Is Greece Expensive to Visit?

Greece is a dream destination for many honeymooners and couples planning a romantic getaway. Since one of the first considerations for most travelers is budget, people who are interested in going here want to know, is Greece expensive? Or is Greece an affordable vacation?

There is a perception that Greece costs more to visit than other destinations, but is this true? In this article we’ll explore how much a trip to Greece costs and whether or not Greece is expensive to visit.

Good news! While you can certainly splurge on a luxury vacation in Greece, you can also visit Greece inexpensively. In many ways, Greece is a very affordable destination. For instance, the cost of many basic goods tends to be less than in the United States, as does the cost of food in supermarkets and in many restaurants. You can also find plenty of charming yet inexpensive accommodations in Greece.

Affordable Greece Destionations

Mainland Greece tends to be less expensive to visit than the islands, and some Greek islands are more expensive than others, so take that into account when you’re planning your romantic Greek getaway. Some of the more affordable Greek islands are Crete, Agistri, Kythnos, Lefkada, Ikaria, Hydra, and Tinos.

Greece Trip Costs

How much a trip to Greece costs also depends on when you go. The summer is the high season for Greece, so you will spend more if you visit in June, July, or August. For a less expensive Greek vacation, go in the shoulder season. The shoulder season in Greece is March to May and September to October. You’ll also enjoy cooler weather and fewer crowds then.

How much do hotels cost in Greece?

Greece certainly offers some super-exclusive resorts that cost a lot. However, there are also plenty of affordable hotel options in Greece. For the least expensive accommodations in Greece, you can stay at a hostel for about $20-$60 a night depending on when and where you go.

A three-star hotel in Greece averages around $85 per night, a four-star hotel in Greece averages about $140 per night, and a luxury hotel stay in Greece averages $325 a night. Prices can go as much as 50% higher in the summer.

For less expensive room rates, look for smaller, family-run hotels. These also provide a more authentic, friendly experience.

Some islands are known to be more expensive than others. For instance, rooms in hostels on the hot spots of Santorini and Mykonos tend to start around $80 a night, and you could spend $800 a night or more at a luxury hotel on Santorini in the summer.

As you can see, there’s quite a range available, and it pays to do plenty of research to find the best accommodations in Greece at the best price.

How much does a meal cost in Greece?

A big question when planning a trip here is, is food and drink expensive in Greece? More good news! Food and drink is affordable in Greece at most places.

Of course, there are swanky restaurants that are expensive, but you can eat and drink very cheaply in Greece and still eat and drink well. Greek food is tasty and healthy, and some of the least expensive options (like gyros and kebabs) are very filling. Plus, Greek wine is excellent and inexpensive (like about $5 a bottle!). You could budget between $15-$40 per person per day on food and not feel like you’re missing out.

Here are some average prices for food and drink in Greece.

A meal in a cheap restaurant in Greece averages around $10 per person. A 3-course meal for 2 in a mid-range restaurant averages about $42.

Cheap-to-go items like gyro sandwiches cost about $2-3. A Greek salad costs about $6-9, the main dish in a restaurant is about $9-13, and a seafood dinner costs about $20. In a restaurant, an espresso costs about $2.50, a soft drink costs about $1.80, bottled water is about $1-2, a glass of wine is about $3-5, and an imported beer costs about $4.20. Cocktails are more expensive, however, costing around $12-$15.

As we mentioned before, prices in Greece are less expensive on the mainland than on the islands. The cheapest Greek island to eat and drink is considered to be Crete.

An inexpensive option for meals when traveling in Greece is to shop at local markets and have a picnic. Prices in local shops are substantially lower than in restaurants; for example, bottled water is about 40 cents, a mid-range bottle of wine costs under $10, and a kilogram of local cheese is about $8. Grab that and some bread, fruit, and dessert, and you have the makings of a perfect lunch or light dinner. You can find a romantic setting with a gorgeous view practically anywhere.

How much does it cost to get to Greece? 

