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11 Things To Do In Oahu To Make Your Trip Unforgettable

There may be a volcano erupting on the big island, but that doesn’t mean Hawaii is closed for business.  In fact, most of Big Island is still safe to visit and remains unaffected by the explosion let alone all the other Hawaiian Islands that are left completely unaffected.

Hawaii is an amazing destination to visit and there are so many things to do.  Here are a few things to do to make your trip completely unforgettable.

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Skydiving in Oahu

Skydiving pumps up your adrenaline like no other activity. Gear up, take a deep breath and fly high above the clouds while looking at the glorious panoramas of Hawaii at 120 mph. With the help of licensed USPA instructors, enjoy 12,000′ exit for $150, 14,000′ for $200 or 20,000′ tandem for $998 per person. Comfortably take a seat on Cessna Caravan and gaze at the beautiful views of the Hawaiian scenery. This is the most amazing way to see all of the islands from the plane and on the way down seeing Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, Kaena Point, and the North Shore coastline.

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Go Shark Diving

Shark diving is not as scary as it sounds but it guarantees a lot of fun and delightful squeals. Hop on a boat and travel 2 miles out to the sea from the North Shore. Along the way, you will come across a myriad of marine creatures including dolphins, Hawaiian green sea turtles, and humpback whales. At the same time, enjoy the sublime oceanic breeze. Once you arrive at the destination, put on your snorkel and mask and float into the sea in a cage and meet the graceful creatures. Safe and exhilarating, shark diving in cage allows you to make some of the best memories in Hawaii.

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Snorkeling in Oahu in Hanauma Bay

When you are in Hawaii, don’t miss the snorkeling adventure at Oahu’s stunning Hanauma Bay. Follow the instructions of PADI scuba instructors and swim deep into the crystal-clear waters of the bay. Have encounters with exquisite turtles, swim alongside the bright-colored schools of fish, and if you are lucky enough, you might even spot a whale. The tour operators provide snorkeling equipment and pick-ups.

Horseback Riding in Oahu

Have you ever dreamed of riding alongside the crashing waves on a sun-kissed beach with your hair wildly flying behind? This is your chance to indulge in an elating experience surrounded by Hawaiian oceanfront scenic views. Go on a horseback ride to make for an amazing experience.

Enjoy a Luau

When you go to Hawaii, live the Hawaiian way. Take part in the traditional tropical feast and catch a glimpse of the feisty Hawaiian party culture. Germaine’s Luau brings you the ‘original backyard style luau’ that begins at 6 PM. The sounds of the conch shell, a buffet featuring an impressive array of dishes, and the captivating dance performances will leave fond memories of the country you will cherish forever.

Learn to Surf

People often call Hawaii the ‘home of surfing’ and they are not exaggerating. From the thrill of riding the wave for the first time to the utmost satisfaction of braving the wave, surfing on Hawaiian waters that leave you exhilarated. Learn to surf or polish your skills with Ty Gurney Surf School on your Hawaiian getaway. The surf lessons are customized and offer plenty of other activities such as safari and island tours.

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Sunset Cruises

Glide along the shoreline and watch the glorious sundown from the comfort of a luxurious catamaran. Allow yourself to completely wind down as the twilight’s soft glowing light take over the waters and skies. In the company of your loved ones, enjoy exotic cocktails, fresh seafood, and exalting vistas of the ocean. During your cruise, you might stumble upon sea creatures including whales! Snorkel, dive or simply relax on your deluxe sunset cruise.

Zipline in Oahu

Oahu boasts some of the longest ziplines reaching up to half a mile long! ClimbWorks takes you an ultimate zip line adventure on Keana Farms in Oahu. Thrilling yet safe and encompassed by verdant greenery, zoom over the treetops and watch the breathtakingly beautiful nature. The aerial adventure park is perfect for couples, families, and group of friends.

Dolphin Tour

There is something about dolphins that makes everyone smile. In Oahu, you can experience the wonder of swimming with dolphins. Take a dip into the cooling waters of Oahu’s intimate lagoons with Dolphin Quest. Play and swim with dolphins, practice training techniques and get to know dolphins’ personality traits. The adventure is suitable for all ages and a portion of the proceeds from your Dolphin Quest experience supports vital marine mammal conservation, education, and research.

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Turtle Bay Turtle Tours

Whoever visits Hawaii wishes to catch a glimpse of the elusive Hawaiian green sea turtle. It is possible with Turtle Bay Turtle Tours. Walk along the sun-drenched beach, snorkel or dive or steer the canoe on turquoise Hawaiian sea and come across the endangered species.

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Helicopter Tours

From the blue skies of Oahu to long strips of sandy beaches, enjoy the aerial views of the landscapes and water on a helicopter tour! Blue Hawaiian offers various options such as island tours and beach tours. Book a tour and explore the beauty of Oahu from a bird’s eye view.

Pick a few things to do from this list for an amazing vacation.  What have you done in Hawaii that was unforgettable?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.