Working with a Travel Agency to Cuba

When it comes to honeymoons, Caribbean destinations are extremely popular, and Cuba is a great choice. Despite being the largest country in the Caribbean, it is one of the least populated, so there are plenty of beaches where you can find some peace and quiet. 

Add the customary Caribbean sunsets, the sultry and sensual rhythm of salsa music, fruity cocktails made with Cuban rum, and delicious cuisine that blends the flavors of Spain and Africa and you’ve got a romantic honeymoon destination that’s pretty much perfect. 

If Cuba sounds like the perfect honeymoon or romantic getaway destination for you, then you’re going to want to read this article on how working with a travel agency to Cuba can make your trip smooth and hassle-free. 

Why Use a Travel Agency to Cuba?

Travel to Cuba isn’t as straightforward and simple as it is to other Caribbean islands. There are regulations in place that must be followed for U.S. citizens who want to visit Cuba. Rather than doing all the legwork on their own, many couples choose to work with a travel agency to Cuba. Working with a travel agency to Cuba saves time, money, and a whole lot of hassle. 

The main reason to consider going through a travel agency to Cuba is to make sure your tourist visa, or tourist card, is sorted out before you leave. All foreigners visiting Cuba will need a tourist card in order to enter the country. Although Cuba does issue visas on arrival in Havana, the airline might not let you board the plane without a valid visa. Plus, even if you can board, getting a visa at the airport could take hours and if you don’t fill the card out correctly you’ll have to start all over again. 

If you don’t want to start your trip on a sour note, a travel agency to Cuba can make sure your visa is properly filled out and in your hand before you head to the airport. Keep reading for more reasons to use a travel agency to Cuba. 

Find Better Deals With a Travel Agency to Cuba

Airlines will sometimes have seat sales to destinations in the Caribbean, especially to somewhere as nearby as Cuba. Getting a good deal on a flight from Florida to Cuba is common, but when you use a travel agency to Cuba you benefit from the insider deals and offers available exclusively to travel agents.

Some folks worry about hiring a travel agency to Cuba because they think there are hidden costs, but a travel agent will work within whatever budget you give them and be completely transparent with you. They’ll also give you some options, so if your budget has a little bit of wiggle room you can end up with a much nicer suite or better flight for a very good price. It all depends on what you’re willing to spend. 

A Travel Agency to Cuba Can Get You Great Perks

When you work with a travel agency to Cuba you’re likely to end up with some awesome perks, especially if you’re on your honeymoon. Extras like room or seat upgrades are a travel agent’s way of thanking you for your business. It’s also a great way to promote the travel agency and keep customers coming back. 

Perks aren’t always offered outright, but once you ask your travel agent if there are any freebies they can throw in, they can usually find something to sweeten the deal. 

You Benefit From Their Experience and Advice

When you hire a travel agency to Cuba, you get the benefit of their years of experience in the country. Cuban travel agents know where to go for a romantic dinner, where the best snorkeling or beach is, and tons of other information. 

If you want your Cuban honeymoon to be totally unique, fun, and full of experiences off the beaten path, a travel agent can help you make arrangements that are safe and legitimate. You won’t run out of things to do on your honeymoon and you won’t need to worry about getting scammed when you work with a travel agency to Cuba. 

How to Choose a Travel Agency to Cuba

Your travel agent is there for you from the day you hire them to the day you get home. If anything goes wrong on your trip, your Cuba travel agent is the one to call. You’ll probably be working together for months, so it’s important to make the right choice when it comes to selecting a travel agency to Cuba. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting one so that your honeymoon or romantic getaway to Cuba is safe, fun, and free of any unpleasant surprises. 

Find Out About Their Experience

Always research the travel agency to Cuba you’re considering. Find out how long they have been in the industry and read any reviews online. What do their previous clients rave about and where do they feel the agency could have done better? Are they well-known in the community and do they have working relationships with reputable tour companies, resorts, and airlines? 

It’s also important to consider what kind of trips the agency specializes in. You might want to consider another travel agency if you are looking for a honeymoon, but the majority of the agency’s past clients have been families or solo travelers. 

Take Time to Interview Agents

You will want to interview potential Cuba travel agents. Taking the time to talk with them either over the phone or on a Zoom call can help calm any anxiety you might be feeling about letting someone else handle so many details of your honeymoon or important trip. Plus, if there are any issues that might prevent you from having a good relationship with your travel agent, it’s better to find out about them early on.   

When interviewing your Cuba travel agent, ask them questions about their individual experience in the area and request referrals from previous clients. You can ask them for advice on how to spend your time in Cuba as well. If you’re still planning your itinerary, ask them to recommend some activities or go over what you planned so far and ask for their opinion.  

Verify Their Credentials

Make sure that the travel agency to Cuba is certified to work in Cuba by the Cuban Ministry of Tourism. All travel agents should be registered with the International Air Transport Association or the International Airlines Travel Agent Network. Look for the abbreviation IATA or IATAN in their correspondence or on their website. Other credentials like a diploma or degree in tourism, hospitality, or a related field is nice to have but not totally necessary. 

When You Don’t Need a Travel Agency to Cuba

There are several reasons why you might not need a travel agency to Cuba. If you’ve been to Cuba before, have friends or family in the area that can help show you around or host you, if you’re going on a group tour, or if you can speak Spanish, you might not need the services of a travel agency to Cuba. 

However, it may still be worth talking to one to see if there are any deals or perks they can offer you.

Travel Agents to Cuba We Recommend 

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