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Podcasts Travel Bloggers Need to Listen to in 2018

There is an endless supply of podcasts available for you to dive into. How do you siphon through all of the noise and find the ones that apply to you and your travel blog?

With the ease of being able to release a podcast, in addition to the growing popularity of them, some good quality podcasts with actionable advice are being drowned in the search results.

The key here is ACTIONABLE advice. Some podcasts are quick to provide advice that asks you to join their list, which leads you down their sales funnel to buy their real actionable advice. Whereas the dime of the bunch are providing that actionable advice for free. All you need to do is listen.

It is difficult to find podcasts that provide you with this actionable advice, but we have saved you the trouble of trying to find it and have provided you with this list of podcasts that travel bloggers need to listen to in 2018.

Below are seven relevant categories for travel bloggers to focus on, and one podcast that represents each category that travel bloggers need to listen to. If you are a travel blogger, these podcasts will help you in certain areas of your travel blog.

Travel Related

Break Into Travel Writing

Alexa Meisler invites top travel writers, travel photographers, travel bloggers, travel podcasters, travel filmmakers and travel PR reps on her podcast to their stories and expertise to help you along in your travel writing career.  On the podcast, you will hear peoples stories of how they started their blog and what they found successful.

What is truly valuable are the podcasts with PR reps from destinations.  It is extremely valuable to hear what they are looking for in bloggers to work with.  We want to bring you content that will give you the inside stories and tips that will inspire you to start your travel writing career!

Zero to Travel

Jason at Zero to Travel brings you actionable advice each episode on how to build a life around travel in this weekly interview-based podcast. This is not just related to travel bloggers, but also digital nomads, location independent workers, and really anyone who wants to incorporate travel into their lives.

This podcast really gets you into the mindset of ways in which you can begin to travel more by making money and using your time wisely.

Take note of episodes that relate to you in a sense of travel, digital nomads, freelancing, location independent workers, and advice.



For years, Darren Rowse has been helping other people start blogs and make them successful.  With over 200 podcast episodes, it would be hard to find a topic he hasn’t covered.  Each episode is fairly short but full of valuable information and quick to the point.

Darren also interviews successful bloggers, including a recent series where he interviewed bloggers asking for their stories, tips, and opinions.  For one episode he handed the mic over to three travel bloggers to share their journey into blogging.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Michael Stelzner brings value each and every episode through this interview-based podcast. Each week, he brings on a specialist who has proven their results in a specific social media. These discussions dive in deep to what is currently happening on that particular social media, what you can do to expand your reach, and how you can grow your following.

His show also includes updates on social media that you need to keep in touch with in order to optimize your social media accounts to meet their fullest potential.

Take note of the episodes with the social media you focus on for your travel blog. Each and every social media is covered in this podcast, so choose the one that applies to you and listen to every episode.

SEO 101 on WebmasterRadio.fm

Ross Dunn and John Carcutt bring you a sporadic weekly or bi-weekly interview or discussion-based podcast where they teach you the ins-and-outs of search engine optimization. In this incredibly tactical world of SEO, Ross and John really break down what you absolutely need to know and implement to get your travel blog noticed on search engines.

Want to know how to optimize your website or blog post? Looking for trends, updates, and predictions about the algorithm? This podcast is what you need to be listening to today. Whether you do not know anything about SEO or you think you have a good understanding, this podcast will still help you.

Take note on episodes for basics if you want to start your learning about SEO or look for updates and predictions if you feel you have a good understanding of SEO.

Passive Income

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn covers passive income topics that can easily be applied to your blog each week in an interview and sometimes lecture-based podcast. Pat is a master of affiliate marketing, and you need to listen to his affiliate marketing podcast episodes.

At the end of 2017, Pat Flynn did a series of affiliate marketing episodes that will help you begin making a passive income through your travel blog. Another important topic he discusses is email marketing and how you can build your email list.

Take note on his affiliate marketing series of podcast episodes.


The Business of Photography Podcast

Bryan and Rob are great hosts of this weekly interview and discussion-based podcast based on the business of photography. Supplementing your travel blog with enticing travel photography is extremely important. It can also work to drive income by selling your photography.

This podcast discusses a lot about the fundamentals of photography and how to make your photos better, but also the business behind growing your following, marketing, and social media to expand your reach.

Take note on the fundamentals of photography episodes if you think you need advice on how to get your photography to the next stage.

Business Motivation

The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk brings this business motivation podcast (explicit) in daily, yes that is daily, episodes that are discussion and interview-based. Most of these episodes are interviews of him or a consultation that he is providing. He helps individuals with branding themselves and offers actionable advice around this topic.

If you are ready to begin to work with brands, need a little bit of motivation to take your travel blog to the next step, or just want to hear this incredible person speak business each and every day, The Gary Vee Audio Experience is the podcast for you!

Take note on each and every episode. Some are short, some are long. Make some time to get to know his repeating themes.

Travel Couples

Travel Couple Podcast

Mike and Natalie Pletz bring you a weekly interview-based podcast about travel couples and how you and your significant other can live a travel lifestyle. Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world with your significant other, but the money or time is holding you back? Mike and Natalie interview a different travel couple each week who is running a travel blog, freelancing, or working as a digital nomad and provide advice how you can do the same.

If you are a couple that share this interest, you can really build a strong relationship around travel and build a business together in order to make travel a lifestyle. This is where you need to start.

Take note of each travel couple that they interview and the advice they provide based on their specialties.


The above podcasts are shows I am personally subscribed to and listen to nearly every day to learn something new that I can apply to my travel blog. They all contain actionable advice that I can immediately use to my advantage. If you are a travel blogger and not currently subscribed to these podcasts, you are behind the ball.

You can always find ways to consume this same content, but podcasts allow you something that written or video content does not allow. That is saving you time. There is definitely time during your day that you cannot read an article or watch a video. For example, think about your daily routine in the morning. Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and doing your business allows you a significant amount of time that you can play a podcast in the background.

This is time saved and knowledge gained. The key is finding the right podcasts to listen to. These are the podcasts travel bloggers need to listen to in 2018.

What podcasts do you think I missed? What are you listening to in order to improve you travel blog? When do you find time in your day to listen to a podcast?

Mike Pletz is the creator of To the Nations Worldwide and the Travel Couple Podcast.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.