Mykonos Honeymoons

Irrepressibly charming and exotically beautiful, Mykonos is a party hub of Greece. If you are considering Mykonos for your honeymoon, be prepared to lose yourself in dazzling nights of parties, secluded hilly terrains, quaint streets lined by thorny bougainvillea, the sublime backcountry tracks and of course, the sultry beaches fronted by the cerulean Aegean Sea.

When you two are done partying, step out to explore the isle and stumble upon its hidden gems.

Mykonos Honeymoon Quick Picks

  • Best Mykonos Honeymoon Hotel for Luxury: Mykonos Grand
  • Best Mykonos Honeymoon Hotel for Beaches: Portobello Hotel
  • Best Mykonos Honeymoon for Exclusivity: Myconian Imperial

Best Mykonos Honeymoon Hotels & Resorts

Mykonos has a lot of amazing hotels and resorts for honeymooners to choose from. Each hotel and resort sits close to one (or more) of the gorgeous Mykonos honeymoon. Plus, these hotels offer luxury amenities all wrapped up in the culture and hospitality of the Greek people. 

Check out some of these amazing Mykonos Honeymoon hotels and resorts.

Mykonos Blu

Graced with the Conde Nast Traveler – 2017 Reader’s Choice Award, Mykonos Blu is the perfect blend of leisure and adventure. Set on the world-famous Psarrou Beach, with a unique infinity pool and sauna, it’s surely the right fit for your honeymoon.

Enjoy romantic beach walks under the stars and pamper yourself with a variety of spa treatments. Be spontaneous and enjoy a 10% discount on your bookings and have the experience of a lifetime!

Mykonos Grand

Enjoy a luxurious, personalized experience in this small luxury hotel in Mykonos, selected as one of Europe’s best beach holiday hotels! The five-star beachfront Mykonos Grand is ideal for a romantic getaway.

Pick from a variety of packages to enhance your stay, ranging from offers as low as €1130! Engross yourself in the cultural experience with the Delos sightseeing kit of the historic Delos Island.

Saint John

Relish the experience of a lifetime in this tranquil splendid beach hotel and resort. Saint John is situated at an area of 20,000 square meter stretch of the exquisite Agios Ioannis coastline, the very same spot where Shirley Valentine’s movie was shot! From exquisite cuisine to impeccable service and hospitality, this is the perfect honeymoon and wedding spot for you.

Grace Mykonos

Take your romantic honeymoon experience to the next level with the tantalizing honeymoon suite of Grace Mykonos hotels and resorts.

Enjoy your very own terrace view opening towards the breathtaking Agio Stefanos beach, and a plunge pool available in both junior suite and deluxe rooms. Treat yourself to the luxury suite which comes with its own impressive perks and supreme service.

Belvedere Mykonos

Celebrate your happily ever after at Belvedere Mykonos, where you are offered a sea or a pool view depending on your preference. The light of Mykonos shines on cozy cocoons specially designed for the newlyweds to enjoy privacy and the beauty of the magnificent Island.

Slide through our tumbler screen and treat yourself to a concealed beverage center, along with a safe, drawers, vanity, and TV station!

Portobello Hotel

If you are a fan of the beaches, this hotel is the perfect fit for you where all the glorious beaches of the Island are under 20 minutes’ drive away! Reminisce under romantic sunsets and an awe-inspiring view of the Aegean Sea. The intimate setting of the Portobello Hotel is ideal for a personalized experience where you get to choose from rooms, suites, or a stand-alone 4-room villa!

The Myconian Imperial

The Myconian Imperial is one of the most exclusive hotels of the Mykonos, standing right above Mykonos’s longest fine sand beach in Elia! This adds to the natural beauty of the hotel, coupled with its regal white profile constituted of rustic stone walls extending to the depths of the water.

Enjoy the vast stretch of sea and the sky combined with our luxury spa, entertainment decks, pools, and gourmet restaurants.


Owing to its location just several minutes from the center of Mykonos town, this luxury hotel offers an incredible panoramic view of the entire Island right from the comfort of your room!

Take in the natural beauty of the island along with the awarded infinity pools and delicious food. Like the Facebook Page of Vencia Boutique Hotel and get a 10% discount on your booking!

Myconian Villas

Enjoy a five-star Villa Collection burrowed into a hillside above Elia Bay, taking in the essence of the Mykonos beauty with a personalized five-star immaculate service from the dedicated staff of Myconian Villas.

