How Much Are Viking River Cruises? 2024 Pricing

You can experience some of the world’s most spectacular scenery from an entirely new perspective by taking a river cruise. Imagine spending the evening aboard a stylish Scandinavian longship watching the sun set behind the ruins of an ancient German castle, or witnessing Paris light up from the comfort of your veranda on the Seine.

While a river cruise may seem expensive at first glance, they can be an economical, comfortable, and fun way to see entire regions without spending a ton of money on trains, rental cars, hotel rooms, and meals. 

Couples considering extended travel through Europe might be especially interested in checking out river cruises. Viking operates tours of rivers across Europe, as well as the Mekong Delta in Southeast Asia, the Nile River in Egypt, and a portion of the Mississippi in the United States

So, how much are Viking river cruises? Are Viking cruises expensive? The cost of Viking River cruises varies by location and length. Here’s a brief summary of the Viking river cruises 2023 cost for different locations.

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The Viking Longship Odin near the city of Budapest on the Danube River.

How Much Is a Viking River Cruise in Europe?

Most of Viking’s river cruises follow the many rivers that weave through Western and Central Europe. Here is a simple breakdown of Viking’s European river cruise costs:  

  • Danube River: You can book a tour of the Danube River starting at around $3000 for 8 days. Other tours ranging between 11 – 23 days start between $4700 – $9800. 
  • Rhine River: There are several trips along the Rhine available, ranging from 8 – 23 days. The least expensive tour, from Amsterdam to Basel, crosses 4 countries over 8 days and tickets start at $2700.  On the other end of the scale, 23-day long tours start at $9800 with a slight increase in price around Christmas.
  • Elbe River: A 10-day journey from Berlin to Prague along the Elbe River will cost at least $4100. Tickets are slightly more expensive during Christmas.
  • Main River Cruises: The longest tributary of the Rhine, the Main River offers several journeys along channels that cut through quaint European towns. 1 or 2-week tours start at $3000 and $5000, respectively. The Main River’s longest tour, the European Sojourn, is 23 days long, cuts through 8 countries and incorporates part of the Rhine and Danube rivers as well. Tickets start at $9800. 
  • Douro River: 10-day tours of the Douro River take you through Portugal’s wine country. Tickets start at $4300. 
  • Seine River: 8, 12, and 15-day tours from Paris start at $3800. A special 12-day tour from London to Paris in celebration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day is available in 2024 starting at $9400. 
  • Moselle River: 12-day cruises along the Moselle River are available with various itineraries from Paris costing between $4000-$5000. 
  • Rhone River: 1 or 2-week tours around France start from between $3400 – $7200. A 2-week trip from the south of France to Amsterdam starts at $6200. 

How Much Are Viking River Cruises in Asia?

Viking cruises in Asia begin in northern Vietnam in the city of Hanoi. From there, they follow the mighty Mekong into Cambodia, visiting the ancient temples outside of Siem Reap along the way. Passengers enjoy the peaceful countryside and experience the excitement of Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh, before re-entering Vietnam and wrapping up your journey in Ho Chi Minh City. This tour is 15 days long and tickets start at $6500. 

How Much Are Viking River Cruises in Egypt?

The 12-day river cruise of the Nile begins and ends in Cairo, Egypt. As you snake your way through the country you’ll see ancient pyramids, visit museums, meet local artisans, and shop in the bazaars. Tickets are priced from $7400. 

How Much Are Viking River Cruises on the Mississippi?

Routes between New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis, and St. Paul are available for 8, 12, 15 or 22 days. Tours along the Mississippi River are a new addition to Viking river cruises, with the first cruise having made its debut in the summer of 2022. 8-day tours start at $5600 while 22-day tours start at $26000. 12 and 15-day tours are priced somewhere in the middle, between $6100 and $17,800. 

How Much Are the Special Viking River Cruises?

In addition to its regular cruise schedule, Viking also offers specialty cruises through Holland and Belgium during the famous spring tulip season and during Christmas. 10-day tulip season tours are between $4100 and $4800. 8-day Christmas tours begin at $3400, while Viking’ longest Christmas cruise, a 12-day journey from Paris to Zurich, starts at $4800.  

