Best Time of Year To Go To Bora Bora

While Bora Bora has a warm climate all year round, there is a variety of different seasons that may impact your choice of when to go.

May- October

This six-month period is the peak season and sees a lot of holiday-goers traveling to Bora Bora. European travelers are particularly fond of August. Temperatures in this season range from the upper 60s to the mid-80s. The climate is usually dry. Because it is peak season, hotel and accommodation prices are quite high. Keep in mind, Bora Bora is never really crowded since there are only so many hotel rooms and overwater bungalows.


Following the peak season, this is a suitable time for a trip to Bora Bora. Temperatures during this period range from the low 70s to the mid-80s and the accommodations are at an average price.


views of the ocean surrounding bora bora that honeymooners love

The climate can be quite irregular during this period. You never know what to expect. Sometimes, rain, and mosquitoes, of course, will characterize your day, while on other days, the sun will be bright and the sky clear. This characteristic keeps crowds away during this season. You might also consider this period if you are looking for a bargain. Temperatures are also comfortable, ranging between the mid-70s and mid-80s.


If you are big on snorkeling and scuba diving, then this is a great month to vacation in Bora Bora. The great weather during this month increases visibility in the water. The temperatures are between the lower 70s and upper 80s. Since it is right before the peak season, crowd numbers are low.

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Holidays in Bora Bora


New Year’s Day- This public holiday is celebrated all over the world. Most shops, restaurants, and bars remain closed this day. Expat-owned shops might be closed even for the entire December.

 Taurua Varua- This religious event’s date is changeable and might happen any time late January. It consists of three weekends.


Chinese New Year- The dates for this holiday are also changeable and held between January and February. It is celebrated by various Chinese families found in Vaitape for some days.


Missionaries’ day- This holiday, also referred to as Gospel Day, is celebrated on the 5th. It honors the coming of Protestantism over two centuries ago. The locals sing and dance in churches.

Orero Championship- The date for this holiday is changeable and is celebrated in mid-March. It is a competition of traditional singing held in Vaitape and winner later compete in Tahiti.


Easter- This Christian holiday is held between March and April and lasts for 4 days. Some facilities remain closed for the entire period. 

Miss and Mr. Bora Bora- This a beauty contest that is held in early April at Vaitape.


Tahiti Pearl Regatta (7th to 13th) – This festival is a sailing race where all types of canoes, boats, and yachts participate.

Victory Day (8th) – This is a holiday celebration when World War II ended in Europe.

Ascension Day- It is held 40 days following Easter Sunday.

Whit Monday- Also referred to as Pentecost. Its date is changeable and is a major religious holiday.


Heiva Dances- This precedes the major Heiva festival.

Miss Tahiti (22nd) – This event is held at the Vaitape town hall and honor the Tahitian women’s beauty

Hivavaeve (29th) – also referred to as Internal Autonomy Day. This day celebrates when French Polynesia gained self-government.


Heiva I Tahiti- During this festival, expect all types of carnivals.

Bastille Day (14th) – This is a national public holiday that is celebrated along Vaitape’s main street with food, song, and dance. 

Raid Anei Bora Bora- it’s held in late July and it involves competitive hiking.


Assumption (15th)- It is a public holiday and church services and attended countrywide.


Competitive stone-throwing – This is held in early October. It is meant to honor the tradition of stone fishing. It also involves other events on the mainland.


All Saints Day (1st) – This is a public holiday where all locals visit relatives’ graves 

Armistice Day (11th) – This honors the end of World War I

Hawaiki Nui Canoe Races- Held in mid-November. It is a 3-day event that is filled with a lot of fun.

Matari’i Ni’a- Held in late November. It is a traditional event that is meant to give thanks for the rains in anticipation of a good harvest.


Va’a Bora Bora- This happens early December and it’s a race of canoes. 

Village de Noel (11th to 14th) – it is a Christmas festival where locally made products are put up for sale.

Parade de Noel- This is held on the Saturday prior to Christmas celebrated with dances and displays.

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