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What Is Medical Evacuation Insurance and Do You Need It?

Medical Evacuation Coverage provides coverage for medical transportation if something were to happen to you when you are traveling and you need medical transport home.

These flights can be very expensive. Within the United States it can cost up to $25,000, in other countries you may need to be flown to a better hospital and those costs can be up to $50,000. In the case that you need to be flown home because of a medical emergency, it can cost anywhere up to $250,000! It can cost even more if a nurse needs to accompany you on your trip.

With medical evacuation insurance, you will have peace of mind that if something happens while you are on vacation or business trip that requires a return flight to your country then you will have protection from the cost associated with getting home safely!

Is emergency medical evacuation coverage included in most travel insurance plans?

Yes, with many plans, emergency medical evacuation is included. For example, the Standard Plan with World Nomads covers $300,000 for medical evacuation and the Explorer Plan covers $500,000.

How does emergency medical evacuation coverage work?

Every insurance company is different, but having your insurance information available will make the claims process easier.

In an emergency situation, your health and safety is the most important. Once immediate assistance has been taken care of, you or someone on your behalf must contact your insurance for assistance. They will then be able to work with you to arrange the transportation you need.

Be ready with the following information when you call.

  • Your policy number
  • A contact number for where you are now
  • The nature of your problem
  • Your location
  • Prescribed medication (if any)

Are their credit cards with medical evacuation coverage as a benefit?

Yes, there are a few premium credit cards that provide emergency evacuation and transportation.

Chase Sapphire Reserve provides emergency evacuation and transportation up to $100,000 of necessary emergency evacuation and transportation expenses for the cardholder, as well as the spouse and eligible children under age 19, or under age 26 if they are enrolled as full-time students at an accredited university.

The coverage kicks in if covered people are injured or become ill while traveling and the situation results in an emergency evacuation. You must charge any part of your covered trip to your card or rewards program associated with your account to qualify for this coverage.

The Platinum Card from American Express also offers emergency medical transportation assistance through its Premium Global Assist Hotline and covers up to $100,000.

What makes Medical Evacuation travel insurance unique from normal travel insurance?

Medical Travel Insurance covers medical care while you are traveling. For example, if you break your leg or have a heart attack, medical insurance will cover your treatment.

The Medical Evacuation travel insurance is going to cover your transportation to a hospital if you need to be flown to get medical treatment.

Travel insurance plans often include medical repatriation coverage as well which can help cover costs associated with traveling home or medical care upon arrival at a destination.

What coverage is included in Medical Evacuation travel insurance?

Medical evacuation insurance can include medical repatriation coverage which provides additional medical transportation, medical treatment, and hospital expenses for a patient who is medically evacuated back to their originating country. Medical retreatment costs are also often covered by medical evacuation travel insurance policies as well.

Who should buy Medical Evacuation travel insurance?

Accidents can happen to anyone and you can never plan for them so we recommend medical evacuation insurance to everyone the travels.

If you plan on doing adventurous activities it is that much more important to have or if you are going to an area that is not near major medical treatments.

Do you have enough medical evacuation coverage on your travel insurance policy?

The cost of a medical evacuation and repatriation can be very expensive, going up to $250,000. In most cases, $100,000 in coverage will be enough, but it is up to you to decide if having $300,000 is worth the piece of mind. Luckily, the lowest option with World Nomads already includes $300,000 in coverage.

Which companies offer Medical Evacuation travel insurance plans?

World Nomads offers insurance plans that include medical evacuations and medical repatriation coverage as well as medical evacuation travel insurance plans from Travel Insurance Services, AIG Travel Guard, IMG Patriot International, and many others!

How can I purchase Medical Evacuation travel insurance?

You can purchase medical evacuation insurance online at WorldNomads.com today as part of an extensive travel insurance plan that can cover emergencies and accidents that happen while you are traveling.

Additional details to keep in mind about Medical Evacuation travel insurance

Emergency medical evacuation covers expenses for evacuation and treatment while being transported. It doesn’t cover the costs you incurred once you have settled in the new institution. A few members include securing transportation expenses for family members to the hospital.

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