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The Travel Bug Epidemic

It’s official. The diagnosis is clear. The prognosis is bleak. We hate to break this to you, but unfortunately, there is no cure.

You’ve caught the widespread, unappeasable, unshakable travel bug.

Travel Bug, Travel, Wanderlust

It may have happened when you packed up all your snacks, maps and friends for an All American Road Trip. It’s a possibility the bug crept in while you backpacked through India and lost yourself in the warm smiles, vibrant colors and perfect chaos on the streets of Mumbai. You may have even studied abroad in a picturesque European town (classic travel bug stomping grounds), bringing home much more than any class could pass on to you. You may not have realized it while you were gone, but then the adventure comes to an end. The friends become virtual connections, the experiences morph into magical memories, and all you are left with is an insatiable, unquenchable, unendingly powerful thirst for more.

The first symptom of the travel bug.

Other common symptoms of the travel bug include, but are not limited to: neverending daydreams of cities yet to be wandered, a longing to meet fellow kindred spirits across the globe, the greatly feared post-travel blues, homesickness for homes yet to find their way into your heart, and an uncanny knack for your savings account to dwindle when the next adventure calls your name.

Now calm down before you call a doctor.

There are positives to this all too common condition.  

The travel bug, also commonly known as wanderlust, instills in the infected a sense of wonder. Every place has a specific beauty and a quaint quirkiness to behold. Each person you meet may connect you with another opportunity, lead you to an epic adventure, and teach you a lesson you didn’t know you needed. Travel, as we all know, opens our hearts and minds in ways that cannot be closed after the plane’s wheels hit the ground back home. We learn to not only survive, but thrive outside of our comfort zones. The thrill of the unknown, the exciting promise of each new day, and the craving of the inevitable growth of experience drives us to be better versions of ourselves. The bug has its positives, and there’s a travel bug epidemic sweeping our generation. The travelling community is known to be a welcoming, open-minded, easy-going group of chronic cases. You’re not alone, don’t worry about that.

While on the road, the travel bug cravings are satisfied (for the most part), but when home is reached, the thirst may become all too real. I know what you are thinking… I just need to travel a bit more to get it out of my system. This is the stage of denial. You are hooked. You got it bad my friend. That travel bug has its claws too deep in you for that. Travel some more and you will see, the cravings only grow in strength and conviction. There’s so much yet to see and so many more stories to be written.

There’s only one thing that can be done to appease the bug.

You guessed it, travel.

Make it work. Stay Hungry. Feed that feisty travel bug. There are so many ways; start a travel savings account, work in another country, pursue education abroad, volunteer or teach english where help is truly needed, and seize every opportunity possible. There are an infinite number of adventures to be created, immensely incredible people to connect with and excitingly unbelievable memories yet to be made wherever your feet take you. There are blogs, organizations, and businesses that can help you with your next adventure. Consider us doctors for the travel bug pandemic crossing borders all over our planet.

Welcome to Honeymoon Always

Here we are, your classic cases of infected souls; thirsty for more adventure and itching to connect with the world around us, together. Our savings go into experiences and our trusty backpacks are some of our most dear friends. We don’t want to just fill a blog with stories of our adventures. We want to help our fellow wanderlusters. We want to share what we have learned about getting out into the world and how you can to. We also want to hear from you, learn from your experiences and your travel hacks. You’ve got the bug, we’ve had it for years, and we want to help any case, mild or chronic, to pursue adventurous appeasements for a wandering soul and a travelling heart. Most importantly, we want to empower and inspire anyone, from any background, to get out there. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.