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Top 10 Cancun Wedding Resorts & Planning Guide

Are you considering getting married at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun? Yeah, it’s romantic, but do you envision yourself saying “I do” on the beach, under a gazebo, or even on a sky terrace? That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the greatest all-inclusive resorts in Cancun for your upcoming wedding!

beachfront wedding

Our professional wedding planners will give you the inside scoop on everything wedding-related in Mexico. Get your love journey started on the right foot!… You can start by looking at the top Cancun wedding packages listed below. The following list includes both family-friendly and adult-only all-inclusive resorts. Are you ready to find the one for you? Dig in!!!

Breathless Riviera Cancun

Breathless is an all-inclusive, adults-only resort located on Cancun’s sandy white beaches that provides its visitors with luxury facilities such as spas, gourmet restaurants, and open bars. Wedding packages are available and include decoration and set-up items, photographic services, and other vital aspects to help you plan the perfect wedding. A 5-star all-inclusive adults-only resort on Puerto Morelos’ gorgeous Petempich Bay.

In addition to world-class spa treatments, Breathless visitors may take advantage of ten gourmet restaurants and ten different bars. This resort offers a variety of spectacular wedding-related packages, including ‘the last fling before the ring’ (bachelorette), Indian wedding packages, vow renewals, honeymoon packages, anniversary trips, and more! Here is one of my favorite wedding packages at this hotel for the sake of this essay. ‘The Eat, Drink, and Be Married’ – $3599 USD Prices are subject to a modest fluctuation for up to 25 people. Over 25 visitors are considered excess.

Dreams Riviera Cancun

Dreams hotels have been praised across the world for organizing some of the most romantic destination weddings ever! Experience “Unlimited-Luxury,” an AM Resorts-exclusive concept. Unlimited premium spirits, unlimited a la carte cuisine, 24-hour room service, and more are available. Sports, games, and a kids’ club are among the things provided to keep the youngsters entertained. Dreams Riviera Cancun even offers special pricing for visiting the resort before or after arranging your destination wedding. It allows you to do your own site inspections of the various venues and meet one-on-one with the wedding team stationed at the hotel to ensure the big day proceeds successfully. Dreams Riviera Cancun is known for providing absolutely exquisite weddings, and its beach wedding venue includes beautiful elements such as a gazebo, lobby staircase, and ocean rooftop. Wedding ceremony packages come with a preacher, help setting up the wedding, a wedding cake, makeup for the bride, and other services. Wedding package “Dreams of Love”-$2799-$3199 USD up to 20 people. Prices may change based on the season you book. Over 20 visitors are considered excess.

Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun

When having a wedding at the Fiesta Americana, you will be immersed in rich Mexican culture as well as opulent comforts. Visitors can stay in garden, lagoon, or beachfront accommodation at the resort. There are wedding packages that include furniture and decorations, a music system, sparkling champagne, a traditional wedding cake, and other perks. The Corazon is a popular wedding package at this resort for couples. Prices for up to 50 guests begin at $6,425.

Haven Riviera Cancun

Are you looking for a romantic, peaceful, and private location along the Mexican Caribbean? Haven Riviera Cancun is an ideal location for your destination wedding. Prepare to be astonished by its exquisite design and captivated by the panoramic ocean views. Experienced wedding planners, exceptional group pricing, and a stunning free bridal suite are all available here. This resort will become a small slice of heaven to which you will want to return year after year. The Haven Riviera provides a tranquil, romantic, and isolated environment to assist in creating the ideal atmosphere for a vacation wedding. In its wedding package, the resort provides ocean views, expert wedding planners, a complimentary bridal suite, an audio system, and other amenities. Wedding Package ‘Tie the Knot’-$4999 up to 20 people.

Panama Jack Cancun

This opulent resort is bordered by sandy beaches and provides all-inclusive wedding, honeymoon, vow renewal, and anniversary packages, some of which are complimentary. The Panama Jack Resort lies in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone, adjacent to some of the city’s most popular attractions. The wedding package includes a wedding specialist’s professional services; hairstyling, manicure, pedicure, and cosmetics for the bride; a furnished beach location; beachfront gazebo, rooftop, or chapel; and more. Panama Jack’s Cancun sits smack dab in the middle of Cancun’s hotel zone, near to all of the region’s biggest attractions. It’s all-inclusive and ideal for families. Guests of all ages will be impressed. Beachfront yoga, cooking courses, live music, mini-golf, and a water park with slides are among the activities available. ‘Luxurious & Opulent Package’-$4169 for up to 25 people.

