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5 Top Places in Thailand For Lovers

If you’re planning to go on a honeymoon or just want to get away with your romantic partner to an exotic location, you might want to consider Thailand. There are romantic places that Thailand can offer besides their beautiful beaches. Thailand is a suitable destination if you and your sweetheart want something romantic and adventurous at the same time. Nothing will burn the fire of your relationship more than new and exotic experiences shared together and that is something Thailand can definitely give you and your partner.

Now if you are looking to see as many places as possible, consider booking a liveaboard in Thailand for a few nights. You can sail around on a ship based on your budget to amazing dive locations around the islands.

Phuket – Thailand’s Largest Island

Phuket, Thailand

Seeing that Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, it can offer numerous romantic adventures and experiences for any couple who visit. If you want to go to beaches everyone’s crazy about, head over to Kamala and Patong. If you’re looking for something more private and romantic, go for the smaller beaches. These are usually located in the Northern or Southern part of the island. Kata, Surin, and Nai Hark beaches are few of the sandy destinations you want to consider if you prefer a peaceful and romantic date with your sweet heart.

If you are a foodie couple, then one of the many resorts in Patong is most suitable for you. Patong has a wide selection of restaurants. There are also plenty of bars in Patong, making this the dream destination for any party-loving couple. If you and your partner love the beach, go for the resorts in Kata and Karon. These places are also more peaceful than Patong so it makes a good choice if the couple prefer some privacy. There are also luxurious options in these locations if the couple prefer a stylish romantic getaway.

Ko Samui – Share Your Love For Nature

Ko Samui, Thailand

One of the most popular romantic destinations in Thailand is Ko Samui. The huge island is located in the Gulf of Siam. Which means it is surrounded by a lot of beaches you and your partner can have romantic walks together. Besides those, there are plenty of rolling hills and coconut trees in the island’s interior. This is perfect if you and your sweet heart share an ardent love for nature. Nothing like a good afternoon to spend with someone just idling around or taking pictures.

Finding accommodations in Ko Samiu won’t be that difficult since there are plenty of luxury resorts there. You can even choose between modern or traditional. Find one that best suit you and your partner’s tastes. The Anantara, located in Bophut, uses designs loyal to Thai culture and even has romantic gardens. If you and your partner are wellness freaks, Kamalaya might be the one for you. Kamalaya is a luxurious yet secluded wellness spa, perfect if the couple prefer a bit of privacy. Do know, though, that there are plenty of other inexpensive yoga retreats and wellness spas in the island.

Krabi – A Peaceful and Secluded Honeymoon Destination

Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is yet another romantic destination in Thailand but less popular than Phuket or Ko Samui. However, that does not mean it’s less romantic. In fact, the peaceful ambience and dramatic cliffs just might be what you and your partner need to fall in love with each other even further. Krabi is not that far from Phuket. This means the couple have numerous options when it comes to romantic island destinations. Of course, there are plenty of beaches you as a couple can visit. One beach that couples definitely should not miss is the Railay Beach. You’ll need to travel by boat though before you can reach such amazing beach.

There are plenty of places to stay in Railay Beach. You have the option to choose from the beach houses for more private and relaxed experience. If you prefer something lavish instead, there are also luxurious resorts you can stay. These accommodations provide a beautiful view of the sea, turning any sunset or sunrise into an instant romantic scene for you and your sweetheart. If you choose not to go with Railay Beach, there are lots of hotels in Krabi nonetheless. Most of these offer a tropical vacation like you’ve never felt before.

Khao Yai – A Date Under the Stars

Khao Yai, Thailand

For couples who prefer the lush greens and mountainous area, Khao Yai is the dream destination for you. No need to worry about long hours in a bus since this rural area is just a few hours by car from Thailand’s capital Bangkok. You can camp and share the scenery as well as the view of the starry sky with your significant other. Another fun activity is to visit the wineries and have a taste of what they can offer.
If you forgot your tent gear, no need to worry because you can rent tents from Khao Yai National Park. If you’re not into camping, there are comfortable resorts in the wineries where you can stay the night. For a more luxurious option, go with Kirimaya Resort. Their rooms have air conditioning and they have swimming pools. All these without escaping the great outdoors that both you and your partner loves.

Chiang Mai – The Place For You and Your Soul Mate

Chiang mai, Thailand

If you and your soul mate value spirituality or have a knack for the religious, then Chiang Mai is the place for you. This region in Thailand is full of ancient temples as well as boutiques. Fall in love with the rich history and culture in this area as you fall in love more with your partner. Chiang Mai also has a vibrant street life which will certainly bring some unique spirit in your honeymoon.

Besides the temples and street life, Chiang Mai also offers a romantic outdoors like Khao Yai. Most of the people who visit Chiang Mai would go on adventurous hikes or river rafting. These are activities you and your partner should definitely check out. There are also some luxurious resorts to consider if you want to have a comfortable place to stay.

These are few of the many honeymoon destinations in Thailand that the two of you will definitely have memorable moments with. There are certainly more options in Thailand that might prove more suitable to your romance needs. So if you decide to have an exotic romantic getaway, Thailand is the place to be!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.