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How to honeymoon in Antigua

Antigua is one of the two major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda and is a very popular destination for honeymooners. The area is populated with coral reefs, sandy beaches, romantic sunsets and plenty of adventure. If you’re looking to escape to a Caribbean island to relax after the stress of a wedding, Antigua is a perfect choice.  

Is Antigua safe?

Currently, the US doesn’t have any immediate travel advisories or restrictions for Antigua. This means that American citizens can be comfortable making travel plans to the scenic island. Because of excessive damage from Hurricane Irma, there is a travel advisory for the neighboring island of Barbuda, so if you’re headed to the Caribbean, stick with Antigua. 

streets of antigua honeymooners

6 Night all inclusive stay at curtain bluff

Spend 6 nights at the Curtain Bluff. This resort hotel can be found on the southern tip of the island on Curtain Bluff Peninsula. Honeymooners can expect two beautiful white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and plenty of relaxation and entertainment. Curtain Bluff is perfect for honeymooners who expect more than just the sun and sea.

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7 Night jumby bay private island honeymoon package

Spend 7 nights at Jumby Bay Island, Oetker Collection. This 300-acre private island is surrounded by white sand beaches and tropical foliage. Honeymooners can expect splendid accommodations, top notch dining, a renown spa and plenty of relaxation. This is perfect for those looking for privacy, luxury and a unique celebration.

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8 day antigua and barbados honeymoon package

Spend 8 days sailing to Antigua and Barbados on a wonderful cruise. The Royal Clipper is the largest sailing cruise ship in the world and honeymooners can expect private pampered service, all inclusive meals, use of watersports equipment, onboard entertainment and beautiful views to wake up to every single morning.

Tips to stay safe in Antigua: 

While honeymooning in Antigua is considered safe, there are always travel precautions to take. 

  • Use the safe: make sure to leave your valuables like wallets, passports and jewelry in the hotel or resort safe in your room. That way if anything happens, you haven’t lost the important islands that are expensive and can get you in and out of the country. 
  • Let your hotel call the taxi: the resort or hotel that you’re staying at will know which cab and taxi companies are safest to use. It’s easy to call down to the front desk and have them arrange a ride for you, to ensure safety.

Best time of the year to visit

The best time to visit Antigua is from May to November, which is the island’s off-season. Rates are definitely cheaper and although there is a small threat of hurricanes, weather typically doesn’t get higher than 80 degrees. Antigua is not a Spring Break destination, but in April, there will be a steady cruise crowd until the end of April. 

Romantic accomodations in Antigua: 

Jumby Bay Island

If you’re looking for over the top luxury, Jumby Bay Island is two miles off the northeast coast of Antigua. The small private islet is the perfect place to soak up the beautiful sun and soft white sand. The vistas are beautiful and top-notch service makes sure that honeymooners will feel secluded, private and relaxed. The octagonal cottages, wraparound terraces, and outdoor showers are all great amenities. These combined with the land and water sports, three pool and three sit-down dining venues make sure that honeymooners will feel spoiled. 

Hermitage Bay

This boutique, all-inclusive resort is on Antigua’s secluded western shore. The beautiful sunset panorama views from the private bungalows are romantic and breathtaking while all of the property’s 30 rooms face the ocean and have outdoor showers and flat-screen tvs. The on-site restaurant receives continually high reviews and their honeymoon packages, includes aromatherapy services and exotic tea tastings. When visitors are not relaxing in their room or at the spa, they can also enjoy complimentary activities like scuba diving, windsurfing and kayaking. 

Galley Bay Resort & Spa

Galley Bay has 98 guest rooms and suites that feature premium views of beautiful water and white sand. The adult only property has private rooms with private balconies or patios. If you’re in the Gauguin Suite,  which has a private pool and is close to the resort’s lush lagoon. The property has three fine dining restaurants, a beach grill, a coffee shop and multiple bars. The on-site spa is also relaxing and a great place for honeymooners to relax. 

What to do on your Antigua honeymoon

  • Swim with stingrays: A speedboat can take you out to a coral reef where stingrays swim and feed. The crystal clear water is beautiful and feeding the stingrays is a fun activity to do on your honeymoon.
  • Zipline through the jungle: Ever wonder what flying through the jungle treetops feels like? This is a great way to find out. 
  • Visit Shirley Heights: This spot has beautiful views over the English Harbour. Shirley Heights is a former military complex and now it’s a perfect place to watch the sunset. 
  • Relax on a secluded beach: Antigua has 365 beaches and the crystal clear blue water across the island is a great place to relax. 
  • Turner’s Beach Bar on Turner’s Beach: After all the hiking, swimming and ziplining through the jungle, this island beach bar is a great spot to unwind. It has a beautiful view of the island of Montserrat and they even serve dinner. 

Regardless of where you stay or what you do, Antigua is a beautiful place to vacation and honeymoon. The multitude of all inclusive resorts on the beautiful island make sure that honeymooners are pampered and relaxed. If you’re looking to honeymoon at a beautiful island destination, Antigua is a great option.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.