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4 Things You Can Not Miss On Your Iceland Getaway

Embarking on a short trip to Iceland, we were intrigued by the barren landscapes, lack of night and a never-ending amount of waterfalls. And what we happily didn’t know, was just how romantically breathtaking of a country it would end up being in both of our eyes. Bringing your partner to the “land of fire and ice” is an idyllic adventure. While you are their make sure you experience these four highlights during your trip.

The Waterfalls

If you choose to travel to the southern area of Iceland first, be sure to visit Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, and Gullfoss. These massive, mind-blowing waterfalls are
a once in a lifetime experience.

  • Skógafoss is renowned as one of Iceland’s largest waterfalls. With an impressive 60 meter height and a staircase leading you to the aerial view, it’s difficult to not be awed by the array of natural beauty.
  • Seljalandsfoss ranks near in terms of height and offers a cavern behind the falls that you can walk inside.
  • Gullfoss, or the “Golden Falls” isn’t a towering giant, but it’s sheer power is alluring in an equally incredible form.

The Glaciers

As most know, Iceland is a glaciated country. Roughly more than 10% of the entirety of it is
covered in glaciers. However, some are more entrancing than others. Touring the inside of a
glacier, or even hiking to one with your love is one of the most adventurous and memorable
activities possible. Here are four important ice caps located in this chilly little country sure to
peak your interest.

  • Vatnajökull is the largest of all the glaciers in Iceland. The whole glacier actually covers 8% of the country!
  • Langjökull comes in second place in terms of size and is located in the Highlands. Try to tour the ice caves inside and you’ll be nothing short of amazed.
  • Eyjafjallajökull is smaller in size, although its ancestry is certainly interesting. This stratovolcano glacier mixes fire and ice, with relatively recent volcanic activity.
  • Mýrdalsjökull is fourth in size and located in the south. Be sure to tour the secret ice caves within this beautiful glacier!

Geothermal Pools

The best part about finishing a cold day in these frigid flatlands is dipping into a warm bath, practically everywhere! Iceland is known for its geothermal pools and hot springs. Geothermal pools are heated by the water that rises up from Earth’s crust, and although some can be too hot for human touch, a great deal of them are the perfect temperature! Consider dipping into these four.

  • Reykjadalur, or ‘Steam Valley’, is a romantic, hidden hot spring area. Located 30 minutes outside of Reykjavik, it offers an incredible scenery and thoughtful short hike to accompany it. Begin your journey from Hveragerði and follow the marked path!
  • Gamla Laugin or “The Old Swimming Pool” is an ancient area of natural beauty. Located in Flúðir, less than two hours away from Reykjavik, this incredible pool sits near geysers and a peaceful flowing river.
  • Mývatn Nature Baths are a bit farther than the others, but certainly well worth the visit. These geothermal pools are located in the northern Icelandic region, roughly 6 hours from the capital. Lake Mývatn is surrounded by breathtaking sceneries and the water is filled with an array of different minerals!

  • Blue Lagoon is by far the most popular geo pool, although I think it requires to make the list because of how awesome it is! The sheer, pale blue light that .emanates from the bottom, mixed with the steamy heat rising to the top creates an unreal scenery beyond anything one could imagine. Be sure not to miss this one.

The Cuisine

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What better way to bond with your partner than over a brand new meal? Iceland is home to an assortment of foods, although, some dishes are more daring than others. Three popular types of meat common to the area are horse, whale and fermented shark! But for the less daring, here are some ideas that should not be passed up.

  • Reykjavik Hot Dog – also known as Pylsur, is a mix of beef, pork, and lamb. This famous meal can be accompanied with a variety of toppings and tastes superior!
  • Skyr – if you’re fond of dairy, this is the treat for you. Similar to cottage cheese and yogurt, this product may be adorned with sugar or jam.
  • Lamb – Iceland is well known for its lamb because of the organic, free range diets and handlings of the sheep. If you venture down any road in this icy mystic tundra you can see just how careless and venturing these animals are before they become supper. Usually, lamb is served either with vegetables or roasted in a gravy filled with spices.
  • Ice Cream – may be the last thing you’d think to be eating, but surprisingly, most Icelandic people enjoy ice cream all of the time! Cafe Loki offers the most tasteful variety. This exquisite country is home to an amount of natural beauty able to captivate you and your loved ones for a lifetime. Blessed with many hidden wonders, secret gems and exquisite people, it’s difficult not to fall deeper in love in Iceland.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.