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Visiting Disneyland Paris as a Couple

So after you have seen the Eiffel tower and spent some time in the Louvre, consider making your way to Disneyland Paris for a fun day together.

Where is Disneyland Paris Located?

Most couples visiting Paris will find Disneyland Paris easily accessible by metro.

The park is located about 20 miles east of Paris in Marne-la-Vallée. The closest metro station to Disneyland Paris in Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy, which is right outside the gates of the park.

Depending on where you are coming from you will likely take your closest metro line to connect with the RER line, costing a total of 5€ and taking around 40 minutes to an hour.

How Long To Spend in Disneyland Paris

If you are Disney obsessed and want to ride every ride, you will need 2 days in Disney, but for most people, 1 day will be fine to split between both parks.

We arrived at 10 am and left at 7 pm, having ridden most of the rides.

We actually recommend arriving later in the day so you can last till 11 pm to catch the fireworks show.

We are also saying this before the Avengers Campus has opened, which will add to the time you need to see everything.

This is our personal opinion based on the fact that we are okay missing some of the rides and attractions, and because we just do not have the energy anymore to go a full 10-11pm day in the park.

With that in mind, the perfect day for us would be arriving around 1pm and staying until the park closes. This will get you on your first ride by 2. Soon the families will be leaving to give the kids a chance to rest and you can last until well into the night.

One other thing I will say is that Disneyland Paris lacks the variety of food and drinks we see at the US parks, making it less attractive to stick around longer.

Things To Do For Couples At Disneyland Paris

There are plenty of things for couples to do at Disneyland Paris. Here are some of our favorites.

Ratatouille – You can’t miss the Paris original, Ratatouille. This is a 4D dark ride that simulates being shrunk down to the size of a rat. You’ll race through Gusteau’s kitchen on a wild adventure.

Pirates of the Caribbean – This classic ride has been updated with Jack Sparrow and a bit more of a “splash” than the Pirates of the Caribbean rides at the US Disney parks.

Disney D-light – This is a special nighttime event includes spectacular drone light choreography that illuminates the sky over Sleeping Beauty Castle as if by magic, followed by the spectacular Disney Illuminations.

Disney Illuminations – This is the nighttime spectacular at Disneyland Paris. You’ll want to make sure you see it before you leave.

Go for a Horse-Drawn streetcar ride down Main Street U.S.A.

Sleeping Beauty Castle – See the stained glass windows & have a wonderful view on Fantasyland.

Have a break with a tea time moment at the Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant.

Dine at Bistrot Chez Rémy where you can feast on French-inspired cuisine while Remy from Ratatouille scurries around the restaurant. You’ll want to make a reservation for this ahead of time.

Ride It’s a Small World – This is a classic ride that has been updated with Disney characters from all over the world.

What To Pack For Disneyland Paris

We took a small backpack and refillable water bottles into the park, sunscreen and a few snacks. Unfortunately we did not find it very easy to get water at Disneyland Paris like we did at any other Disney park. I know they want to make sales from water, but the priority at other parks seems to be keeping people hydrated. So you may want to take a few extra bottles of water.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.