Are River Boat Cruises for Old People?

If you’ve been looking for a cruise vacation for a special trip or honeymoon, you may have noticed us recommending a number of river cruise operators.  River cruises typically have a reputation for being aimed at the older generation, but we’re here to tell you that river cruises can be enjoyed by people of all … Read More

Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Cabins and Suites

When taking a Virgin Voyages cruise, you will probably be too busy having fun to spend much time in your room. However, at some point, you will need to rest and recharge. If you are planning a cruise on Virgin Voyages’ second ship, then you will have plenty of cabins and suites on the Valiant … Read More

Virgin Voyages Fleet: An Inside Look 2023

The Virgin Voyages fleet is small, but it is making waves in the cruise industry. With a sleek design and unique approach to how travelers experience their cruise, it’s no wonder the brand is quickly becoming a favorite among cruisers. Unlike other cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian, Virgin Voyages doesn’t have a … Read More

Virgin Voyages vs. Celebrity: Which to Choose?

If you are having trouble choosing between Virgin Voyages and Celebrity Cruises, then a good way to decide is to consider what type of vacation you are looking for. Virgin Voyages has a unique way of cruising that offers an adult-only experience with an emphasis on music, health and wellness, and great food. There are … Read More

Virgin Voyages vs. Carnival: Cruise Lines With Big Differences

When comparing Virgin Voyages to Carnival, not only will you see that the number of vessels in their respective fleets is different, but the atmosphere and experience onboard the two vary greatly. In this article, we will discuss the differences between Virgin Voyages vs. Carnival, so you can decide which cruise line is the best … Read More

Virgin Voyages Food Guide: You Won’t Leave Hungry!

Food is an exciting and important part of the cruise experience, as it is on any vacation. Knowing that, the Virgin Voyages team takes a different approach from other cruise lines when it comes to dining. On board Virgin Voyages ships, you’ll find a variety of casual and fine dining restaurants, but you won’t find … Read More

Valiant Lady vs. Scarlet Lady: Comparing Virgin Voyages Ships

Since first setting sail in 2021, the adults-only cruise line Virgin Voyages has been determined to redefine the luxury cruise experience. Virgin Voyages made a wave in the industry with their first ship, the Scarlet Lady. Featuring a sleek design, chic bars, gourmet restaurants, and Rockstar suites, it’s easy to see why Virgin Voyages’ first … Read More

Should You Work With an AmaWaterways Travel Agent?

AmaWaterways is one of the most well-known names in the river cruise industry. With cruises ranging from short 4-night jaunts to epic 49-night tours visiting 15 European countries, they have offered river cruises in Europe, South America, South Africa, Egypt, and Southeast Asia since 2000.  Upscale staterooms, gourmet dining, and one-of-a-kind experiences make a river … Read More

Virgin Voyages vs. Royal Caribbean: How Do They Compare?

When you compare Virgin Voyages vs. Royal Caribbean, there are several key differences as to the type of experience they offer. Royal Caribbean is a multi-generational cruise line that has activities for all ages. Virgin Voyages is a young cruise line that caters to adults only and offers eccentric experiences tailored to their guests. When … Read More

Avalon vs. AmaWaterways River Cruises 2023

Romantic river cruises show you Europe’s most scenic views from the comfort of a luxury ship. Smaller and far less crowded than ocean cruise liners, river cruises provide the laid-back atmosphere you want on a couples’ getaway or honeymoon. Plus, on a river cruise, you get to visit a variety of destinations without having to … Read More

Rhine vs. Danube River Cruise: Which One Is Best?

River cruises are a great choice for a European honeymoon or a romantic getaway. Medieval ruins, hillside farms, and dramatic cathedrals make for a scene straight out of a storybook, and Europe’s rivers are full of fascinating stops. There are several rivers that crisscross Central Europe, so deciding which one to tour can be tough. … Read More

Avalon vs. Viking River Cruises: Comparison 2024

River cruises are a fun and alternative way of touring places like Europe, the Amazon, and Asia. A lot of people associate river cruises with an older crowd. However, they have exploded in popularity in recent years and you can now find a pretty even mix of age ranges on board. River cruises offer the … Read More

Uniworld River Cruises Dress Code

Uniworld River Cruises are a great choice for anyone looking for an exciting cultural getaway or honeymoon. They provide river tours all across the globe, with trips in Egypt, Peru, India, Asia, and Europe, among other places. If you’re interested in going on one, you’re probably wondering, what is the dress code for Uniworld River … Read More

Uniworld Cruises for Young Adults

Think river cruises are just for retirees? Think again. Uniworld cruises for young adults are here to revolutionize the way millennials experience Europe.  U River Cruises by Uniworld offers week-long cruises for young adults along Europe’s riverways. Their itineraries are made specifically for a younger audience and include fun theme nights in stylish lounges, active … Read More

Are River Cruises Kid Friendly?

