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Cute Luggage Tags Perfect For a Honeymoon

There’s nothing worse than having just gotten off a long flight, sitting at baggage claim as the suitcases go around the turnstyle, when you think you see your bag — only to see that there’s another bag just like it! Which one is yours? Will someone mistakenly pick yours up thinking its theirs?

This is especially needless while you’re on your honeymoon! You want to get on to your adventure! Plus, who are all these people who don’t even realize you’re on your honeymoon! YOUR HONEYMOON?? Okay you get it. Maybe it’s just me, but I wanted everyone to know I was celebrating.

Luggage tags can be a great way to quickly identify your baggage or communicate your contact information in the unfortunate event it should get lost in the shuffle. We found some great options for luggage tags that are perfect for screaming “Just Married!” and celebrating with your favorite travel buddy.

First, let’s start off with the classic, Mr. & Mrs. These are perfect for you and your sweetheart, or great as a gift to the future bride and groom!

I love these clear tags! So modern and fun.

Clear Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags

These have such a classic, rustic feel. So on trend for many of the more natural weddings vibes we’ve been seeing. These would be a great gift for any bride and groom.

These beautiful tags are engraved in birchwood.

For the classic bride and groom, these leather tags provide a timeless look and feel.

Leather Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags

Next, take it up a notch with these personalized options. I love these because there will be no mistaking just who these belong to. Plus, they’re great for not only your honeymoon, but for all your future adventures! When you’re a few years down the road, you can look at your luggage tags as a reminder of that first trip you took together as husband and wife.

This bear tag is so darling. Whether you’re a wildlife lover, taking a honeymoon to Colorado, or just love a cute graphic, these are a great option.

Personalized Wooden Luggage Tags

These have such a rustic feel to them, like they’ll last as long as your love! Okay maybe not that long, but it will last you for many trips to come.

I love the minimalist, stamped look of these leather tags on the left. The gold stripe gifts it a modern, fun detail! On the right, we see a truly unique and solid set of tags! These would make a perfect gift, sure to last a long time.

I also love the compass detail on this personalized option. Great for any vacation, but truly perfect if you’re heading on a honeymoon cruise!

Compass Personalized Luggage Tags

For you international travelers, you can even get a personalized matching passport case! There’s something very pulled together about having matching luggage tags and passport cases. That’s a level of togetherness I’ll only ever strive to have — but you can have it here!

These tags are a sweet way to remember the proposal and share the news with everyone! I love that the message varies on each, between “I asked, she said yes!” and “He asked, I said yes!”, with a different message on the back that says “and now we’re on our honeymoon!” So cute.

These sweet tags are a great reminder of the wedding vows.

To Have and To Hold Luggage Tags

For that cheeky friend, this would be such a fun gift for a bridal shower!

Hands Off I’m Taken Luggage Tag

These tags are perfect for your fairy tale ending…

Happily Ever After Luggage Tag

In life, it’s not where you go, but who you travel with.

At my bridal shower, I remember my sister asked what I was most excited about with regards to getting married. I remember telling her I was most excited for the adventures we would have together. It has been a wonderful adventure for sure!

Adventure Luggage Tags

Adventure Luggage Tags

Aren’t these wooden, engraved luggage tag designs darling? A great gift idea, especially if the person you’re buying a gift for is yourself.

Another lovely gift for those about to embark on their honeymoon! Some roads are not meant to be traveled alone.

I love the idea of a location specific luggage tag. Whether you’re heading there on your honeymoon or you want to remember your first trip together, these are a great option!

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Thursday 7th of February 2019


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.