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Dinner For Two At The Grand Lux Cafe

Have you heard of the new restaurant concept from The Cheesecake Factory? I saw a sign for the Grand Lux Cafe when I was at The Domain a few weeks go and was invited for a complimentary dinner last week to check the place out along with their newly added menu items.

Impressive bar at the Grand Lux Cafe

With a name like the Grand Lux Cafe, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Grand Lux gave the impression that it would be fancy and elegant. Cafe makes me think of casual and in reality, it sits somewhere in the middle. When compared to the Cheesecake Factory, there are many similarities but it has a more contemporary upscale vibe.

Open kitchen

Similar to Cheesecake Factory, the menu was several pages and had something for everyone, including new additions like Baked Rigatoni, “Nashville Hot” Chicken, several salads and a lot more.

We especially appreciated the non-alcoholic drinks, in fact, it was the largest non-alcoholic drink selection I can remember seeing.  I had the Berry Fizz, a blend of berries and Spite and soda.  Michelle had the raspberry lemonade.

I think the best part of our experience was the service.  Kyle was our server and was extremely knowledgeable helping us navigate the menu. He quickly steered us to the dessert section.

Almost everything is made in-house with several items made to order, taking up to 30 minutes for the dish to come out fresh. We went with the New Orleans Beignets for me and the Molten Chocolate Cake for Michelle. The beignets were delicious, plentiful and my favorite part of the meal.  They were served with chocolate sauce, Creme Anglaise, and a raspberry sauce.


Backing up, we started our meal with the Asian Nachos.  The appetizer menu has a huge variety, anything from quesadillas to calamari to the recently added Poke Tacos.

Looking at our entree options, once again there were tons to choose from.  My eyes were drawn to the seafood and the “Grand Casual Cuisine” section of the menu.  Additionally, there are burgers, including the newly added Brie and Bacon Burger, salads, steaks, and pasta.  I went with the Salmon Three Ways and Michelle went with a salad.  They have several new salads including the Cashew-Honey Kale, Quinoa and Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Pear and Strawberry and the Little Italy Salad.  She chose the Fuji Apple Salad with chicken.

Overall, we had a great experience at the Grand Lux Cafe. Beyond the food and amazing service, it was nice to see a few Austin touches like the large patio where dogs are welcome.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.