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Malta Honeymoons

Malta offers a plethora of activities for couples to enjoy during their stay, from exploring the beautiful architecture, enjoying a romantic meal together or just taking in the amazing scenery with long walks along the beach and romantic sunset boat rides. If you’re planning a honeymoon getaway in Malta, here’s how you should enjoy your honeymoon in this sunny and romantic island.

Things to do during your honeymoon in Malta

Rent a boat

Rent a boat or charter a luxury yacht for the day, to experience the Maltese landscape from the water. In fact, a boat ride to the Blue Lagoon is a must-do for couples, and a day trip is a way to go, as it includes stopovers and food on your way to Comino. Needless to say, the views from the boat are simply unbeatable, from the sheltered coves and rugged cliffs to the Three Cities and the intimidating battlements of Valletta.

View the architecture

Malta boasts some of the oldest architecture in the world, with many of its monuments having been awarded as UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can easily spend an entire day exploring the intricate design and history behind architectural monuments such as the Grandmasters Palace, St Johns Co-Cathedral, Manoel Theatre and the Saluting Battery to name but a few. You and your spouse will simply marvel at the sheer detail of the carved stone designs featured in St Johns Cathedral alone, and you’ll also get an opportunity to view some of Europe’s most famous artworks.

Spoil your taste buds

Malta has some of the most romantic dining spots in the world, and each serves up a warm ambiance that will surely amplify the feeling of love and romance that you share with your significant other. A place with the most noteworthy restaurants that we highly recommend is The Grand Harbour, which is set on the Upper Barrakka Gardens that overlook the waterfront. Here, you’ll find a plethora of eateries, from fine dining restaurants to trendy cafes that offer amazing sea views, and the sundowners are to die for!

You’ll also be spoilt for choice with an array of delicious local and international dishes on offer, from the complex yet scrumptious fenkata, which is made up of fried rabbit, spices, and garlic, as well as the humble yet deliciously addictive ftira, which is a very special type of Maltese bread.

Explore the exceptional landscape together

Maltese weather is pretty much warm and pleasant all year-round, with the exception of a few cool months during the winter of course. This is what makes Malta so appealing as a honeymoon destination, and that paired with the exceptional landscape of the place makes it a draw for couples that enjoy outdoor activities. So if you fancy yourselves as an adventurous pair, then you’ll absolutely enjoy hiking up some of the gorgeous trails in Malta, such as the Dingli Cliff which ascends to 220 meters- the uppermost peak in Malta.

Take an underwater dive

Malta is well-known for its underwater excursions, which are made possible by the confluence of very auspicious factors, such as its crystal clear and warm waters, as well as an abundance of underwater caves, reefs, wrecks, and super unique sea life! Nothing says “I love you” than treating your spouse to a viewing of some of the rarest underwater artifacts and species are known to man, and diving in Malta will definitely make it to your list of the most memorable experiences you’ve both hands. And the fact that you’ll have shared it as a couple will make your memories together that much more epic!

Make merry like a local

Regardless of the time of year in which you visit Malta, there’s bound to be some type of festival going on, such as the Isle of MTV, which happens every year between June and July, then there’s the Mdina Grand Prix which happens in October, and the culturally-rich Jazz and Delicate Wine Festivals in August. For fun couples that like to share the good times together, this means experiencing new delicacies with your significant other, while dancing hip to hip under the balmy Mediterranean sun.

Dance the night away

While honeymoons are all about enjoying time with your spouse, experiencing Maltese nightlife together will definitely bring you closer in more ways than one.  In fact, Maltese nightlife is about more than just dancing the night away at a loud nightclub, as it offers plenty of options from al fresco dining under the stars at a dreamy palace setting, to viewing a play at one of the outdoor theatres or even kicking off your shoes and dancing at an outdoor club like Numero Uno in Ta’ Qali and Gianpula in Rabat.

Take a dip in the ocean

Of course, you can’t return from a Mediterranean island without a tan, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you spend a day at one of its golden sand beaches. On the northern part of Malta, you’ve got large sea resorts and beaches like the aptly named Golden Bay, as well as Ghajn Tuffieha and Mellieha Bay.

For a more intimate experience, opt for the smaller and more tranquil bays such as Paradise Bay or Armier, both of which overlook Malta’s sister island of Gozo. Whatever you do, don’t end your trip without visiting the famous  Café del Mar beach club in St Paul’s Bay, which offers a very lively yet relaxed atmosphere that is just perfect for newlyweds.

Get pampered

Nothing says “honeymoon” than sharing a relaxing spa treatment with your spouse, and luckily for you, there are over 40 spas in Malta that you and your other half can visit to get pampered from head to toe. Most facilities offer a wide range of treatment modalities, using luxury spa products and world-class service.

Where to stay in Malta

Thanks to its status as a first-class holiday destination, hotel accommodation in Malta is plentiful. However, for honeymooners, we’d recommend staying at an intimate boutique hotel that has a few exclusive rooms, instead of the large resorts which are often teeming with tourists. After all, you want your stay to be luxurious, comfortable, romantic and intimate, and most boutique hotels in Malta know how to take care of even the smallest detail in order to make the guests’ stay absolutely perfect. And since English is an official language in Malta, communicating with the locals will be a breeze no matter where you decide to stay.