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Honeymoon Gift Basket Ideas

A honeymoon gift basket is a great idea to give to a couple when they are getting married. Not only are there several practical things they are going to need, but you can have a small part in making their first trip as a married couple be a little more special and carefree.

When considering honeymoon gifts, think of a mix of personalized gifts, practical gifts and fun gifts and maybe even a gag gift or two to make for a perfect package.

Keep in mind if your couple is traveling directly to their honeymoon they may be limited in luggage space. Keep your gift to a reasonable size. Also, if they will be headed directly for the airport, do not give them bottles of champaign or other drinks since they can be a pain to pack, especially if the couple already has their honeymoon luggage packed.

Practical Honeymoon Gifts

One gift that any couple will appreciate is cash or gift cards to help them out financially on their honeymoon. Check to see if they have registered for anything honeymoon related. They may even have a honeymoon registry showing exactly what they are looking to do on their honeymoon.

Paying for a special romantic experience like couples massages, a night in their hotel or a nice dinner will be something they remember a lot longer than a set of silverware.

Send them away with snacks. Avoiding hanger will help every couple enjoy their honeymoon. Find out some of their favorite snacks that they can enjoy during the plane ride or during their honeymoon.

We always travel with gummy bears, dried mangos, peanut m&ms, and meal bars. They give you some level of control while you travel and may not have control over when you eat. For example, you may be jet-lagged and want to eat at 4 pm when restaurants are closed in Europe or are waiting for a popular restaurant with a long wait and need a few bites to hold you over.

Honeymoon Night Gifts

We all know what takes place on honeymoons. A honeymoon gift basket won’t be complete without something to acknowledge that.

You can keep it tame with a relaxing bath bomb for unwinding after the wedding. A massage bar from Lush or some massage oils along with some scented candles to help them create a DIY spa atmosphere. Matching robes make a great gift but can also take up additional luggage space while they may be provided by the resort they are spending their honeymoon in.

For the wedding night, you can give all sorts of gifts. There are straight forward gifts like lube, sex dice, condoms, sex toys or a do not disturb sign.

Things don’t all have to be practical. Consider a few practical gifts that will make the bride and groom laugh.

Beach Honeymoon Gifts

The majority of honeymoons go to the beach. sunscreen, aloe vera lotion and matching Mr & Mrs flip flops. You can send the gift basket on a honeymoon beach tote they can use during their trip.

Personalized Honeymoon Gifts

Mr and Mrs or bride and groom personalized gifts are perfect for the honeymoon. Not only will they have them as keepsakes to remember their honeymoon whenever they use them, but it lets everyone else know it is their honeymoon. This brings opportunities for upgrades and freebies by people looking to make their trip a little special.

Here are just a few personalized honeymoon gifts you can find easily online.

  • Bride and groom t-shirts
  • Personalized beach towels
  • Just married flip flops
  • Personalized Mr & Mrs. Yeti Tumblers
  • Honeymoon Passport Holders

Travel Related Honeymoon Gifts

Honeymoon or not, there are plenty of small gifts that will make traveling go smoother. If they will be on a long flight and especially if it is overnight, send them along with a travel pillow, earplugs, and a sleep mask so there is a slight chance they will be able to sleep on the plane.

Some other travel essentials I recommend are external battery chargers that will make it easier for the couple to keep their phones charged and plastic covers for their phones to keep them dry.

Some other things we travel with that would make sense in a honeymoon gift are spay hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes for the plane and remote control in your hotel room, snacks, moisturizer, and mints.

Is there anything you wish you would have brought on your honeymoon that would be perfect in a gift basket? Let us know below!