How Much Does it Cost to go to Bora Bora?

Whether you are organizing your yearly holiday or you are meticulously planning your honeymoon, and you want to have the ultimate escape in an exotic destination, Bora Bora is your answer… but how much does it actually cost to go to Bora Bora?

Surrounded by calm, turquoise waters, coral reefs, luxurious accommodations, and plenty of exciting things to see, the small but beautiful South Pacific island, located northwest of Tahiti, in French Polynesia is a dream destination for romantic couples. 

bora bora dock

Besides awaiting visitors with spectacular natural surprises, Bora Bora is also famous for its multitude of luxury resorts with many romantic bungalows perched over the water on stilts. But, before you start planning your trip, continue reading this article and find out more information about this gorgeous destination and its costs. 

Bora Bora Trip Cost Overview

Overall, a trip to Bora Bora for two should cost, with flights, meals, and accommodations, a minimum of  $6,000 for 5 nights.  A trip for $10,000 will get a package with flights and modest accommodations. Once you get to $12000 you start getting into the area of affording the iconic overwater bungalows and this only goes up from there.

How much does it cost to get to Bora Bora?

Bora Bora might be a well-known destination for honeymooners, but it is also a great spot for all people who want to be pampered on a paradisiacal island. Whatever the reason for your travels, expect to get to an exclusive and quite expensive place. With limited flights, all originating in Tahiti, getting to your romantic destination is not a piece of cake. But it’s not difficult either. 

The best way to save some good money is to book airline tickets early. The price depends on the seasons and, of course, your departure city. If, for instance, you are traveling from New York City, the flight to Bora Bora might cost from $1700 to $2,500 and up, depending on the month you choose.

But, regardless of your departure airport, first, you fly into French Polynesia’s Faa’a International Airport, at Papeete, on the main island of Tahiti. Air France, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, and Hawaiian Airlines are some of the major airlines that service the airport. From Papeete, Air Tahiti flies to 47 island airstrips. Once you arrive, collect your luggage, proceed through customs, and enjoy your transfer to Bora Bora on a small plane.

Bora Bora Resort Prices

Bora Bora is known for its amazing accommodations. There are many different options, and each one comes at a different price point. But this is great news, you can tailor your accommodations to your budget and your must-have list.

The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

Located only a few kilometers by boat from Mount Otemanu volcano, and set on a gorgeous lagoon, The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort awaits travelers with luxe tropical beachfront accommodations and unparalleled pampering. 

Beautifully decorated villas with relaxing lounges, private gardens, and decks with plunge or infinity pools promise to offer you the tranquility and luxury you desire. Most of the accommodations at The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort are beachfront, and one even comes with a private beach and a chef on request. 

St Regis Bora Bora Honeymoon Resort

But, if you want to offer yourself the ultimate indulgence, you can opt for the breathtaking over-water bungalows with gorgeous furnished terraces and glass panels with lagoon views. The cherry on top is that the butler service is free. Four amazing restaurants, a gym, a cool bar, an outdoor pool, and a deluxe spa are some of the lavish amenities you can enjoy at this resort. 

The prices vary, depending on your stay. The cost starts at $113 per night for the lovely Reefside Garden Villa to $568 per night for the sensational Overwater Royal Otemanu Villa. 

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

Set close to the well-known Bora Bora Yacht Club, Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is another fantastic option for your exotic honeymoon or romantic escape. 

The luxury resort is housed in a collection of thatched-roof bungalows on the Bora Bora lagoon, offering the perfect combination of comfort and spectacular views. The high-end but cozy bungalows have charming porches, relaxing lounge areas, and even private plunge pools. The luxury beachfront villas welcome guests with lush private gardens and outdoor pools.

Other amenities you can enjoy at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora are a Polynesian-style spa, a gym with regular yoga, a breathtaking infinity pool, and four outstanding Polynesian restaurants with open-air dining. 

The cost varies, depending on your stay and the type of accommodation you choose. If you prefer a one-bedroom beach-view overwater bungalow, you can pay $ 1130 per night. Meanwhile, the average price per night for a deluxe one-bedroom Otemanu overwater bungalow suite cost $ 4168. Keep in mind that these are average prices per night before adding the resort taxes. 

Bora-Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

Overlooking the imposing Mount Otemanu, Bora-Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa is a posh, but laid-neck islet guests can access only by boat. It is the perfect choice for honeymooners or romantic couples who want to indulge in privacy and seclusion. 

Honeymoon in Bora Bora

Gorgeous bungalows, with relaxing terraces, and spectacular lagoon and mountain views will welcome you at Bora-Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa. For special pampering, opt for one of the beach suites, with gardens, open-air bathrooms, and pools or Jacuzzis. And, if you want the most romantic stay, go for the overwater options with glass floors and superb furniture. 

Whatever type of accommodation you choose, you can also enjoy the resort’s fantastic eateries, cocktail bar, pool, spa, and diving center. 

The prices vary, depending on your stay and the accommodation type you chose. If, for instance, you want to stay in a garden villa and enjoy its pool, it will cost $840 per night. At the same time, a night in the deluxe Otemanu Overwater Bungalow cost start around $ 1134. 

