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How To Plan Your Elopement in Joshua Tree 

If you are dreaming of having a casual, simple, and more intimate wedding, surrounded by your favorite people and breathtaking landscapes, saying “I do” in the remote, gorgeous Joshua Tree National Park is a fantastic idea. 

Continue reading to find out more about the venues, officiants, florists, catering options, and how to plan your special day in one of the most secluded and romantic spots in the US. 

Joshua Tree Couple

Where to Elope in Joshua Tree

While eloping in Joshua Tree National Park means you should give up the dream of a big wedding with floral arches, amplified music, and never-ending lists of guests, there are many stunning spots to get married. And they all promise couples an unforgettable fairy tale romance. 

Couples who want to have a small but memorable wedding have The Joshua Tree House as a fantastic venue option. Located near the west entrance of Joshua Tree National Park, the 1940s desert hacienda is an artistic Californian paradise that welcomes up to 6 people. Promising a cozy and stylish stay, the homey place also offers amazing opportunities for hiking, climbing, and stargazing the desert days away. 

Not only will you have a chic gathering to celebrate your new life together, but you can also indulge in relaxing moments full of romance. Imagine being surrounded by over 100 Joshua trees while watching the sunrise from the front porch, unwinding by the indoor fireplace, or stargazing from the hot tub. 

Indian Cove Amphitheater

If you want to say “ I do” in the middle of nature, but your list of guests is longer, the Indian Cove Amphitheater is for you. The place welcomes you with magnificent panoramic views, impressive towering rock formations, and enough space for more than 20 people. 

Indian Cove is a breathtaking elopement wedding destination, with the largest bird population within the park and majestic hiking opportunities. And, if you want your guests to enjoy a few days in the park with you and your loved one, check out the best Airbnb rentals in Joshua Tree or glamping spots.

Choose Your Officiant 

Once you decide on your venue, you should start looking for an officiant. Fortunately, there are plenty of local officiants who can guide you toward saying “ I do.”

The Vow Keeper, Charlotte, is a great option not only to officiate your wedding, but she is also a local renowned for having a lot of useful information and great resources about the logistics of getting married in Joshua Tree Park. Another well-known local officiant is Celene, an ordained, non-denominational wedding minister, a fantastic choice whether you are looking for an alternative or traditional ceremony. 

And, if you are looking for a personalized ceremony with a native touch, such as smudge sticks made of lavender and white sage, Charlie, another ordained, non-denominational minister, is your person. He would be more than happy to meet with you, find out all about your romance tale, and create a ceremony having your experience and words in mind. 

Enhance Your Ceremony: Opt for a Great Florist

You might be dreaming of a small, elopement wedding, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create the beautiful atmosphere you desire. And the Joshua Tree florists are there to help you with styling your venue. 

The Bloomin Gypsy promises couples stunning high-end floral styling, while Niche Hitch specializes in horticultural stylings for weddings and elopements, creating unique and out-of-the-box arrangements, 

Another fabulous choice is Cactus Flower, offering not only dreamy ceremony flowers, but also superb bridal bouquets, floral cake decorations, and more.

Joshua Tree Catering Options

Whether you want a small celebration or an elopement wedding for yourselves and the family members, good food enhances a good mood. 

Luckily, Joshua Tree welcomes you with fantastic catering firms, and 

SOHO Taco is one of them. 

Founded in 2009, SOHO Taco was born from the desire to provide breathtaking memories to all who celebrate special moments. If you want a unique menu at your wedding, opt for delicious tacos, made with high-quality ingredients using clean-yet-sophisticated recipes by experts with years of experience and culinary training. 

Or, if tacos aren’t your first choice, Harvest Kitchen GastroTruck is another perfect choice for couples who want to party all night fueled by a mouthwatering experience. With vibrant, seasonal, and creative dishes, Harvest Kitchen promises newlyweds outstanding tailored services to match their wedding dreams. 

Useful Advice

If you want to get married in Joshua Tree, you need a Special Park Use Permit, and the wedding application is $120. However, depending on the size of your wedding, additional fees might be required. What is more important is that to be certain you are covered for your wedding day, you must obtain proper permits as early on in the planning process as you can. 

Last but not least, make sure you choose your date wisely. While a summer wedding sounds like a fairy tale, try to avoid getting married in Joshua Tree between May and August, since the heat might be insupportable. Instead, plan your elopement wedding around Spring, Fall, and Winter. It will be sensational!