cabins Award, so you can expect a great experience when you travel in a Valiant Lady cabin. Not only are they sleek, but the technology and Seabed innovation are something that you won’t find on other ships.

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