Finally, Viking’s two River and Ocean Voyages consist of a journey through Norway’s breathtaking fjords and into the rivers of Western Europe. The 15-day Rhine and Viking Shores and Fjords tour starts at $7500 for 15 days, while the 22-day Grand European and Viking Fjords tour costs at least $10,300. 

northern lights in Norway for honeymooners
Northern lights (aurora borealis) illuminate the sky over Reinfjorden in Reine, on Lofoten Islands, Arctic Circle, on September 8, 2017. / JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP/Getty Images

Viking River Cruise Deals

Viking provides opportunities throughout the year to save a little money on tickets with special offers like the Viking River Cruise 2 for 1 Sale, last minute Viking river cruise deals, and Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. 

**Right now until April 30th, 2023, you can take advantage of free airfare, reduced rates, and an ultra-low $25 deposit for their 25-year anniversary sale.**

What’s Included in the Viking River Cruise Cost?

While river cruises don’t come with all the bells and whistles of ocean liners, your Viking river cruise ticket covers pretty much all the other expenses of your trip apart from spending money. If you want to see multiple cities and sites in Europe, a river cruise can be a cheaper alternative to train or air travel. River cruises can even be cheaper than driving through Europe.

Are all meals included on Viking river cruises? Yes, they are. Viking river cruise costs include your stateroom plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. Beer or wine is included with lunch and dinner, and you can get free coffee and tea 24 hours a day. 

How much are Viking river cruise excursions? They are actually free. Land excursions at each port of call are included as well as entrance fees for UNESCO sites and lectures and performances. (However, there are additional optional excursions for a fee.) 

If you travel with Viking Air, ground airport transfers are included as well.  

On-board amenities vary by cruise ship but can include a library, pool, hot tub, observation deck, walking track, and even a putting green. 

What Determines the Cost of a Viking River Cruise Ticket?

There are a number of factors that can determine the final cost of your ticket such as the length of your cruise, the time of year, and where you’re going. By far the largest influence is your stateroom and accompanying amenities. 

The most affordable cabin option onboard Viking River Cruises is a standard stateroom, priced at around $375 per night. Deluxe staterooms provide amazing views thanks to panoramic windows. Deluxe staterooms and rooms with French balconies or a veranda are around $530 per night.  

Suites come with a separate lounge area and larger verandas. Veranda suites start at around $960 per night. Viking’s best accommodation, the Explorer Suite, features a French balcony off the bedroom, a wrap-around veranda that encircles the sitting room, and a heated mirror and floor in the private bathroom. These seriously luxurious suites will run you over $1000 per night. 

If you want to spend a few extra days in Europe either at the beginning or after your cruise, you can purchase trip extension packages directly through Viking River Cruises. Trip extensions include ground transfer to the hotel, meals, and a dedicated host to streamline your check-in process. Occasionally, trip extensions will also include an excursion, or you can purchase an excursion if one is not offered. Prices vary depending on which city you’re visiting and how long you want to extend your trip. 

Speaking of excursions, Viking offers free excursions at every port of call and additional optional excursions for an added cost. These day trips are usually more immersive and hands-on; think dance classes or wine tastings. Optional excursions cost between $55-$210. 

You also have the option of purchasing Viking River Cruises’ all-inclusive Silver Spirits drink package for $20 per passenger per day. Considering cocktails start at around $8.00, the Silver Spirits package might be a worthy addition to your ticket if you plan on drinking more than just beer or wine at dinner. 

What Is the Average Price of a Viking River Cruise?

All in all, the average price of a Viking river cruise will range between $2000 – $8000 per person. If you’re flexible in when you can depart, consider going in the off or shoulder season, and check the website for specials like last minute Viking river cruise deals. They also sometimes offer Viking river cruise 2 for 1 sales.

Now that you know all about how much Viking river cruises cost, are you ready to plan one? For the easiest experience and best deal, consider working with a Viking river cruise travel agent. They know these routes better than anyone and can help you find the tour that suits your budget and has everything you’re looking for. 

If you’re not sure whether Viking is best for you, check out our articles on other river cruise operators: Viking vs. AmaWaterways, AmaWaterways or Avalon, Uniworld vs. Avalon, and Uniworld vs. Tauck.

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