With a remarkable view of majestic mountains and the Aegean in a 360 panorama, coupled with an entertainment deck, bars, saltwater infinity pool, and gourmet restaurant, this hotel is sure to give you a truly memorable honeymoon.

Rocabella Mykonos

If you are a person who enjoys staying within your comfort zone and relishes a laid-back, slow-paced atmosphere, the Rocabella Mykonos Hotel is the perfect fit for you.

Offering a true bohemian experience, with a genuine and simple atmosphere, your honeymoon will be full of bliss and joy. Enjoy authentic Greek cuisine along with relaxing luxury spa services.

Kourus Luxury Boutique

Founded in 1994, Kourus Luxury Boutique Hotel and Spa is one of the leading vacation spots in the Greek Islands and is considered a jewel of modern architecture and tradition. It was completely renovated in 2018 by a well-known French designer Fabienne Spahn.

Your comfort and relaxation are ensured, along with an idyllic honeymoon experience.  Book now and be a part of our Kouros Members Club offering exclusive discounts!

The Harmony Boutique Hotel

The Harmony Boutique Hotel is your home away from home! Offering a minimalistic luxury with an exquisite location by the old port of Mykonos, this hotel represents an ideal local folk architecture, with rambling alleys and cube-shaped houses.

It is delicately detailed and discreetly incorporated into the natural landscape. It is in the heart of tourism and architecture with quality shopping, nightlife, and quality dining.

The Yiannaki Hotel

The Yiannaki Hotel will give you an authentic taste and feel of Greek culture and architecture. Painted blue and white and resting peacefully over the hill overlooking the bay of Ornos, you can enjoy your day in the fine sand beaches and nights out in Mykonos town.

You will be pampered with excellent luxury service and facilities while taking in the beauty of the beaches located just 200 meters away.


True to its name, the Delight Boutique Hotel is the perfect blend of joy, pleasure, satisfaction, and bliss! An excellent service with a warm and cozy environment awaits you.

This comfortable luxury Hotel is located at Agios Ioannis Bay, opening up to the beautiful and majestic Island of Delos. The name and architecture of the hotel are derived from rich Greek history, promising to give you an authentic Greek experience on your honeymoon.

Mykonos Bay

Enjoy your honeymoon in the heart of the Island of Winds – Mykonos. Situated right on Megali–Ammos beach, the Mykonos Bay Hotel brings the nightlife and adventures of the Mykonos town to your disposal, while also ensuring your comfort and relaxation through a variety of luxury services.

Enjoy the minimal architecture and beauty of the hotel coupled with a view of the Aegean Sea, Queen Saraya’s favorite isle, and the famous windmills.

Mykonos Honeymoon Packages

view of ocean in mykonos

5 Night Mykonos Package

Spend 5 nights at Kivotos Mykonos. The property overlooks its own private beach and is tucked into a rocky slope. Honeymooners can expect a suite in the 39-suite property, a private pool, an open-air jacuzzi, three restaurants and a bar. A few days at Kivotos Mykonos hotel will instantly relax honeymooners.

mykonos landscape

10 Night mykonos and Greece Cruise

Spend 10 nights with Blue Parallel creates private, tailor-made journey around Grecian islands. Honeymooners can expect world heritage themes, outdoor adventure, delicious cuisines and white glove service. The tour will begin in Athens and explore Argolida, Adamantas, Santorini, Amorgos, and Mykonos.

mykonos seaside

10 Night Mykonos, Santorini and Athens Package

Spend 9 days exploring Greece and Mykonos, two of the most beautiful parts of the country. In Mykonos, honeymooners can expect scenic windmills and nightlife then trips to Athens and Santorini. Experience culture, art, history and adventure on this magical tour of the enchanting country of Greece.

Planning Your Mykonos Honeymoon

There are a few details to nail down as you begin planning your Mykonos honeymoon. You’ll want to figure out the best way to get to Mykonos when to visit Mykonos, and how long to stay. A lot of those details will be determined by your budget and schedule, but you can get started with some good answers and advice below.

How to Get to Your Mykonos Honeymoon

You have three options to get to Mykonos; by plane, by boat, and on a cruise ship. The airport is located about 4km from the main town. 

You can get aboard on a ferry or a catamaran from the Greek mainland. If you want to reach the aisle in style and enjoy the spectacular surroundings at the same time, we suggest you book a cruise ship tour.

When to Plan a Mykonos Honeymoon

Every couple wants to enjoy privacy on their romantic retreat. If you want seclusion, pleasant weather, and warm waves, the months of September and October offer the best conditions. Springtime, just before the summertime holiday rush, is also an excellent time to visit. 

