Do Underwater Cruise Ship Rooms Exist?

Cruises are some of the best ways to experience new destinations and cultures with ease and comfort. Staterooms and suites on most ships offer similar amenities as you would find at a nice hotel or resort.

But have you ever wondered if there are underwater cruise ship rooms? It’s a fair question, as one could only imagine looking through an underwater window and seeing marine life floating by.

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Do underwater cruise ship rooms exist, or is that just a figment of our imagination? Keep reading as we discuss the reality of underwater cruise ship rooms.

Are There Underwater Cruise Ship Rooms?

While, yes, underwater cruise ship rooms do exist, they aren’t staterooms or suites that passengers can stay in. Instead, the rooms below the waterline are meant for crew members. The other underwater cruise ship rooms are meant for operational purposes, such as engine rooms, utility rooms, and storage rooms.

So, why aren’t there any cruise lines that have underwater rooms for passengers? You would think cruise companies like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity, Carnival, and others could make this happen, right?

There are a few reasons there are no underwater cruise ship rooms for passengers. The first reason is that only about 10% of cruise vessel is underwater. If you put staterooms or suites in that area, then you would have to put operational facilities and crew members in areas that are used for guest rooms and public spots like the theater, casino, or pool deck.

Since cruises are all about the experience, it would be a bad idea to have noisy and unsightly operational facilities where passengers spend their time.

Another reason is that you probably wouldn’t be able to see anything from an underwater cruise ship room.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but when a ship is moving, you would only see a blur of color. Even when the cruise ship did stop, the chance of being able to see clearly through the thick windows is slim to none.

However, that doesn’t mean underwater cruise ship rooms don’t exist. And in fact, one cruise line does offer public areas that are underwater. Let’s take a look to see what’s below the waterline.

The Blue Eye Lounge

One place passengers can sit back and relax while being under the sea is The Blue Eye lounge. The Blue Eye lounge is the first underwater lounge. You can find it aboard the PONANT cruise line’s Explorer class ships, which are eco-conscious luxury yachts. The first PONANT Explorer yacht is La Laperouse; it holds up to 184 guests.

The Blue Eye is a multisensory lounge with two whale eye windows that allow passengers to fully immerse themselves in the underwater world. The lounge projects live images of marine life and the sounds of the ocean within a three-mile radius. To add to the experience, the sofas vibrate, making you feel like you’re part of the ocean.

Passengers may not be able to stay in a cabin below the sea, but relaxing in the Blue Eye is the next best thing.

River Cruise Cabins

While the large ocean cruise ships do not have underwater cabins, you can find underwater cruise ship rooms on river cruise ships. However, while it’s common to get a room that is below the waterline, the window will still be above the water.

Typically, these rooms are the least expensive as there are no balconies, opening windows, or great views. If you’re short, you may even need to stand on a chair to see out the window.

Crew Cabins

As mentioned, on an ocean cruise, the only people sleeping below the waterline are the crew members. The crew cabins are dormitory-style rooms with access to common areas.

If you are wondering, the crew cabins are not luxurious and are only meant for sleeping after a long day’s work. On some ships, they are also noisy because they’re close to machinery.

However, there are underwater crew bars and areas for the employees to hang out and socialize. In addition, there is extra storage in this area.

The Brig

The brig (or jail) is for passengers who have committed a crime or are a danger to themselves or others. Depending on the severity of the offense, passengers may have to stay in the brig until the cruise is over or until they reach the next port.

For most offenses, however, passengers do not have to stay in the brig. They just need to sign a contract stating they won’t repeat the behavior. In other words, stay on your best behavior, and you won’t ever see this place. (It definitely does not have a view.)


It may seem concerning, but cruise ships do have a morgue below deck in the case of an emergency. Depending on the size of the ship, there may be more than one.


When there are repairs to be made on furniture, they are sent to the woodshop. Here carpenters spend their day repairing these items so they can be used again. In addition, the carpenters will fix other aspects of the ship, such as flooring and railings.

Newsletter Room

When there is a change in the itinerary or a storm warning, cruises will give the announcement in the form of a newsletter. These newsletters can’t be made ahead of time, as Mother Nature has no schedule.

Due to this, there is a print shop or newsletter room where these are made to be sent out.

The “I-95” Hallway

The I-95 highway is one of the busiest roadways in the United States. On a cruise ship, the I-95 hallway is located on deck zero. It is a congested and busy hallway (hence the name) where crew members can access the engine room, cabins, staff cafeteria, medical center, luggage room, and laundry room.

The hallway also consists of various staircases and elevators so staff can go to work.

Wine Cellars and Food Storage

With some cruise ships having over 3,000 passengers onboard, there needs to be a place to store all of the food, wine, and other drinks. These underwater cruise ship rooms have freezers, fridges, storage cupboards, and wine cellars.

Medical Center

No matter the size or the waters it sails, a cruise ship will have a medical center where guests and crew can be treated if necessary. Typically, the medical centers are on a lower deck.

Depending on the size of the ship, there will be 1-2 doctors and 2-6 nurses. While there are normal operating hours when you can make an appointment, the medical personnel is on call 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Underwater Cruise Ship Rooms: Conclusion

While you can hang out at an underwater lounge on a PONANT Explorer yacht, or sleep in an underwater cabin on a river cruise, most rooms below the waterline aren’t meant for passengers.

If you are a passenger below the waterline on most cruise ships, then you are going to the medical center or the brig, which isn’t a good thing.

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