Today’s honeymoons and romantic getaways look different for everyone. Many couples with children choose to include them in their vacation plans.  A popular vacation type is a river cruise, a common choice for many types of couples. Whether you’re looking for a tour across Europe, to explore the rivers of Southeast Asia, or to remain … Read More

Norwegian vs. Carnival: Which Is Best?

Having trouble deciding which cruise line to take for your honeymoon or next vacation? Well, that really comes down to what kind of experience you’re hoping to have. In this article, we will compare Norwegian vs. Carnival cruise lines, two of the best cruise lines for adventure lovers looking for a fun-filled getaway, to help … Read More

How Much Are Viking River Cruises? 2024 Pricing

You can experience some of the world’s most spectacular scenery from an entirely new perspective by taking a river cruise. Imagine spending the evening aboard a stylish Scandinavian longship watching the sun set behind the ruins of an ancient German castle, or witnessing Paris light up from the comfort of your veranda on the Seine. … Read More

Can You Bring a Vape on a Cruise Ship?

Public smoking rules are fairly well-known, but laws governing vaping can be a bit more confusing, especially on board cruise ships. Can you bring a vape pen on a cruise ship, and if so, are you allowed to take a quick puff wherever you want?  Can I vape on a cruise? Yes, you can vape … Read More

Cruise vs. All-Inclusive Resort: Which Is Best for You?

When planning your honeymoon or romantic couples’ trip, you may be trying to decide between a cruise vs. all-inclusive resort vacation. There are pros and cons to each, and it can be tough to choose which is better, a cruise or an all inclusive resort. In this article we’ll compare cruise vs. all-inclusive resort vacations … Read More

How Much Is a River Cruise? Destination Comparison

River cruises are great for those looking to take a romantic getaway or honeymoon . But how much is a river cruise? The truth is, the cost of a river cruise can vary widely depending on the itinerary, destination, cruise line, and stateroom you choose. To help you out, here are river cruise cost ranges … Read More

Large cruise ship docked at a pier under a clear blue sky, featuring a black hull with golden ornamental designs and a yellow emblem.

Why Are Disney Cruises So Expensive?

There is no doubt that Disney cruises offer the vacation of a lifetime, but why are Disney cruises so expensive? If you compare a Disney cruise with other cruise lines, the prices are significantly higher. We have researched why this is the case and have come up with a few reasons. Read on to learn … Read More

Viking vs. AmaWaterways: River Cruise Comparison

If you are looking to go on a river cruise, you have more than likely come across both AmaWaterways and Viking. These river cruise operators are similar, which can make it difficult to decide which one is best. In this article we will compare them to see which is better, Viking or AmaWaterways, for your … Read More

Uniworld vs. Viking: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Uniworld and Viking are two incredibly popular cruise lines often considered for a honeymoon, family vacation, or romantic couples’ trip. But is Uniworld or Viking better for you? In short, it depends on what specifics you’re looking for! This article will help you decide which is the best cruise line for your trip. We’ll share … Read More

Can You Bring Weed on a Cruise?

With many states and some countries relaxing their laws about marijuana use, you might be wondering if you can bring weed with you on your next cruise.  Can You Bring Weed on a Cruise Ship in the U.S.? So far, 23 states have legalized weed, including California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Alaska. These … Read More

Swingers Cruises: All You Need to Know 2024

An adults-only cruise that focuses on sexy play and erotic exploration is also called a “swingers cruise” or “lifestyle cruise.” For many couples, these types of cruises can be a fun adventure and a way to spice things up. A swingers cruise isn’t just about swapping partners and having sex. There are also lots of … Read More

Do Underwater Cruise Ship Rooms Exist?

Cruises are some of the best ways to experience new destinations and cultures with ease and comfort. Staterooms and suites on most ships offer similar amenities as you would find at a nice hotel or resort. But have you ever wondered if there are underwater cruise ship rooms? It’s a fair question, as one could … Read More