Sandos Cancun

Sandos Cancun is located on one of the nicest beaches in the Riviera Maya and is the ideal wedding site. Because Sandos Cancun is all-inclusive, the resort provides everything you (the bride and groom) and your guests require for an unforgettable beach wedding in a tropical paradise. Choose from three distinct wedding sites for your wedding ceremony, including our famed white sand beach and a huge rooftop terrace with ocean views and seating for up to 300 people. The compact Penthouse terrace overlooking the Caribbean Ocean, hotel zone, and lagoon is ideal for smaller wedding groups. Sandos provides all you need for the ideal, one-of-a-kind Cancun vacation wedding. Seaside Bliss is one of their most popular wedding packages. This bundle has a starting price of $5,750.

Occidental Costa Cancún

The Occidental Costa Cancun offers a low-cost destination wedding in Mexico. This four-star hotel on the Caribbean Sea stands out for its excellence and all-inclusive resort, which will make your stay unforgettable. The cuisine of the Occidental Costa Cancun hotel is diverse, with four restaurants on the property. It also has a lobby bar, which is ideal for individuals who wish to unwind while listening to live music. A wonderful swimming pool, a fitness center and spa, daytime and nighttime activities, and a kids’ club for the little ones are also available. The Occidental Costa Cancun offers luxury and comfort in a magnificent setting, as well as an amazing experience. Weddings at Occidental Costa Cancun are reasonably priced. Plan your beach wedding in gorgeous Playa Linda.

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood provides its guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll get a star-studded stay with Hollywood artifacts, themed events, and luxurious facilities. The resort’s all-inclusive experience features four pools, luxurious rooms, a cutting-edge fitness center, and a world-class spa. Do you want to go all out for your destination wedding? Who wouldn’t want the greatest of the best? I’d recommend STAR Class since it includes A-list services such as a top suite with spectacular views, 24-hour Virtual Personal Agent Assistance, and your choice of beverages and nibbles in your room upon arrival. The Love Wedding Package from Planet Hollywood $3,999 with 30 extra guests: $80 each for adults and $40 each for youngsters.

Royalton Riviera Cancun

The Royalton Riviera Cancun is a new, contemporary-designed hotel with modern services and big rooms. It offers both a kid-friendly and an adults-only section, so it will satisfy all of your visitors’ wishes and needs. Certain accommodation types may accommodate families of up to five people. There are several pools, activities, and sports to keep you entertained throughout the day. There are also nine eateries on-site. There are nine specialty restaurants. Your children’s guests will like the fact that there is a kids’ club, a teen club, and nightly entertainment with live music. Wedding guests can choose the Hideaway sector, which ensures that not only the accommodation area, but also the beach club and select pools, are child-free. Refined Wedding ‘4900 Up to 20 visitors are permitted. With the inclusion of notary costs, the refined wedding package may be transformed into a civil ceremony.

Wyndham Alltra

The Wyndham Altra is a magnificent resort nestled on Cancun’s stunning beaches. This hotel provides couples with breathtaking ocean views, world-class amenities, and exceptional service. You’ll have access to a private beach, swimming pools, and excellent dining options. There is also a range of activities to keep you entertained, such as beachside yoga or mini-golf. Lavish & Opulent is one of their most popular wedding packages. For up to 20 people, the starting price for this package is $4,640 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wedding in Mexico typically cost?

It varies according to the area and the services provided. In Mexico, most couples spend between $2000 and $5000 on their weddings.

When is the ideal time of year to be married in Cancun?

December! The weather is pleasant, and the resorts are festively decked for the holidays.

Is an all-inclusive wedding less expensive?

Yes! A wedding in Cancun costs on average $5500! All-inclusive wedding packages include food and beverages for the reception as well as lodging and resort facilities. You may get it all at a lower price!

Benefits of Getting Married in Cancun

Tying the knot in Cancun Mexico is an experience of a lifetime and one that you don’t get every day. Here are some of the perks to having a destination wedding in Cancun and things you can do while you are there.

1. Beautiful Beaches – Cancun offers miles of beautiful beaches, soft sand, and turquoise waters. Not only is the place perfect for weddings, but also honeymoons.

2. Breathtaking scenery – While exchanging vows in Cancun, you won’t have to worry about floral arrangements and the ceremony’s décor. Your natural wedding will be unforgettable beautiful as you will experience crystal waters, shimmering sand, and swaying palms.

3. Perfect weather – If you choose your destination wedding in Cancun during the right season, you will experience sunny days on end. The place brags of perfect all-year-round tropical climate and temperatures. This means you can have your dream wedding by the beach even in winter. 

4. Delicious Cuisine – Cancun is home to some of the best chefs in the world. They will blow you away with whatever you crave for. The food will be a remarkable experience for you and your guests.