The season is mildly cold, and rates are affordable. Avoid going in June, July, and August as it is the high season and prices are skyrocketing.

How Long to Stay on a Mykonos Honeymoon

Sprawling in the heart of the Cycladic complex, the cosmopolitan island has a lot to offer. From merrymaking, sunbathing, and having fancy dinners to gazing at its ivory architecture, spending halcyon days at villages, and exploring sublime coves, give yourself at least a week to tour the town before heading to other Greek islands.

What to Do on Your Mykonos Honeymoon

After all the logistics are planned, it’s time to start planning the daytime activities for your Mykonos honeymoon. The good news is there are plenty of amazing adventures and experiences throughout Mykonos.

Here are some of the amazing things and activities you must do on your honeymoon to Mykonos:

Visit Little Venice

Famous for its quaint two and three-story medieval houses standing against the aquamarine backdrop of the raging sea, Little Venice oozes of alluring romance and an air of nonchalance. 

It will only take you a few minutes to reach the picturesque destination from Fabrika bus station. Walk to the whimsical windmills and run down the stairs down to the edge of the sea. From there, witness the most exalting sunsets of the world together.

See the Windmills

Built by the Venetians in the 16th century high on the hills, the windmills, locally known as Kato Milli, are the first unique thing you will notice about the town. The iconic Mykonos windmills are 16 in number and even though they are no longer used to grind grains, the locals remain absolutely fond of them. 

When you approach the scenic spot, you will understand its reverence. From there, you can go down to Little Venice or stay to watch the sundown.

Visit the Panagia Paraportiani

Referred to as the Byzantine jewels, the whitewashed church of Panagia Paraportiani is an awe-inspiring site in the olden Kastro district of Chora. The church dates back to 1425 but its construction was completed in the 17th century. 

It features four ground-level chapels and one situated above them. One of the chapels is open to the public for visitation.

Go Scuba Diving

Book a scuba diving tour with GoDive Mykonos and plunge into the salty waters of the Greek island. The sessions are conducted by PADI instructors and all the equipment is provided. Get aboard and explore the underwater gems of the Aegean Sea. You will come across shipwrecks, and colorful and flourishing reefs in Kalo Livadi, Agia Anna, Lia Bay, and Tragonisi caverns.

Tour the Ancient City of Delos

The birthplace of Apollo and a former religious center, Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage spot famous for its significant archaeological sites. The small isle is uninhabited and is about 30 30-minute boat ride away from Mykonos. On your trip to the ancient town, visit the marvelous ruins of Doric temples, crumbling marketplaces and houses, an amphitheater, and the renowned Terrace of the Lions statues.

Go Shopping Along Matogianni

Are you ready to splurge on luxury? The shopping spree will be the most adventurous one of your lives, and perhaps, the most expensive one as well. Matogianni Street houses designer boutiques, lavish accommodations, supreme bars, and art galleries making it a hot spot for shopaholics and art enthusiasts.

Catamaran Tour

Hop on a high-speed catamaran from Mykonos and explore the surrounding islands and coves. From Ornos Bay, travel to Delos, Rhenia, and several other unspoiled beaches and coastal inlets. Experience the sunsets, summery skies, and azure waters.

Best Mykonos Honeymoon Beaches

When you are in Mykonos, you obviously have to explore the world-famous beaches. And it won’t be hard to do! The beaches around Mykonos are both gorgeous and fun, so they are a must see. 

Here are a couple of great options you might want to check out on your Mykonos honeymoon. 

Platis Gialos Beach 

The long, sandy beach is quite crowded mostly with tourists and families. It is probably not the most ideal beach for couples, but it sure offers beautiful sights of the sea. 

Swim in the lukewarm water and frolic among the waves, and when you are tired, have some fresh seafood and cocktails in one of the many cafes by the beach. You can access the beach by taking the bus from the town. The drive is 15 minutes long.

Paradise Beach

Located 6km from the town, the festive beach is renowned for its parties, loud thrashes, and evening gatherings. After the sun has drifted off, you will be able to hear the loud from miles away. You can readily access the beach by a ferry from Platis Gialos Beach or by bus from Mykonos Town.

Psarou Beach

Psarou Beach is more on the affluent side. Boasting upscale apartments, hotels, and restaurants, come to the beach if you are willing to splurge. It is about 5 km from the main town.

A Mykonos honeymoon is a great option for honeymooners looking for something a little different but still beautiful. You’ll find everything from lazy beach days to lively entertainment, and even some historical and cultural masterpieces. So, what are you waiting for?

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