Flights to Greece from the United States vary depending on your departure airport and when you go. Here are some sample airfares to Greece from several major airports.

Flights from New York City to Athens, Greece range from $1000-$1800 in July and August, dropping to $500-$800 in September and October or March to May.

Flights from Los Angeles to Athens, Greece range from $1500-$2100 in July and August, dropping to $650-$1200 in September and October or March to May.

Flights from New Orleans to Athens, Greece range from $1400-$2500 in July and August, dropping to $960-$1200 in September and October or March to May.

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How much does it cost to get around Greece?

Getting around within larger cities in Greece is easiest and cheapest with public transportation. One-way tickets on public buses and subways cost about $1-2.

Taxis are more expensive and start at $3.70, with fares varying depending on how far you go.

If you want to visit more than one place on your trip to Greece, you have several choices for transportation. Buses travel between cities and ticket prices range depending on the distance. A ticket from Athens to Sparta (a 3.5-hour trip) costs around $20. Trains in Greece tend to be unreliable and the network is fairly limited, but tickets are similarly priced.

The average cost to rent a car in Greece is $135 per day but you can find much cheaper prices if you book in advance. (FYI, you will need an International Driving Permit, and most cars have manual transmission.) A less expensive (and more fun!) option to get around is to rent a moped for around $15.

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You can travel between the Greek islands by boat or airplane. Ferry prices in Greece range between $25-$75. High speed ferries and catamarans are more expensive, while slower ferries or overnight ferries tend to be cheaper. Plus, if you take an overnight ferry, that will save you one night at a hotel!

If you’re going to be taking a lot of ferries, you can check to see whether buying a ferry pass (available through Eurail) would save you money.

Flying can be an inexpensive way to go between islands. A one-way flight from Athens to Santorini can cost around $30-40.

How much do activities cost in Greece?

You can enjoy a wide variety of activities in Greece that range from free to pricey.

Lounging on the beach and swimming in the deep blue Aegean is free, of course, as is strolling around the beautiful Greek towns and visiting ruins on your own.

Tickets to attractions like museums and historic sites range between $10-$25. Many places offer combined tickets, so check for that option to save money. Also, some museums offer free admission on certain days.

You can get guided tours to historic sites and museums for about $40 per person and up. These usually include your ticket price.

Boat tours tend to average about $12-$40 per person, and land tours are about $15-$60 per person. You can also do more in-depth tours like half-day food and wine tours for about $100-$150 per person. Experiences like a half-day cooking class tend to cost around $300 per person.

What is a good budget for Greece?

How much your trip to Greece costs will depend on a variety of factors, such as when you visit, where you stay, what you do, and what sort of meals you eat.

The average cost of a trip to Greece for two ranges from $1000 for a budget stays to $3500 and up for a luxury stay of 7 days. For a budget trip, you could plan on spending about $150-$200 a day. You could have a very nice romantic Greek vacation for around $300 per day.

Sample prices for a moderate trip include $100 per night for a mid-range hotel, $80 a day for food for two, $20 a day for drinks for two, and $40 a day for transportation and activities. For a 7-night stay with these expenditures, the average budget for a trip to Greece for two people would be $1680 plus airfare.

To sum up, the answer to “is Greece expensive?” is no! You can visit Greece very affordably and have a spectacular romantic vacation. If you’d like to learn more about visiting here, check out our articles on honeymoons in Greece, honeymoon packages in Greece, Santorini honeymoons, or Mykonos honeymoons!

Where is Greece Expensive? 

Expect to have an expensive trip if you go to the major tourist destinations in Greece, such as Mykonos, and Santorini. These areas are magnets for international travelers, and they come with a high price tag.

The biggest difference in prices comes with accommodations. Santorini is the mecca for honeymooners so you will find honeymoon suites for $500-$1000+ a night.

Mykonos is known for the lavish resorts and parties where grabbing a drink and relaxing poolside can come at a heavy price.

Even a simple gyro will cost you around $15.


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