Working With a European Travel Agent

Romantic hotspots like Rome, Paris, and Barcelona are why Europe has been a top honeymoon destination for newlyweds for years. It’s full of stunning vistas, beautiful architecture, and fascinating history, plus it’s well-connected so you can easily spend time in multiple countries on a single trip. 

It can be difficult to decide which European country to visit, how long to spend in a particular region, or even how to get around. Add in the challenge of not speaking the language and the overwhelming amount of things to do, and suddenly your romantic European honeymoon is more stress-inducing than stress-free. 

A European travel agent can help. Rather than going it alone, here are some reasons to consider working with a European travel agent to plan your perfect European holiday. 

Why Use a European Travel Agent?

A European travel agent makes planning your trip to Europe fun and exciting. They have expert knowledge and take all the guesswork out of planning, plus they can save you money. 

European Travel Agents Can Score You Better Deals

No matter how good of a deal you manage to find on your own, a European travel agent can top it. They are privy to exclusive deals and discounts that aren’t offered to the public. 

They can do things like find you a luxury room at a much better rate than you’d get on your own, or help you save money on airfare, transportation costs, and activities. Using a European travel agent can really maximize your budget.

European Travel Agents Can Get You Perks

Everyone wants to be spoiled on their honeymoon, and when you work with a European travel agent, they’ll likely sweeten the deal with perks like a flight or room upgrade or a luxury airport transfer. 

These deals aren’t always offered unless you ask for them specifically, but it’s an industry standard so don’t be shy! 

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You Will Benefit From Their Priceless Advice

Knowing what you want is one thing; learning how to get it is another story. European travel agents have spent lots of time traveling, living, and/or planning trips in the areas they specialize in. Their expertise can be a huge help when it comes to planning what to do and where to go.

Trips to Europe can be especially hard to plan because of the overwhelming amount of information out there. It’s hard to narrow it all down. European travel agents know where to go for the best weather, nightlife, beaches, shopping, food, art, etc. Just tell them what kind of European experience you want to have and they can make it happen.    

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European Travel Agents Offer Service and Convenience

European travel agents are at your service to make your trip more memorable and enjoyable. Their assistance doesn’t end when your booking is finalized. If anything goes wrong on your trip, your European travel agent is just a phone call away. 

After the strain of planning a wedding, don’t you deserve to have a stress-free and relaxing honeymoon? Letting a travel agent take the reins frees you from all the hassle of planning and dealing with everything on your own.

How to Select a European Travel Agency

If working with a European travel agency sounds right for you, here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to selecting one. 

Find Out About Their Experience and Knowledge

Before deciding on which European travel agency to work with, it’s important to have a good understanding of their services and expertise. What kind of experience do their agents have? 

Try to find one that aligns with the type of trip you want to have. Do they specialize in luxury holidays, or do they cater more to couples looking for an adventurous honeymoon

You should also look for reviews online so you can see what previous clients have to say.

Interview Potential European Travel Agents

If you’re considering hiring a European travel agent, arrange to interview them either over the phone or via Zoom. Come prepared with questions and don’t hesitate to ask whatever comes to mind.

If you don’t have a destination in mind, you can describe your perfect trip to them and ask what their suggestions would be. 

Verify Training and Credentials

Any European travel agent that you work with should have the appropriate credentials. A degree or diploma in tourism or hospitality is nice to have, but you’ll want to look for some kind of travel advisor certification. 

The most widely recognized travel agent credential is with the International Air Travel Association. Look for the abbreviation IATA somewhere on their website or in their email signature.  

When You Don’t Need a European Travel Agent

While a European travel agent can be a valuable resource, not everyone will need their services to plan their ideal trip. If you’ve traveled to Europe before and can speak any of the local languages, or if you know exactly where you want to stay and what you want to do, a European travel agent might not be necessary. 

However, it may be worth it to speak to a European travel agent to see if they might be able to save you money, or offer any perks or extras that you can’t get on your own.

European Travel Agent Recommendations

Ready to find the best European travel agent for you? We can help. Our expert travel partners have years of expertise in top honeymoon destinations all around the world.  Here are some top suggestions to help you plan your perfect European vacation.

Mike Salvadore

Mike Salvadore has spent years living in and traveling throughout Europe. He’s especially experienced in Greece, Italy, and France. He is one of the best Europe travel agents to contact if your plans include the Amalfi coast or Santorini.

He has all 5-star reviews and five years of experience. Along with Italy and Greece, he has also traveled to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, England, Scotland, and Ireland, making him one of the best Europe travel agents to consult for a multi-destination trip to Europe.

Patty Coffey

Patty specializes in travel to both France and Ireland, but she’s also the go-to European travel agent if you’re looking to visit Croatia.

Having traveled through France often and spent a lot of time in Paris, she’s able to provide plenty of expert advice on the whole country. With her assistance, you can start planning your dream Paris honeymoon Immediately.

Patty has all 5-star reviews and 25 years of experience. She also specializes in luxury travel.

Dan & Michelle Bagby (HoneymoonAlways creators)

Want to visit Portugal? Work with us! 

Having lived in Portugal for over a year, Dan and Michelle are experts on the country and are happy to help you get the most out of your trip to this beautiful country.

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