5. World-class resorts – you won’t find lackluster hotel rooms in Cancun. The resorts are elegantly beautiful and polished. To top it up, they are all-inclusive and perfect for transitioning from wedding to honeymoon.

6. Affordable Rates – Destination weddings in Cancun are big on romance, fun, and beauty. Surprisingly, you won’t have to worry much about leaving a dent in your pocket. Traditional wedding prices are on the rise. However, Cancun offers a great alternative as many resorts have complimentary and low-budget wedding packages. In addition, you wont have to travel to get to the honeymoon since you can stay in Cancun!

The Cost of a Wedding in Cancun

Cancun has for years been the most beloved wedding destination in Mexico. All this is for a reason. It boasts of the best of Mexico’s nightlife and the resorts also offer exceptional services all at a modest price.

beachfront wedding setup in Mexico

Some people shy away from destination weddings, citing budgetary reasons as the main cause. However, they are cheaper in comparison to a traditional wedding. For example, you might spend $5-7k for a destination wedding, yet the average cost of a traditional wedding in the USA goes for $35,329. That is a lot of money saved. What other reason would you give for not having a memorable wedding?

When it comes to wedding packages, all requirements are included. The essentials include; symbolic ceremony on the beach, a private cocktail before the ceremony, a private buffet dinner on the beach, a reception area, wine for the toast, wedding cake, open bar, and DJ. Generally, most all-inclusive packages offer that but they may vary from resort to resort. 

It is important to note that the accommodation for guests is not included.

The difference between a $5,000 wedding and another for $10,000 is details such as ultra-luxurious suite accommodation, live music for the ceremony, premium drinks and romantic candlelit dinner for a night of your choice, among others. Basically what you get depends on the resort of your choice and what you can negotiate.

Let us look at the average price breakdown for a wedding in Cancun

  • $6000 average for an all-inclusive wedding package (includes accommodation for 5-7 nights)
  • $250-$450 per person for flights from the USA
  • $100 for transport to and from the airport
  • $50 gratuities
  • $500-$3000 for wedding extras. These can rise quickly depending on the changes you make

Legal vs. Symbolic Wedding in Cancun

When it comes to choosing between a legal and symbolic wedding in a destination, you need to choose what best fits for you. Not all destinations are equal. But before that, what is the difference between a symbolic and a legal wedding?

A legal wedding ceremony is when you follow the laws and legislations of that particular destination. You receive your wedding certificate from the area authorities. This type of wedding requires more as it involves more paperwork, a judge, extra fees and frequent blood tests. When you opt for this type of wedding and return home, you will have to present the legal paperwork to the local licensing bureau so that your marriage license can be filed

On the other hand, a symbolic wedding is not recognized legally. This type of wedding makes up 80% of destination weddings. The groom and bride visit their local courthouse or clergy and file the license before traveling. This makes them legally wed before they jet off. This makes an easy and smooth destination wedding.

The best part of all is that guests never get to know the difference. All weddings are the same, apart from the license.

A legal ceremony in Cancun must be performed by the judge. Other than that, an STD test is required. For a symbolic wedding, there is no legal bearing. It is carried out by a non-denominational minister, wedding coordinator, relative or family friend. The bride and groom then receive a symbolic marriage certificate but without a legal license.

When to Get Married in Cancun

When scheduling a wedding, more so a beach wedding, you ought to try as much as you can to steer clear of challenges like bad weather, complicated booking, and low vacancy. You could also be prioritizing aspects like beautiful venue, suitable hotel packages, and flights. Above all, you want your guests to be comfortable.

The best period to plan your wedding in Cancun is from the last days of October, going on to the first few days of December. This is mainly because of two reasons. Low season and perfect weather. 

November has been for a long time regarded as the best month for carrying out a destination wedding in Cancun. The natural lighting during this period is picture-perfect. However, you need to consider that the Revolution Day Memorial in Mexico is celebrated during the third weekend of November. To avoid any inconveniences, you have to make any bookings for this particular week at least one year before.

These other factors will help you choose a great time to get married;

  • Prices go exorbitantly high in December
  • The months of January and February are high season. Wedding dates may not be requested so much because December is close. You might, however, get fair prices
  • Easter also has conducive weather but chances are high that it could be crowded. This is among the most religious periods in Mexico. Churches do not solemnize marriages throughout this period.
  • “Cinco de Mayo” (fifth of May) is also a good option, but it is also a high season
  • July to September is the rainy season and June to November is hurricane season. In this period, you expect high humidity and hot temperatures. One thing to keep in mind is hurricanes in June and November are rare which is why November is still a highly recommended time to go.

Where to Get Married in Cancun

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