TRS Cap Cana Waterfront & Marina Hotel

Location: Punta Cana , DR
Starting at: 405.03 Per Person Per Night
4.5 Reviews

TRS Cap Cana Waterfront & Marina Hotel offers an intimate and luxurious adults-only escape, praised for its sense of privacy and tranquil atmosphere. Located in the most exclusive part of Punta Cana on the Dominican Republic’s east coast, and just 10 minutes from the international airport, this luxury hotel provides a secluded haven for relaxation. Guests appreciate the spacious swim-up rooms and the spectacular views from private balconies, although opinions on room cleanliness and maintenance vary.

The hotel’s exceptional butler service and diligent housekeeping staff consistently receive high marks, enhancing the overall guest experience. However, some travelers feel the resort does not always provide value for money, with concerns over expensive add-ons and occasional inconsistent service. Despite these concerns, the beautiful location and serene environment make TRS Cap Cana a cherished destination for many.

TRS Cap Cana Waterfront & Marina Hotel features 115 luxury suites designed to offer the complete adults-only experience. Each suite includes 24-hour room service, private check-in, and a 24-hour personal assistant to cater to all your needs. The exclusive Infinite Indulgence® service is a highlight, providing guests with access to massages and treatments at the Zentropia Palladium Spa & Wellness Centre.

Guests can enjoy a wide selection of top-quality beverages and exquisite dishes, taking the “all-inclusive” concept to a new level. While the hotel’s location is praised for its beauty, some guests feel it is slightly isolated. Despite this, the stunning surroundings and tranquil atmosphere make TRS Cap Cana Waterfront & Marina Hotel a perfect setting for those looking to experience the best of Punta Cana in peace and luxury.

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