Le Meridien Bora Bora

Le Meridien Bora Bora is another great option for your romantic escape. The chic island resort is overlooking the Bora Bora lagoon and Mount Otemanu and welcomes guests with stylishly decorated thatched-roof bungalows, that amaze all with their gorgeous terraces and lagoon views.

Whether you choose to stay in a villa and enjoy the plunge pools or you prefer the sensation given by overwater bungalows’ glass floors, your holiday at Le Meridien Bora Bora will be enhanced by the luxury amenities available.

A charming beachside eatery and an airy restaurant by the lagoon, an open-air bar, an infinity pool, a wellness area, and a turtle center are some of the things waiting for you at this high-end resort. 

Prices depend on your stay. You can pay between $880 for a beautiful beach villa and $1250 for an overwater end-of-pontoon bungalow, with sensational Mount Otemanu and Lagoon views. 

Bora Bora Food Prices

Whether you are eager to indulge in the local cuisine, or you prefer sticking to your usual favorite meals, food prices in Bora Bora might shock you as they can be higher than on some other island paradises. 

Many of the local dishes include pork, chicken, breadfruit, rice, sure potatoes, and local veggies and fruits like mango, bananas, papaya, and pineapple. Banana or papaya purees, for instance, are known as po’e, and they are the most popular dessert in Bora Bora.

Seafood lovers might not be in the right place since much of the seafood is flown in from elsewhere. While the waters of Bora Bora are rich, the locals prefer to just fish for themselves. 

Also, keep in mind that breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner. Dinner main courses, for example, can cost between $30 and $70, depending on your choice. 

Bora Bora Transportation Prices

Transportation around Bora Bora can be a little tricky. The island is small and that can cause some limits when it comes to transportation options, but there are still some options available.

Boat Shuttle Service

When you’re traveling to and from the airport in Bora Bora, you’ll most likely need to take a boat shuttle service. Fortunately, most resorts offer this service to their guests. If you’re staying at other types of accommodations, you might need to hire your own boat service. This will cost you between $50 and $100 per person.

Water Taxi

If you’re looking for an affordable and fun way to move between resorts or activities, then you might want to consider a water taxi. Most water taxis cost between $20 and $50 per person, but it will depend on where you’re going.

Rental Cars and Bikes

If you want to have a little more control over your travels around the island, then consider renting a car or bike. A car can be a little more difficult because there are few roads, but there are scooter and bike options available. 

Cars are the most expensive option and can range from $80 to $150 per day. Scooters get a little more affordable, costing between $40 and $60 per day. But the most affordable option is a bike. These only cost $10 to $20 per day.

Public Transportation

Bora Bora doesn’t offer a lot in terms of public transportation. There is no widespread public transportation system, but there are a few local buses. The downside is these buses are infrequent and unreliable.


Depending on the distance, walking can be an option. You’ll just need to do a little research and pre-planning to make sure the terrain is accessible on foot.

Bora Bora Activities Costs

When in Bora Bora you can enjoy a variety of tours. If you want something exciting, but you travel on a budget, you can begin with an almost three-hour bus or minivan Island Tour. The price begins at about $55.

Those who don’t have a certain budget can enjoy more expensive tours like a half-day catamaran sailing, snorkeling, and floating bar experience that lasts four hours and costs about $ 230. 

And, for visitors who don’t have to think about money, there are several luxurious tours available. For example, for about $4500 for up to six people, you can adventure into a private Maupiti day trip from Bora Bora by seaplane.

More Useful Bora Bora Travel Tips

After budgeting out the cost of your Bora Bora trip, there are a few other tips to consider. These tips can help you save more money and enjoy your time in Bora Bora.

Pick the Off-Season for Lower Travel Prices

With warm weather all year round, Bora Bora is always welcoming visitors. But, like any place, the island has its low season that you may want to consider when deciding when to visit Bora Bora

If you plan your escape from December to March, the cost to visit Bora Bora will be less expensive, however, you may get more rain and mosquitoes. Low-season travel begins November 1st and runs through the end of March.

High season, however, runs from May to October. During these months, resorts book up with travelers taking advantage of the beautiful weather, with some isolated rain showers. This can cause your Bora Bora trip to be much more expensive.

To keep your cost down without jeopardizing your experience, go to Bora Bora during the shoulder seasons, at the end of October or the beginning of November, or the end of March to early April.

Buy Alcohol for the Trip to Bora Bora

As you can see, prices are pretty high in Bora Bora. So, if you want to indulge in your favorite liquors during your romantic escape, consider buying duty-free alcohol from your airport of departure. And, if you don’t want to carry it on the plane, you can pay for it at the airport, and pick it up at your destination. 

If you don’t have time for duty-free shopping, make sure that, before going to the resort, you stop at a local supermarket to stock up, not only on alcohol but other drinks and snacks that will cost much more at your resort. 

Choose Lower Cost Transportation Around Bora Bora

Also, even if you are not a big bike lover, try giving it a chance while in Bora Bora. It is an amazing way to discover an island, especially one so small. 

Bora Bora is an island paradise, and it offers a lot of great resorts and activities for visitors. As you plan your trip, it’s a good idea to know how much you can expect to send. Now you can set a budget and look forward to beautiful beaches and exotic experiences.

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