Swingers Cruises: All You Need to Know 2024

An adults-only cruise that focuses on sexy play and erotic exploration is also called a “swingers cruise” or “lifestyle cruise.” For many couples, these types of cruises can be a fun adventure and a way to spice things up.

A swingers cruise isn’t just about swapping partners and having sex. There are also lots of educational workshops and fun activities that lead to a very body- and sex-positive atmosphere. There’s a sense of openness and freedom that many find appealing. Because of this, plenty of monogamous couples go on swingers cruises.

Workshops are led by experts such as coaches, doctors, and sexologists, and can cover topics like tantric sex, erotic massage, and more—all meant to strengthen couples’ communication and connection.

Activities include theme parties, masquerades, dancing with DJs, pool parties, foam parties, boudoir photo shoots, and speed dating. There are also the usual amenities like pools, hot tubs, casinos, bars, and spas. One major difference from regular cruises is that toplessness (and sometimes nudity) is allowed in public areas like the pools and hot tubs.

Of course, swinger cruises also feature partner swapping, group sex, and public sex. Most swinger cruise ships have specific areas where public sex can occur, such as a playroom, and have rules about what can happen in other parts of the ship.

While there are not any swingers cruise lines, there are several organizations that charter entire ships for swingers cruises. Here are some of the top swinger cruise options:

Desire Cruises

Desire is a company that has resorts as well as cruise offerings for couples who are in the “lifestyle.” Their adult-only swingers’ cruises only allow heterosexual couples.

Desire Cruises feature world-class amenities onboard luxurious ships from Azamara; interesting destinations like Italy, the Greek Islands, and Rio de Janeiro; and a wide assortment of activities aimed at “expanding your horizons and reigniting your fire.”

These activities include workshops, sexy theme nights, pool parties, and more. Desire strives for a sophisticated ambiance on its swinger cruises, which feature complimentary dining options and premium beverage packages, as well as room service. There are also excursions to explore destinations.

Upcoming Desire Cruises

Desire Rio de Janeiro Cruise: December 30, 2023 – January 7, 2024

Desire French Riviera Cruise: May 4 – 11, 2024

Desire Greece-Turkey Cruise: September 21 – 28, 2024

Desire Rome-Barcelona: May 13 – 20, 2025

Bliss Cruises

Bliss books large cruise ships from companies like Celebrity and Royal Caribbean, so there is plenty of room on these swinger cruises (from 2000 passengers).

Passengers on a Bliss swinger cruise must be 21 or over, and these are also couples-only cruises. Bliss cruise guests skew a bit older than Desire cruises—they tend to be between 40 and 60 years old—and the vibe onboard is relaxed.

What happens on a Bliss cruise? There are similar activities onboard the Bliss lifestyle cruises as on other swinger cruises, such as pool parties, theme nights, workshops and seminars, live entertainment, and dance parties. Bliss cruises feature clothing-optional areas as well as playrooms for sexy fun. You can also head onshore on various excursions.

Upcoming Bliss swinger cruise itineraries include on the Celebrity ship Summit from April 17-22, 2023, which departs from Miami and hits Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, and on the Celebrity Equinox from November 5-11, from Fort Lauderdale to various stops in the Caribbean, including Cozumel.

Other Bliss Cruises include on the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas from April 22-27, 2024, from Port Canaveral, Florida to the Caribbean, and on the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas from November 10-17, 2024, from Miami to the Caribbean.

Temptation Cruises

The “naughty by nature” Temptation brand, which also has resorts, charters large cruise ships for inclusive cruises that allow singles and all kinds of sexual orientations. Erotic activities are the focus on these trips. Although they are not just cruises for swingers, they are called “lifestyle-friendly.”

There are topless-optional and clothing-optional areas, and sex is only permitted in the couples-only playroom or in private staterooms. There is usually just one Temptation cruise per year. The 2023 Temptation Caribbean Cruise was February 11-16, from Miami to the Caymans and Key West. In 2024, the Temptation swinger cruise is February 19-24, from Miami to Nassau and Cozumel on Celebrity Summit.

Temptation cruises tend to have more of a party vibe than Desire or Bliss swingers cruises, and the average age range is 35-60 years old. There are DJs, dance parties, nightclubs, sexy themed events, pool parties, spicy workshops, and the “Red Room” for adult activities.

Now that you’ve read all about swingers cruises, what do you think? Would you go on one? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re looking for a cruise that allows nudity without the sexual focus, check out our article on nude cruises.

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