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Moving To Portugal Resources

We have loved sharing our experiences in moving to and living in Portugal. In doing so, we’ve gotten a lot of questions from other people looking to make the move, and we want to be able to provide resources and insights where we have them.

D7 Visa Application Guide

This 8-Page PDF includes:

  • A checklist of everything you’ll need to complete your D7 Visa Application
  • Notes, insights, and links to resources for each of the steps in the application process
  • An outlined and redacted version of both our cover letters we submitted for our approved D7 Visa in April 2021

Our D7 Visa Guide is available to anyone who joins our Patreon at the $25 membership level.

Moving to Portugal FAQs

How can I get a NIF or open up a bank account?

The easiest and dependable way is with Bordr.io. You can get $10 off Bordr.io using this link.

How should I deposit money into my Portuguese bank account?

We recommend using Wise for affordable transfers. With our link, you can get a fee-free transfer of up to $600.

What travel insurance company do you recommend?

World Nomads, both plans meet the requirements of the D7 Visa.

Do you have a realtor in Lisbon you recommend to help find an apartment?

Yes, you can reach Ricardo at [email protected]

Schedule Some Time to Chat with Us!

If you’d like to schedule some time with Dan and Michelle to ask specific questions about moving to Portugal, you can do so by joining our Patreon. Our $50 a month tier includes one, 1×1 call a month and you can always downgrade your membership or cancel after your 1×1 call.

*Please note that we are not D7 application or Portugal experts, but we have recently gone through the process and keep up to date with the changes. We have had people reach out to schedule time with us so we’re making that available here!