20 Best Honeymoon Destinations in October

October is an excellent time for a honeymoon. You can soak up a final bit of sunshine before winter hits, or snuggle up by a cozy fireplace in a cabin: the choice is yours!

If you’re wondering where is best to honeymoon in October, look no further. No matter what kind of honeymoon you’re looking for, you will find the best October honeymoon spot for you on our list of the 20 best honeymoon destinations in October.

romantic morning hot air balloon ride in Africa


Tanzania is a popular honeymoon destination at any time of year (other than during the rainy season). In October, Tanzania nears the end of its dry season, there’s little rainfall, and temperatures range from the mid-60s to mid-80s. You can choose from a variety of romantic resorts here, as well as all sorts of fun experiences. A hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti perhaps? Or maybe a safari?


October is a great time to visit Morocco. The weather is warm–without the unbearable heat that comes at the peak of summer–so it makes for a comfortable October honeymoon destination. Morocco is exciting and exotic, and it offers many all-inclusive resorts. Whether you want to stick close to the city of Marrakesh or relax on a beautiful beach, an all-inclusive package makes planning your October honeymoon stress-free.


If you’re hoping for an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience on your honeymoon, Kenya could be the perfect destination for safari lovers. The weather is comfortable and warm at this time of year. You can expect plenty of sun, perfect for getting out and seeing nature all across this beautiful country.

Couple in Maldives

The Maldives

October is a very popular time for a honeymoon in the Maldives. There is a huge selection of boutique hotels and luxury all-inclusive resorts with overwater bungalows, all offering stunning ocean views and incredible beaches. This jaw-droppingly beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean is a perfect place to enjoy your October honeymoon.


The islands of Hawaii experience some of their nicest weather in the fall, as it starts cooling down. Since summer is peak tourist season, October is a great time to visit once the crowds have subsided (and prices drop). Whether you’re interested in Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, or Kauai, Hawaii offers gorgeous scenery, romantic resorts,  and plenty of wonderful things to do.


Head to Mexico for an affordable October honeymoon destination. As the rainy season comes to an end here, prices are still low and temperatures are warm. This makes it the perfect time to take advantage of a great deal. Choose from beachfront resorts on either coast, in classic honeymoon spots like Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, and Cabo San Lucas.

South Africa

South Africa enjoys some fabulous summer weather in October, and Cape Town is an excellent destination for anyone who loves both the city and the sea. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to explore. Go on a food safari and try delicious local dishes, such as bobotie and biltong; tour local wineries; head to the waterfront; lounge on the beach; go hiking; and check out the wildlife at Cape Point Nature Reserve.


Let’s face it, anywhere in the Caribbean makes for a great honeymoon destination. One of the most popular islands is Antigua. Planning your October honeymoon in Antigua means you can get great deals on luxury accommodations since it is still the rainy season. On the brighter days, there are stunning beaches to enjoy. There are plenty of spas for you to relax in while you wait out the rain. There’s nowhere more laid-back than the Caribbean, and the environment alone will ensure that a little rain won’t spoil your trip.


Italy is a popular honeymoon destination year-round thanks to its amazing history, scenic views, rich culture, and incredible food. Early October is the best time to visit, as it remains warm, with mild temperatures. You can choose from a range of romantic destinations here, from Rome to the Amalfi Coast to Venice! Want to plan the perfect honeymoon here? Let us help you!

St. Thomas

St. Thomas is the gateway isle of the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. This October honeymoon destination allows you to experience the romance of the Caribbean without needing a passport. Enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and even a trip to Honeymoon Beach, aptly named for all those who visit to celebrate their honeymoon!


Madagascar is a beautiful East African honeymoon destination that feels like another world. With stunning baobab trees, crystal clear waters, and bright white sands, Madagascar makes for a beautiful honeymoon year-round. October is one of the best months to visit, as the weather is still warm and the famous lemurs are more active than when the temperature begins to drop in November.


October is a very popular time for a honeymoon in Germany as the temperature is fine and the weather is dry. If you’re looking for great places to visit, try those in the south of Germany, such as Munich or Nuremberg. Boutique hotels and fancy restaurants are plenty and are the perfect way to enjoy your October honeymoon here.


Another of the best October honeymoon destinations in Europe is France, as the weather is pleasant here as well. It’s harvest season for grapes at this time of year, so wine districts will require booking well in advance! That said, travel in the cities is off-peak in October, making it the perfect time to get the Paris honeymoon of your dreams at a more affordable cost.


October is a very popular time for a honeymoon in Peru. With rising spring-like temperatures and plenty to see and do, Peru offers couples a unique way to celebrate. Choose from lots of boutique hotels and luxury all-inclusive resorts with beachfront settings and ocean views, explore the incredible rainforest, and trek to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu.

New England

If you’d rather embrace the cooling weather instead of running from it, head to New England. Spend your October honeymoon in a scenic Northeastern state like Massachusetts or Vermont. The pleasant sunny days are great for hiking, and the stunning autumn landscape offers plenty of opportunities for “leaf peeping.” This is one of the best October honeymoon destinations to stay in a picturesque cabin.


California is another top October honeymoon destination in the U.S. Couples seeking an unforgettable and luxurious October honeymoon will find everything they need and more in this stunning state. The weather is lovely and milder than at the height of summer, making it a great time to explore popular southern California cities such as San Diego and Los Angeles. Or, head to northern California and spend time touring wineries and redwood forests.


Experience the trip of a lifetime by spending your October honeymoon in Vietnam. Enjoy a blissful paradise at Hạ Long Bay, see the sights of Ho Chi Minh City, or try Vietnamese street food in Hanoi; the options are endless. The warm weather Vietnam experiences during the month of October makes it a perfect place to visit for your honeymoon.


October is a great time for a honeymoon in Canada. Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia are all excellent destinations at this time of year. Boutique hotels, upscale restaurants, and stunning bars in the heart of Canada’s most famous cities allow you to have a luxurious honeymoon before the weather gets a little too cold!

The Greek Islands

Any of the Greek Islands are great to visit at this time of year. With warm weather and mild evenings, you can easily explore islands like Santorini, Mykonos, or Crete, all of which are equally stunning. With their dreamy architecture and blissful sea views, the Greek Islands are a dream honeymoon destination for many and one of the best October honeymoon destinations.

UK honeymoon


It might not be the first destination that comes to mind, but October is actually the perfect time to honeymoon in Scotland. As the weather gets colder and the trees begin to turn golden, the capital city of Edinburgh becomes nothing short of a fairytale. Whether you want to stick close to the city, luxuriate in a castle, or stay in a cozy little cabin far out in the Scottish mountains, Scotland guarantees a cozy and unforgettable October honeymoon.

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