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Honeymoon Guide to Seychelles

One of the most romantic places on Earth, Seychelles nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a beautiful little haven. Honeymoon in Seychelles is on the minds of all the people in love seeking a vacation. Imagine sun-kissed shores, cerulean waters as far as the eye can see, private resorts, delicious food, adventures and all that you wish to enjoy with your partner.

Off the shores of Africa, an archipelago of 115 islands, each blessed in its own way each offering delightful experiences, peruse Seychelles honeymoon guide to make the most of your vacation.

Things to do in Seychelles

Relax: Seychelles is breathtaking. Once you are here, you will forget the chaos of cities and feel relaxed. Fall in love with the place as much as with your partner
Explore: There is a lot to explore, every island has its own specialty. Praslin Island, Mahe Island, La Digue, Fregate Island, Cousine Island, Bird Island are the place you must check out.

Sightsee: Blessed by nature, Seychelles sights are an unrivaled natural beauty. Churches, national parks housing endangered animals and exotic birds are the things to do definitely check out.

Shop: A unique black pearl, a unique memory for the honeymoon, shop for one at the island country. Shell jewelry, rich Creole art & crafts, handcrafted glass are some interesting things to shop for.

Try out adventures: Snorkelling, Scuba diving, fishing, and sailing are the water adventures. Hiking, camping, and trekking are some land-based activities.

seychelles rocks are a romantic view for honeymooners

7 day stay at raffles seychelles honeymoon

Spend 7 days at the Raffles Seychelles. This beautiful property features eighty-six villas, some of the most spacious in the Seychelles. Honeymooners can expect a private plunge pool and outdoor pavilion to soak in views of the ocean, white sand beach and lush green hills.

sea of seychelles for honeymooners

8 day seychelles yachting serenade honeymoon package

Spend 8 days on a Seychelles Yachting Serenade. Honeymooners can expect onboard meals, complimentary specialty restaurants, fine wines, and premium spirits throughout the ship. If honeymooners are looking for relaxation, beautiful ocean views and adventure, this is it.

romantic seychelles sunset for honeymooners

15 day tour of kenya tanzania and seychelles package

Spend 15 days on an exclusive Kenya, Tanzania and Seychelles Private Tour. Honeymooners can expect to experience some of East Africa’s most luxurious safari accommodations with in the tropical paradise of Seychelles. There is also an option to take hot-air balloon rides or horseback safaris.

When to visit Seychelles on a honeymoon

Throughout the year, there is no off-season for the paradise. Even the rains are beautiful enhancing the beauty of the island country.

Why choose honeymoon in Seychelles?

Seychelles honeymoon packages offer one of the most romantic vacation in the world and a little bit more. Create memories which you cherish your lives in the beautiful island country.
You and your partner are in for a memorable time and here are the reasons.

• Beautiful throughout the year
Seychelles is a tropical paradise south of the Equator. The weather is blissful throughout the year. There are never extremities in temperatures, even the rains and add to the bliss on your romantic vacation in Seychelles.

• Paradise-like beauty
Recently discovered by tourists, Seychelles still retains its natural beauty and is perfect for a honeymoon vacation. The crowds have yet not been here so you can enjoy your private time.

Seychelles is a paradise comes from the fact it is a sanctuary for some of the rarest species of flora and fauna on earth. The islands are home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the World’s largest raised coral atoll Aldabra and Praslin’s Vallée de Mai once believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden.

Why we compare the island to a paradise, also comes from the visual pleasure. White powdery sands lead to turquoise waters. Shady palms sway in the breeze, hiding secret coves and bays. The forests are full of life and a great place to explore. The crystal clear waters are blessed with a vast undiscovered marine world. Simply put, Seychelles is nothing less than a sanctuary for lovebirds.

• Diversity in every form
The diversity of Seychelles we are talking about includes the landscape, culture, food, music and everything. The diversity means you will be never lacking in options. The landscape has pristine shores home to thriving marine life to untouched rainforest teeming with wilderness. You can laze on the shores or wear appropriate gear to explore the marine world or the forest.

If you think of culture, there is not one but a mix of three delights. Same goes for food, Seychellois cuisine is a mix of English, French, Creole cuisines, with exotic fruits and fresh seafood on the platter. You taste buds will have a gamut of options. Diversity, a miscellany of choices is a good reason to plan a honeymoon in Seychelles.

• Luxury accommodations
Private island resorts are found in abundance in Seychelles. Enjoy the pleasures of 5-star luxuries on your honeymoon in Seychelles. Floating cottages, pampering services, a buffet of extravagance, enjoy a stay in a haven. Earlier the island was a private honeymoon destination for celebrities from all over the world, and now it can be your destination for a romantic vacation with your loved one.
Fun filled activities is a good reason to choose Seychelles as your honeymoon destination. You and your partner can go scuba diving and snorkeling and witness the underwater diversity. There are dive centers throughout the island for both experienced and novice divers. You can also re-do your wedding vows in the marine world.

Sailing is both a romantic and convenient way to explore and view all the islands of Seychelles. Yachts, catamarans, and monohulls are available in abundance which you can hire at economical costs.

The hills in the inner vicinities of the island also do not lack in fun. Hiking, trekking, cycling are exhilarating and in the company of your partner, you can actually have a wonderful time. For the best memory of your holiday, do explore the utopian forest which is a habitat to the erotic Coco de Mer, well-known as the love nut.

An out-of-the-world fantasy, plan your honeymoon in Seychelles and make your dream come true.

About Author: Rekha Bisht is a travel enthusiast who loves to visit the most popular as well as offbeat places of the world. She loves to share her travel experiences with fellow travelers. If you want to plan your holidays to India or opt for international tours, follow her write-ups.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.