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A Romanian Honeymoon at PRIVO hotel Targu Mures

Probably Romania is not the first country you think of when you start planning your honeymoon. And maybe this is why it is a good idea to consider it. Do you want a  hotel that will make you feel cuddled on this special holiday? You want interesting sites to see? Do you want memorable experiences? Romania can offer all of this without being a standard honeymoon destination. And the first step is to book a hotel that will offer you a great experience. One of the most modern hotels in Romania, PRIVO hotel in Targu Mures, can be the place you are looking for. 

About PRIVO hotel 4* in Targu Mures 

Winner of the international prize „Global Winner – Best Luxury Design Hotel”, PRIVO hotel has minimalist rooms, with simple lines and comfortable beds. It offers twin/king rooms, exclusive rooms, and suites. The exclusive rooms have big beds with a premium orthopedic mattress with memory foam, elegant design and bathtub or shower in the room. What else could you ask for? The price for a room is usually around 100 euro per night.

The hotel has also a spa center with fitness equipment as bicycle and treadmill, Jacuzzi, Finnish Sauna, Infra-Red Sauna and massage room. It doesn’t have a pool, but that didn’t bother me so much. 

And if you want to experience the elegant life of those living in the last century, you can stay in one of the apartments of Csonka villa. The modern Privo hotel was built near the Csonka villa and their guests can choose a very modern room in the hotel or a vintage room inside the villa. 

Erected in the 20th century, in an Art Nouveau style, by the photographer Géza Csonka, Csonka villa is located in front of the Privo hotel, in the middle of a beautiful park away from the bustle of the city. The villa has 3 apartments and 3 rooms with an old style furniture. If you want to feel like living hundred years ago, Csonka villa can offer you this experience. 

I liked the concept of Csonka villa even before I saw it, but we decided to stay in the hotel. The moment I entered the executive room I thought it is perfect for a honeymoon with the tub next to the bed. After exploring Targu Mures, we had a delicious dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, a fine dining restaurant that serves international dishes. We drank a glass of wine from their cellar, relaxing on the terrace that offers a mesmerizing view of the city in the sunset and in the evening, we enjoyed our comfortable bed and slept like babies. 

What to do in Targu Mures and around? 

By now, you may be thinking that the PRIVO hotel is a good host for your honeymoon, but why would you choose to stay in Targu Mures? Is there anything to do there? And I can answer with all my heart: yes, it is! Located in Transylvania, this small city is a good base to explore the region.

Two hours driving and you can visit the important cities in the area: Cluj Napoca, the second-largest city in Romania after Bucharest, Sibiu, a medieval jewel with a very well preserved old town and Sighisoara, a charming, colorful citadel. If you are a nature lover, around Targu Mures you can go underground and visit Turda salt mine or you can explore Turda gorge.

Targu Mures is close to the main attractions in Transylvania and that somehow eclipses it. But the city has its own attractions and things to do. Here you can visit the medieval citadel with a reformat church, explore the city center with mosaic decorated buildings and imposing churches or just wander around and discover the painted stairs. You will not get bored in Targu Mures!   

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So, are you ready to spend your honeymoon in Transylvania?     

Submitted by Corina from Another Milestone

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Wednesday 9th of October 2019

I had my honeymoon In Romania for 15 days and the rest in Greece in Rhodes!

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